LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-16) YuvAni at farmhouse

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LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-16: YuvAni at farmhouse)

We reached the farmhouse..
I said- I think we should stay here for the night.. Or at least till it stops raining..
She agreed.. We stepped inside.. She turned on the lights.. We were completely drenched to the skin.. We were shivering..
I said- I think we should have dinner..
Just then, the lights went off..
She said- not dinner, but torch light dinner..
We laughed and turned the torches of our phones on..
I started to unpack the food.. She went to the kitchen to get the plates.. Ten minutes passed.. She didn’t come back.. I called out her name twice, but she didn’t respond.. I went to see.. I was shocked to see her lying on the floor.. She fainted!!

I screamed – Suhaniiii…..
I sat beside her and lifted her face.. I kept calling her name again and again, asking her to open her eyes.. I rubbed her hands.. But she didn’t respond.. I got worried for her..
I recalled rohan saying “suhani didn’t have anything after breakfast”.. She had bp problem.. I sprinkled few drops of water over her face..


I tried to open my eyes.. My vision was blurred, but I could see him.. He called out my name again and again.. He took a sigh of relief and lifted me in his arms.. I could feel his concern for me was genuine.. But…. Was it just coz I was just his friend??

He laid me on the sofa.. I thanked him.. He brought a plate for me.. He sat down on the floor..
I said- yuvraj.. Why are u sitting on the floor?
He said- coz u’r not well..
I was surprised when he feeded me with his hand instead of using a spoon..
I asked him too to have it.. He refused saying ladies first and smiled..
I too smiled and thought of something.. When he feeded me, I bit his finger.. He screamed “aauch……”
I laughed..


She was back in her old form; the chirpy suhani birla.. I gained a lil confidence regarding convincing her..
I asked- why did u bit my finger?
She replied cheerfully- coz I thought its lady’s finger..
I grinned and said- haha.. Very funny.. U and ur jokes..
Su- u’r such a Sadu Kumar..
I said with attitude- oh really?? I’m feeding u with so much love and…….
I stopped as I realised what I just said.. She looked here and there as she too felt ackward..
I continued to feed her.. There was absolute silence between us.. I had so much to tell her, but…..

She asked me to have something and got up.. I just had some salad.. She walked towards the window.. I followed her.. She was smiling seeing the rain drops.. She extended her hand outside the window and took few drops.. I stood beside her.. We looked at each other.. Her smile vanished.. She let the rain drops fall from her hand.. I wanted to cheer her up..

I asked her- don’t u wana dance in the rain like before?
She asked back- do u want to?
I thought for a few secs and said- I won’t mind if somebody accompanies me..
She looked at me.. I knelt down and forwarded my hand, asking for hers..
She uttered my name..
I started singing ‘zoobi doobi’.. She smiled broadly like my old, chirpy suhani and gave her hand in mine.. I kissed her hand and took her out of the farmhouse.. We danced crazily in the rains, forgetting whatever we were going through.. We continued to dance till the song was over..

At the end of the song, we were too close to each other.. I held her by her waist and was locked in her arms.. We had an intense eyelock.. I slowly moved her hair which fell over her eyes behind her ear.. She looked down and closed her eyes.. I lifted her face and made her meet my gaze..
I caressed her hair and hugged her tight!!
I felt the world was in my arms, but I knew it was temporary..


I didn’t know what to do.. Why did he complicate things for me always? I was about to hug him back when I got glimpses of the previous night and then recalled yuvraj calling it a mistake.. My heart was heavy with emotions.. I pushed him away.. He looked at me with shocking expressions.. I shook my head walking backwards..
He said- suhani.. Listen to me.. I wana talk to u..
I shot back- but I don’t want to..
He walked towards me, grabbed my arms and said- what do u think of urself suhani? I’m talking to u with so much love and u’r behaving so rude..
I said- that’s the problem yuvraj.. U talk to me with love, u feed me with love, u behave with love.. But u don’t love me!!
He looked on.. And slowly left my arms..
I sobbed and ran inside..
I held my head tight and recalled the time when…..


New year party night….
After soumya says “I love u” to yuv and suhani questions him about it..
He takes soumya to her room and leaves.. Hez tensed.. She opens her eyes and goes out of the room..
A waiter comes to yuv and serves him cold drink.. He takes it.. After sometime, his headache begins.. He goes to his room..
Soumya waits for yuv in her room..
As he enters the room, he finds suhani looking for something.. He sits on the bed and asks her what’s she looking for..
Su- medicines.. Ankit asked for it.. Hez having headache..
Yuv feels frustrated hearing ankit’s name and asks- and what about my headache?
Su- what happened to u?
Yuv (touching his head)- don’t know suhani.. I’m feeling weird..
Su gives him medicine and says- u take it, I’ll just give the meds to Ankit and come..
She turns to leave.. Yuv gets up and holds her hand.. Su turns to look at him.. He pulls her closer..

Yuv- whoz ankit?
Su- my friend..
Yuv puts his finger on her lips.. Su looks down..
Yuv- I told u that I don’t wana see him around u.. And now u’r going to him..
Su- but he needs the meds..
Yuv leaves her, opens the door angrily and calls ramesh.. He gives him the meds and asks him to give them to Ankit.. Ramesh leaves..

Su- why are u getting hyper? What’s wrong with u?
Yuv says cutely- its coz of u.. U care for this family, ur friends- soumya and that Ankit.. But u don’t care for me.. U are so mean..
Su stands facing him and says- its not like that yuv.. U don’t know what u’r to me..
Yuv’s eyes get teary.. Su wipes them..
Su- tell me what do u want..
Yuv- U!!

Su gets emotional and cups his face smiling.. They have an eyelock.. Yuv suddenly sneezes..
Su- wait I’ll get kadha for u..
As she opens the door, yuv pulls her and presses her against the wall behind the wardrobe near the door..
Yuv- I don’t need kadha or medicine.. I need u suhani..
Su- I’m urs yuvraj.. And will always be..
They smile slightly.. Yuv plants a gentle kiss on her lips.. Su looks down shyly.. Yuv makes her face him and removes her jewellery.. He kisses her forehead.. Su opens her eyes.. They look at each other..
They hear ramesh calling out for pratima..
Ramesh opens the door of the room and finds nobody..
He says- why are the lights on when nobody is here..
Saying that, he turns off the light, leaves the room and locks it from outside..
YuvAni’s shadows are shown having liplock behind the wardrobe..

Next morning, as yuv opens his eyes, he finds su getting ready near the dressing table.. He smiles seeing her.. Su sees this in the mirror and looks down shyly.. Yuv gets shocked when his eyes fall on his clothes lying on the floor.. He realizes the condition hez in..
He asks su nervously- suhani.. What happened yesterday?
Su feels hez teasing her.. She says “nothing” and leaves blushing.. Yuv is left tensed..

*****FB ENDS*****

I wiped my tears.. His “I love u too” echoed in my ears.. I cried hard and shut my ears..
Suddenly I felt a hand over my shoulder from behind.. I turned around and hugged him tight.. He caressed my hair.. Just then, the lights turned on.. I opened my eyes, and found yuvraj standing at a lil distance behind yuvraj.. I broke the hug and was stunned when I realized I hugged sambhav!!

PRECAP: Yuvraj’s confession..

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