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Before I begin the epi, I would like to tell u that if u are facing problem in understanding the starting of this ff, then read the written epi that was aired on 16th march, 2015 here:

Yuvraj is upset.. He takes his phone and scrolls suhani’s pics with him, recalling each moment and smiling.. Suddenly his phone beeps.. Its dadi.. He gets angry seeing her name flashing and disconnects the call..

Dadi msgs him- are u still so angry with ur dadi that u won’t even wish her? That u don’t even wana see her face?
Yuv reads the msg and ignores it..
He recalls whatever happened last year on dadi’s birthday..

In the hospital…..
Doc tells them that suhani is pregnant.. All are shocked..
Doc further tells that suhani needs rest, when she will wake up they can meet her and give her the good news.. They nod..
Yuv tells them to go home and rest, he will stay there.. They agree and leave.. Yuv looks at su from outside and sits on the chair outside.. He gets lost in his thoughts and falls asleep..

When he wakes up in the morning, he finds a letter in his hand.. He reads it..
“Yuvraj, u have done a lot for me.. For my happiness, u kept tolerating me unwillingly and that too without any complaints.. U have given me such wonderful memories that I can spend all my life cherishing them.. Now its my turn to do something for u.. So, today I’m setting u free from our marriage.. I’m leaving Allahabad forever.. And for our child, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that u’r his dad.. U will get the divorce papers in 2-3 days..
Yuvraj, don’t feel guilty about anything.. We have been like best friends and will always be..
If u have even a lil respect for me, then dont search for me.. Just forget that we ever got married and move ahead in life..

****FB ends****

Yuv takes out the letter, reads it again, bursts into tears and hugs it..
After sometime, he leaves and goes to a bar.. He drinks and drinks and drinks…………

The scene shifts to Bangalore….
In a small two-roomed flat, a baby is crying and his mother comes with bottle of milk for him.. Shez none other than our Suhani.. She carries the baby in her arms and feeds him.. He smiles and runs his finger through her hair..
Su smiles and says- yuvaan.. U know u’r just like ur dad..
She recalls messing his hair and calling him hdbb..
She gets upset and says in mind- I don’t know what’s in store for me and my son, but I wish my decision of leaving u proved right for u.. And u moved ahead in life with someone whom u would have fallen in love with..
She wipes her tears..

The scene shifts to Birla house.. Yuv comes home too late and that too drunk.. Dadi sees him..
Dadi- what’s this yuv? U got my bday to drink like that?
Yuv- u didn’t leave any other option for me.. U ruined my life.. I’ll never forgive u for this..
Yuv leaves and goes to his room..

YuvAni look out of their respective windows at the stars and miss each other..

Next morning….
Saurabh tells yuv to look after office as he will be leaving for Bangalore for a new project and will be back soon..
Yuv- bhaiya, I wana to go there, (then looking at dadi) coz I feel suffocated here coz of someone’s presence..
Sau looks at prat.. She nods..
Yuv packs his bags and leaves for Bangalore..


I stepped out of the airport, not knowing where to go.. As it is, my life was passing by in any direction without my knowledge..
My eyes fell on a girl who was busy talking over the phone and a car was coming towards her.. I rushed towards her and pushed her.. We fell down..
She got up and shouted- how dare u touch Gauri Malhotra?
I got up and said rudely- yes.. Better I should have let u die..
Just then, a young guy came to her..
Gauri- hey Sammy bro, how are u?
He replied- fine..
And asked her about me..
I told everything and he thanked me, and introduced himself as sambhav..
I too introduced myself..

Gauri told bad about me but her bro calmed her down..
His phone rang..
He said- yes suhi.. What? R u sure? Just call me if u need any help..
Me- is all ok?
Sam- therez a girl suhi, she stays with us as a paying guest.. Her 6 months old son has got high fever, so she has taken him to the doc.. Anyways, where do u stay?
Me- I’m new here.. Just came for a business deal..
He wished me luck for the deal and left with his arrogant sis..

I took a taxi and asked the driver to take me to Malhotra industries..
On the way, there was a huge crowd.. Probably an accident had taken place.. I got out of the taxi to see..

Guys I hope u enjoyed it.. 🙂

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  1. Avanikamdar

    Really u r a Best writter

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    Oh I am eagerly waiting for your ff I can’t wait anymore pls update

  3. Napsha in the previous epi i wrote my comment little late.sorry for that.But am a big fan of u.Its true that i was waiting for ur ff.u r really good writer.Its from deep deep of my heart.plz dont stop write.If only i read this write me for plz.

  4. Wow very interesting.hope yuvani meet soon.

  5. superb epi. it is really very interesting. plz update nxt epi soon.

  6. awesome and i thought suhani would hav had twins bt its k nice epi

  7. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    really really enjoyed…di.. u r d one who wrote ff with full of suspense happiness and full of love…. emotions…it’s really amazing di… u knw I still read ur old ff which I save……wen am going long travel ur ff s with me……thank u so much fr this di…

  8. Aqsxxh

    This is my amazing Di!
    Full of talent x I am glad you are back di x

    1. Aqsxxh

      I had to reread the episode because of its beauty x

  9. Awesm… pls update soon…
    No doubt that u r a great writer..

  10. I am dying of waiting for the next episode please update soon…… Awesome episode….

  11. NAPSHa J

    Thanks for ur wonderful comments guys.. Stay tuned and keep supporting.. Love u all.. 🙂

    1. Please upload the next episode……. I can’t wait more

      1. NAPSHa J

        I have submitted it.. Hope it will be published soon.. By the way, I’m glad to see ur addiction to this ff.. 😀 😉


    Hats off to your stunning writing for sweeping me off my feet and bringing back the old ssel we all love and miss. You truly are an amazing writer, thanks for your work

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank u so much shreya.. 🙂

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