Hi guys.. I’m not getting much time here but still I try my best to write as much as I can..
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Herez the next epi..


At the party venue..
Guests begin to arrive.. They congratulate rohan for completion of 10 successful years..


I was in no mood to attend any party that time.. But still I went there, just coz she would be there.. Rohan introduced me to his wife.. I looked around but suhani couldn’t be seen..
I hesitated but asked him about his ‘farmhouse dialogue’.. He told me that on his wife’s last birthday, he had planned a surprise party with suhani for her in their farmhouse, and the trio had spent the entire night there..
Seeing them, I could say that they were a wonderful couple.. My opinion about rohan was wrong.. I wished if I could also make one with suhani.. Just then, my eyes fell on gauri who just entered.. She stared at me.. I looked away and asked rohan about her.. He said sambhav and gauri are his nice friends so..

I thought- it means sambhav will also come?? O God.. Plz let him come with his wife or at least his fiancee..
And my wish got fulfilled but against me.. He entered with suhani!!
She was wearing a red suit..
Sambhav looked very happy.. Suhani had a smile on her face; it was fake and I knew it!!

Gauri said pointing towards them- look.. The wonderful couple is there..
It pinched me.. They walked towards us.. Suhani talked to rohan and all.. They complimented her..
Rohan’s wife asked her why didn’t she wear that red saree..
Sam- actually, the saree was kept on her bed and by mistake I spilled coffee on it, that’s why..
I fumed and said- couldn’t u have it without spilling?
Suhani defended him and said- when I don’t have any problem then why are u shouting?
We looked at each other angrily and I left from there..


Rohan sir asked me what was that.. Sam told them about our relation.. I told that I didn’t wana talk about it..
He gave a speech and asked the guests to enjoy the party..

Sambhav interrupted and said- I wana say something.. Something special.. To someone special..
Saying that, he approached towards me..


I said to myself- My opinion about this man was right.. He had an eye on my wife and now he wants to propose her.. I’m sure she will immediately reject it without a second thought..
I smirked..

Sam knelt down in front of suhani, held her hand and asked- will u marry me?


I was shocked!!
He had proposed me four months ago and I already said no.. Then why did he do that again??
The trance of my thoughts broke when gauri hugged me from behind and said- suhi di, plz don’t say no.. We love u a lot and want to stay with u forever..

Gauri was very happy..
I too faked a slight smile and said- I love u too gauri..
Sam asked- and what about me?
I said- I wana talk to u.. Can u come with me?
He nodded.. Gauri wished him all the best..

I asked him- what’s this sam?
Sam- suhi I know u don’t love me.. Till now I was quiet coz I thought when u will meet ur husband, both of u will be together..


How could suhani react like that? Why didn’t she tell him ‘no’ directly? I had to talk to her..
I went to her..

But stopped when I heard him saying- but now I really feel that yuvraj birla doesn’t deserve u..
I fumed and clenched my fists..
He held her hand and said- give me a chance suhani.. I know u don’t love me, but I’ll make sure that smile will never leave ur face..

I couldn’t control my anger and bashed hard on his face.. He fell down.. Suhani asked me to stop but I didn’t.. I beated him, and then she stopped me by pushing me.. I looked on.. I didn’t expect that from her..
She helped sam to get up and asked- are u ok?
He nodded..
She gave me an angry look.. I looked away..
She held my hand and dragged me to a room upstairs..

Su- what the hell is wrong with u?
Me- u tell me suhani.. Why didn’t u reject his proposal straightaway?
Su- oh.. So that really affected u?? I didn’t know..
I grabbed her arms and said- of course it affects me suhani.. Coz I……


I thought- did he really wana say that which I always wanted to hear from him?
I was almost into tears..
He said leaving my arns- look suhani.. Hez not a nice guy.. He will ruin ur life.. Moreover, u don’t love him..
I asked looking into his eyes- then why did u marry me unwillingly?
He looked at me but not into my eyes.. He was speechless..
I continued- at least I made it clear to him that I don’t love him.. But u.. Let it go..

Tears started to roll down his eyes.. And mine too.. I turned to leave..
He held my hand and pulled me closer to him.. We looked deep into each others’ eyes..
He asked in a very heavy and painful voice- u are still as stubborn as u were a year ago..
I replied- even u didn’t change yuvraj birla..
Yuv- just for that one night’s mistake, u wana punish me?
I freed myself from his hold..
He continued- u tell me suhani.. If a man is drunk, and a woman doesn’t stop him inspite of being in her senses, who is at fault?

I was shocked at his question!!
His words shattered me..
I replied in a very low voice- u are right.. It wasn’t ur fault.. It was that woman’s fault, my fault!!


My eyes were left wide open.. I was totally shocked!!
I uttered her name in a very low voice..
She continued pointing finger towards me- I should have slapped u hard on ur face and brought u to ur senses, instead of allowing u to come closer to me..

Saying that, she left..
I said- suhani.. Listen to me..
But she didn’t stop.. I fell on my knees and cried.. I recalled saying it was a mistake and all.. I wiped my tears.. I thought I must tell her why I called it a mistake.. I went downstairs..

We had an eye-contact..
I walked towards her, but stopped when she said in front of all- sam, u were waiting for my reply, right?
Sam- I know suhi, u won’t say no..
Su- I’m sorry but I can’t marry u.. I can’t live with the guilt of ruining ur life.. U deserve someone who would love u.. And I can never be that someone!!

I took a sigh of relief!!

PRECAP: Farmhouse epi.. Another surprise.. 🙂

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  2. Ofcourse we will comment.its tooooooo good deat.again a misunderstanding between yuvani.poor suhani she is bearing so much pain.

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    wow beautiful

  4. Wow its fantabulous….suhani finally rejected sambhav and yuvraj came to know the truth…its so good of u ..inspite of ur busy schedule ur updating….keep going

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    Amazing epi napsha ….loved it and I hope u r enjoying well at ur cousins’ wedding.

    1. NAPSHa J

      Yes dear.. Enjoying to the fullest.. 🙂

  6. aww! so nice epi.. u r makng me go crazy with ur ff. waiting for ur nxt…

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  9. Hamesha am alone.There are no who knows me than myself.I know everyone is alone always.But am always alone.There are no frnds who always remember me expect my parents.But napsha after my closest friend was ssel but now it become UR ff.It make me happy even i lose my life.Thanks for that.

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    wow.mind blowing episode.

  11. Lovely episode….

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