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At the park…..
I was waiting for him crossing my arms.. I needed to clear the mess going on in my mind.. Suddenly I heard his voice from behind..
Yuv- suhani…..
I looked on, but didn’t turn around towards him..
He continued- I need to talk to u about…… Yesterday night…… Whatever happened……..

I looked on nervously and thought- does he remember everything? What would he say next?
I asked him- so u remember everything?
He replied- I know everything..
I turned around to face him and asked- what do u want to say then?
He said looking sideways- suhani.. Plz don’t avoid me like this.. It was a mistake.. I’m feeling guilty about it.. I don’t know how it happened.. I didn’t want to betray u.. I’m sorry..

His words shattered me!!
I didn’t know what to say.. I turned around when I felt I couldn’t control my tears anymore..
He said- plz say something..
I said- I’ve nothing to say now.. its all over yuvraj.. Its over..
Yuv- if u want, u can punish me, I’m ready for that..
I wiped my tears silently and replied- who am I to punish u? I’m nobody for u..
Saying that, I left from there..

I kept walking on the road.. His words echoed in my mind.. The glimpses of previous night appeared in front of my eyes.. I recalled whatever he said while he was drunk..
I thought- Yesterday he was drunk so I doubted his words.. But today he wasn’t drunk.. He cleared everything.. He still loves soumya!!


A few secs after I turned off the lamp, he whispered into my ear- I left her for u.. Plz don’t ever leave me..
I became thoughtful about it after a few secs.. Whom was he talking about?? He didn’t leave anybody for me..
I asked him in a very low voice- yuvraj.. Whom did u leave?
He replied- suhani!!

My eyes were left wide open.. He stopped kissing.. His face was still buried into my neck.. Probably he fell asleep, but I wasn’t sure..
I realised I was wrong.. I was going to get intimate with a man who didn’t love me.. I had to stop it then and there.. I made him lay on the other side of the bed and covered him with the blanket.. I got up from the bed and walked out of the room.. I was shattered.. I broke into tears..

I covered my mouth with my hand and asked myself- how could I do that? Inspite of knowing he loves soumya, how could I fall so low? Not only today, but even that day he was seeing soumya in me when……. I don’t think he will remember anything, so I should ask him indirectly in the morning.. I need to know what’s on his mind!!

I went out and sat on the staircase.. It seemed the next morning would decide my fate.. I cried.. Suddenly gauri came and asked me the matter.. I lied that I was missing my parents.. She hugged me, cheered me up and left for the night party..

*****FB ENDS*****

I fell on my knees, cried to the extreme and said- its not yet over yuvraj.. Its not over!!


I was still standing there.. I tried to recall things, but all I could remember was the morning scene..


I was having severe headache.. I touched my forehead and somehow managed to open my eyes.. I was completely shocked to see myself shirtless, in suhani’s room, and that too on her bed!!
I asked myself- what am I doing here? I was in my room.. What happened yesterday night?? Did anything happen between suhani and me??

I immediately got up from there and looked around for my shirt, but couldn’t find it.. My eyes fell on the mirror where I saw lipstick mark on my chest.. I was taken aback!!

I went to my room, and found the beer bottles on the table, and my shirt as well as T-shirt lying on the floor.. I couldn’t understand anything.. I needed to find out what happened.. I looked at the clock.. It was 9.30 am..

I called suhani again and again but she didn’t pick up the call.. I thought she must have left yuvaan at Sam’s place and went for work.. I stepped out of the flat.. As I walked downstairs, I collided with gauri who was going upstairs..
I said sorry to her..
Gauri- for what u did now or for what u did yesterday?
I asked- what happened yesterday?
She replied- I guess u don’t remember anything about yesterday night as u were drunk.. I came to meet u and…… Well, I don’t wana talk to u about it.. I know u will say it was a mistake and all.. U apologise to Sammy bro and don’t ever do that again..
Saying that, she left..
I was shocked by her words.. Did she mean that she was with me last night??
I covered my mouth with my hands.. How could I do that? And suhani? Wherez she?

I walked two steps down, and stopped when I heard Sam talking to gauri..
Sam- gauri.. Is suhani alright after whatever happened last night?
Gauri- yes..
Sam- fine.. And by the way, listen to me.. From next time if u spend whole night out, I won’t spare u..
She nodded and left..

I froze and thought- Suhani saw me with gauri.. Oh no.. I need to talk to her right now..
Just then, sambhav walked down and fumed seeing me.. I looked at him and he left..
I called suhani again, but she didn’t respond.. I messaged her on whatsapp to meet me at a nearby park within 15 mins.. She had read the msg but didn’t reply.. Still I knew she would come..

*****FB ENDS*****

The screen freezes on their faces..

Guys I know all of u will hate me for this epi.. ๐Ÿ˜€
Anyways, i’m going to Delhi tomorrow to attend my 2 cousins’ wedding one after the other.. I’ll try to update whenever I find time..


  1. Somi

    Nice epic ….. Poor suhani n stupid yuvraj doesn’t remember anything….. But pls no subhav …. Anyway enjoy wedding n update soon



    |Registered Member

    Wow the misunderstandings were so well thought out and mindblowingly clever, your such a terrific writer and natural genius! So many misunderstands, it would be awful to see Suhani saying yes to Sambhav or their relationship forever breaking… but you are such a writer that i know… whatever you do its okay because its going to beautiful and perfect at the end.

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