LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-19: Post confession epi)

LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-19: Post-confession episode)


I collided with sambhav.. I looked back, but yuvraj wasn’t there.. Probably he hid behind the tree again.. I gave a sigh a relief..
Sam asked me- suhi.. What are u doing here at this time?
I replied stammering- actually.. I was….
He interrupted- and this rose.. In ur hair..?
I said- leave it.. Actually I wasn’t feeling sleepy.. So.. But what are u doing here?
He held my hands and said- even I couldn’t sleep coz tomorrow morning would decide what would my life be.. What have u thought till now?

I couldn’t understand what to say.. He was a very good friend of mine.. And I didn’t wana hurt him..
I told sambhav- I’ll let u know by morning..
He nodded.. I left towards the room..

I went towards the window and placed my hands on the railings.. I recalled yuvraj’s confessing his love for me, and our hug.. There was a bright smile on my face that I was unaware of.. I also felt bad for sambhav but I couldn’t help it..
Suddenly I felt his hand holding mine on the railing.. I looked at him..
He asked- aren’t u sleepy..
I replied- nope..
I asked him the same question.. He too replied a “no”..


She again looked outside the window..
I said- u know suhani.. Right now, I’m feeling so light.. I really wish if I had realised about my feelings long back..
She said looking at me- just remember the wonderful moments that we had spent together and forget all pains..
I replied- I was living with those memories when u were not there for me!!


I felt more guilty when I looked into his eyes.. I knew he didn’t say that to make me feel that way, but just to share his pain..
I said holding his hands- now we will create more memories.. Only u, me and yuvaan..
He smiled and said- and yuvani too..
I asked- whoz yuvani?
He replied- yuvaan’s sis.. He must be waiting for her.. We must help him.. right?
We had a sweet eyelock.. I couldn’t control my smile/ blush anymore so I turned around..


I too smiled silently.. I never knew my life would ever be so beautiful that I would keep smiling for no reason..
I placed my hand on her shoulder from behind.. She looked sideways and walked.. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked a lil thoughtful..
I sat beside her, folded my hands and asked- what are u thinking?
She replied- yuvraj.. We are planning to stay together, but….. Will dadi accept our relation?


He smiled hearing that..
I asked him- why are u smiling?
He replied- coz I don’t care what dadi wants..
He stood up, walked towards the window and continued- if she doesn’t accept u, I don’t care.. And if she has objection regarding ur staying at BH, then we will stay somewhere else..

I was blank.. With every passing moment, he made me realize how much he loved me, what I was for him..
I got up and said- no yuvraj.. That’s ur home.. U have spent 25 years there and………
He interrupted- and I wana spend the rest of my life with u and yuvaan.. I have been longing for my family life, and now that I’ve got it, I won’t let it go..


I wiped my tears and turned around!!
She was standing infront of my eyes..
I cupped her face and said- now I want to live like yuvraj, a common man, who has a wife and a son.. Now I won’t mind doing without my surname, AC, vintage.. But I can’t live without u..
She too was into tears..

We wiped each others’ tears and I said- I wana see u happy but I make u cry na?
She held my hand and said- these are tears of joy yuvraj.. I’m happy.. U won..
I asked smiling- wherez my prize? Every winner gets one..
She locked her arms around my neck and said- close ur eyes..
I did it..
She gently planted a soft kiss on my cheek.. That feeling was too good..
I opened my eyes.. We smiled and looked into each others’ eyes..
I said- who will kiss on the other cheek?
She looked down with shy.. She was about to turn around when I tied her hands behind her back and said- u can’t escape this time..
She said nervously- yuvraj leave.. Someone will see..
I want ur friend to see us like this.. Shall I call him?
I looked towards the window and called out sambhav’s name loudly..
She freed herself from my hold and asked- what are u doing?
I replied- I just called ur friend to see our romance.. Wait I’ll go and see where he is..
I turned around.. She held my hand.. I turned towards her..
She walked a step closer to me and left my hand..

I was ‘happily shocked’ when she grabbed my collar and pulled me closer.. I widened my eyes and looked at her hold..
She asked in a very romantic tone- how did Sadu Kumar become so romantic overnight?
I replied- do u want me to complete the procedures and formalities first?
We looked down smiling.. Our foreheads touched..

Next morning…..
As I opened my eyes, I found her admiring me.. She was laying in sitting posture..
She said- good morning Mr. Birla..
I replied- good morning Mrs. Yuvraj Birla.. The sun looks too bright today.. See..
She kept looking at me..
I said- look at the sun suhani..
She replied smiling- u look at ur sun.. I’m looking at my sun.. Its u who made me and my life shine brighter..
I too smiled..
She said- let’s get ready now.. We need to leave..

As she got up, she stumbled, lost her balance and screamed.. She fell over me.. Our noses touched.. Her hair fell over my face.. I tucked them behind her ear..
We had a cute eyelock..
I said breaking the trance- if u will not give me morning kiss, u won’t be able to leave..
She said- oh really? Where do u want it?
She put her finger on my forehead, cheek, neck one after the other asking- here, here, here, or……..?

I asked- or…..? Tell me the entire menu first..
She smiled naughtily and slowly opened the top button of my shirt..
I blushed!!
She continued with that naughty smile..
I said- plz let me go.. Otherwise I won’t be worthy of showing my face to anyone..
She opened the next button and said- don’t worry.. I’ll be there to see ur face.. Always..
I said- then carry on….
We smiled..
Suddenly there was a knock on the door..
It was sambhav..
He asked- suhi.. suhi..
I looked at the door frowning..
She got up and said- yes.. I’m coming..

She opened the door.. Sam saw me too..
He asked- yuvraj.. What are u doing here?
Suhani explained him that they were not meant to be together..
He smiled sarcastically and said- congratz yuvraj.. U stole her from me in the mean time..
I felt he was taunting me..
I replied- I don’t need to steal something that was always mine!!

PRECAP: YuvAni scenes with more fun..

Guys I hope u enjoyed it.. 🙂

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  1. Omg!! constantly smiling while reading..thanks for updating it makes my day…yuvaan sister yuvaani that was outstanding…loved it as usual..always waiting for ur update dear?

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  4. anshi sharma

    wow di its awesome… their sweet cute romance i luvd it…
    plz update soon.. me waiting…
    and plz end this sambhav track…

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    Naughty dialogues wer just awesm..
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    Super episode loved it

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  13. NAPSHa J

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