Hi guys.. So sorry for the delay.. One cousin’s wedding is over, and the other one is on 2nd..
As I said that this epi would be a surprise, but due to insufficient time I couldn’t complete it.. This is just half of what I thought, so the surprise would be in the next epi..
Hope u will enjoy this one too..

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I took a sigh of relief as she rejected his proposal.. But she was angry with me.. Her anger was justified.. I had to talk to her..


Before the muzic began, we had to pick up a mask from the box..
Sam came with a mask and said- take this one suhani.. I hope u won’t mind dancing with me..
I nodded and took it.. He smiled and left..
My phone rang.. I kept the mask on the table and went to a corner to attend it.. When I came back, it wasn’t there.. I took up another one..

Muzic began.. ‘Manchala teri ore’ played.. We started dancing.. I recognized his eyes; yuvraj was my partner.. I walked out of the dance floor.. He held my hand.. And pulled me closer to him.. We had a painful eyelock.. The lights were turned very dim..

I had no option; I had to dance with him unwillingly.. Due to dim light, I saw glimpses of the previous night again.. We had hardly danced for a minute when I recalled him calling it ‘a mistake’.. I couldn’t stand it anymore and left from there..

I stood at a corner covering my mouth with my hand..
Rohan sir called me from behind.. I turned towards him.. He asked me if I could leave for the farmhouse in sometime as he had to leave for Delhi in 3 hours.. I nodded..
Sir had hidden 2 highly confidential files there as he had doubt that someone from office has joined hands with the rivals..

Sir saw yuvraj leaving and asked him if he could go with me..
I said I would manage alone..
He insisted to go with yuvraj.. I had to agree unwillingly..
He asked me to have dinner first, as I didn’t have anything after breakfast, except juice.. I said we will have something on the way..


She left from there saying she would be waiting outside.. Rohan gave me the keys of his car as it was a 2 hours journey.. He also got some food packed for both of us.. I left from there.. Suhani was waiting outside.. I kept the food in the back seat of the car..

It was 9.30 p.m.. We left for the farmhouse.. I was driving and she was admiring the environment outside the window, or shall I say, avoiding me!!
I knew she was totally unaware of the truth, but we had a son.. At least for him…..
An hour had already passed in silence.. I needed to talk to her, but didn’t know from where to start..

I started coughing intentionally to see her response..
She immediately said- yuvr…….
I looked at her.. She asked me if I was fine.. I nodded.. She gave me water to drink.. I understood she still cared for me..

After half an hour, I stopped the car when I saw a tree fallen on the way.. We got out.. Suhani told that we could go by walking, it would take half an hour approx.. I took the foods packet along..

We started to walk..
I said with hesitation- suhani.. U always said that if misunderstandings should be cleared asap.. So I….
She interrupted- yuvraj plz.. Right now, I’m not in a mood to discuss personal matters..
I felt she was badly affected by my words regarding the previous night..

Just then, we saw some goons at a distance, staring at us.. I held her hand.. We looked at each other.. I asked her not to look at them.. She slightly nodded.. We walked normally and left those goons behind.. She left my hand.. We continued to walk.. Suddenly it started raining.. The weather was cold too..

I recalled the day when we went out for a dinner with soumya and Ankit, and……….


while returning, they go by walking and it begins to rain on the way.. Suhani feels cold, so she wraps her arms around herself.. Yuv sees and wraps his jacket around her.. They have a sweet eyelock.. She takes it and blushes.. Yuv too smiles.. Soumya feels jealous and cleverly kicks on the pencil heel of suhani’s slipper.. She screams and holds yuv to prevent falling..
Yuv asks worriedly- are u ok?
Su nods and tells him that her slipper broke..
Yuv holds her and makes her sit on a nearby bench..
Su- yuv I’m fine..
Yuv- no.. U sit here.. Let me see if u have got hurt anywhere..
Su smiles seeing his concern for her.. Yuv doesn’t find any wound.. As she gets up, she feels the pain on her toe and tells him that she won’t be able to walk..
Soumya smirks..
Yuv asks her- why did u wear it when u can’t handle it?
She tells- actually soumya gifted it to me and insisted me to try, so I couldn’t deny..
Yuv stares at soumya angrily.. She winks at him shamelessly.. He looks at suhani and lifts her in his arms.. Soumya fumes and says they should go by car.. Yuv gives five hundred rupees to soumya and asks her to go by taxi with Ankit..
Soumya taps her feet angrily and leaves.. Ankit follows her..

Yuv walks with suhani in his arms..
Su- yuv, let’s go by car.. If someone sees, what will……
Yuv interrupts- they will think u’r so lucky to have such a caring husband..
Su blushes and looks down..
Yuv continues to walk smiling with suhani in his arms…..

*****FB ENDS*****

I smiled recalling that wonderful moment and wished if I could re-live it!!

PRECAP: YuvAni at farmhouse.. A surprise.. 🙂

Guys I would also like to know what do u wana see next in the ff?
A. Yuvi’s confession —-> reunion ——> Sam troubles YuvAni
B. No sam now —-> YuvAni forced to stay together —-> ackwardness between them and delayed confession
C. Current track with confession postponed
D. End with Yuvi’s confession and reunion
E. Any other

Do reply guys.. I’ll go by the majority.. Also comment on the epi.. 🙂

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