LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-17) Pre-confession episode

Hi guys.. Herez a short epi.. Hope u will enjoy it..

LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-17: Pre-confession epi)


I was shattered seeing suhani in sambhav’s arms.. She broke the hug seeing me..
I said- I think I entered untimely.. And sorry for turning the lights on.. Both of u can continue with ur romance; I’ll leave..
Suhani called out my name angrily..
Sam interrupted- that’s why I wanted u to give me a chance suhani..
I knew she would say him ‘no’..
But she stared at me for a few secs and said- ok sambhav.. Give me time till morning to think..
I was taken aback.. So I left from there..

I went upstairs towards a room.. I slammed the door angrily.. I didn’t know what to do.. Whom to share my pain with.. I called sharad, but he didn’t pick up the call.. Probably he slept.. I threw my phone angrily and looked around.. My eyes fell on the beer bottles.. I picked up a bottle and opened it..
Just before I could have it, I heard a voice saying- have it.. As much as u can..
I turned to see.. I saw my reflection..
It continued- its all happening coz u were drunk yesterday.. This bottle is the root cause of all the mess.. Yuvraj Birla, u’r such a coward that u can’t even confess ur love to her, inspite of knowing that she loves u unconditionally..
I threw some beer on it and shouted- I’m not a coward.. If she wants to move on with sambhav, why should I stop her?
It replied- then why are u feeling disgusted after seeing her in his arms?? Instead of drinking, tell her about ur feelings, tell her that u love her.. Else tomorrow morning will bring the darkest hour of ur life.. U will lose her forever!!
I threw the bottle angrily towards it and it vanished..
I knelt down, cried hard and said to myself- why is this happening with me?
I covered my face with my hands.. Somebody came and sat beside me on the floor.. I moved my hands off my face and opened my eyes.. It was Suhani..
I said- suhani……
She wiped my tears and said- why yuvraj? Why are u hurting both of us? Don’t u love me? Or do u doubt my love for u?
I shook my head and said- no suhani.. Its not like that.. Actually……….
I stopped.. She was into tears..
She said- say it yuvraj.. Just say it before its too late..
I looked on.. She disappeared..
I wiped my tears and decided to talk to her..


I asked sambhav- by the way, why did u come here?
He replied- rohan told me that u came here with yuvraj, so I thought I should check if u’r fine..
I said- I’m fine.. U can sleep in this room tonight.. Good night..
Saying that, I left from there..

I went to the lawn.. It had stopped raining..
I thought to myself- Yuvraj doesn’t care at all.. When I told sambhav that I’ll tell him about my decision in the morning, he stayed quiet..
I was into tears.. He appeared in front of my eyes.. I called out his name..
He said walking towards me- suhani.. Just give me a chance to speak.. Listen to me once before taking any major decision..
He wiped my tears..
I held his hands and said- say yuvraj..
He smiled slightly and disappeared.. I looked around but he couldn’t be seen..
I decided to listen to him once..

I went inside, but stopped when I saw him coming downstairs.. We kept looking at each other.. My heart was filled with so many emotions, and so my eyes.. I didn’t know if he really had something to say or it was just my misconception!!

PRECAP: Yuvraj’s love confession!!


  1. sri

    superb ….itz really very sweet epi they r talking with their souls ,really awsome.plz update soon.

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