LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-12: Drunk Scene Special Episode)


Hi guys.. Herez a special episode- the drunk scene episode.. Hope u will enjoy it.. 🙂



As I turned around, I found him standing in front of my eyes.. He had already took his shirt off and his T-shirt was also wet to some extent..
I looked away and said- yu…yuvraj…take this..
He took the shirt, and dropped it down.. He walked a step more closer to me.. I had no way to leave.. Yuvraj was standing in front of me, wardrobe was behind me and its doors to my left and right..

He slowly forwarded his hand and wiped my tears.. He looked at me and shook his head (meaning no)..
I nodded.. He walked one more step closer to me.. Now I couldn’t move even an inch.. He grabbed me by my waist.. We looked deep into each others’ eyes..

(‘Aise na mujhe’ starts playing in bgm)

(Tere saamne aa jaane se
Ye dil mera dhadka hai
Ye ghalti nahi hai teri
Kusoor nazar ka hai) x2
Jis baat ka tujhko darr hai
Wo karke dikha doonga…

He closed his eyes and slowly captured my lips in his own.. The moment his lips touched mine, I too closed my eyes.. I couldn’t understand anything and my brains stopped working.. We had an intense lip-lock.. He consumed every bit of it.. I ran my fingers through his hair.. We continued for a few minutes..

(Aise na mujhe tum dekho
Seene se laga loonga
Tumko main chura loonga tumse
Dil mein chhupa loonga) x2

Suddenly it started thundering and the lights went off.. I got scared of the darkness and hugged him tight.. He hugged me back.. I felt so safe when he embraced me in his arms.. I realised I had placed my face on his chest.. But I didn’t budge.. My mind asked me to leave from there, while my heart told me that nothing was right or wrong; it will happen if its meant to..
As always when it was about yuvraj, I followed my heart!!

(Tumse pehle, tumsa koi
Humne nahi dekha) x2
Tumhe dekhte hi mar jaayenge
Yeh nahi tha socha

(Baahon mein teri meri
Yeh raat thehar jaaye
Tujhme hi kahin pe meri
Subah bhi guzar jaaye) x2
Jis baat ka tujhko darr hai
Woh kar ke dikha doonga
(Aise na mujhe tum dekho
Seene se laga loonga
Tumko main chura loonga tumse
Dil mein chhupa loonga) x2

I broke the hug and looked into his eyes.. He turned me around, and slowly moved my hair to one side.. I closed my eyes.. He touched my bare back above the nightie and kissed it softly.. Our heartbeats increased..
Suddenly the light came.. I got back to my senses and moved an inch away.. I was kinda nervous.. I interwined the fingers of my right hand with those of my left hand, and looked here and there.. He was busy admiring me.. I moved him aside and walked away..

I slammed the door of my room and stepped inside.. Yuvaan was asleep.. Only the table lamp was on.. I sat on the edge of the bed and clenched my fists on the bedsheet.. I was breathing heavily..
I thought- its wrong.. Yuv doesn’t love me.. It will be wrong.. Moreover, he won’t remember anything that happened a few mins ago..

The chain of my thoughts broke when I heard his footsteps.. I looked towards the door.. He was standing shirtless.. I got up from the bed..
I turned around and asked with hesitation- yuvrajj.. U didn’t change? I told u to…..
I stopped as I felt his hands around my waist from behind..

I freed myself from his hold and walked a few steps away.. He was drunk but I wasn’t.. He couldn’t differentiate between right and wrong that time, but I could.. I had to stop him, and myself too..
He walked towards me and said- why do u want to leave me again? Tell me.. Earlier u used to hang around me 24*7 to gain my attention.. And now u’r ignoring me.. Do u want me to hang around u now? Then fine, I’ll do it.. But I won’t let u go anywhere..

I couldn’t resist after hearing all that.. I was into tears.. He loved me and wanted me.. That was too much for me to handle for the night.. I wanted to surrender myself to him!!

(Dil mein jaage jazbaaton ko
Humne nahi roka) x2
Teri ore badhe kadmo ko bhi
Humne nahi toka

(Tere saath bechaini ko bhi
Aaram sa milta hai
Doob ke tujhme hi toh
Dil ye sambhalta hai) x2
Jis baat ka tujhko darr hai
Wo kar ke dikha doonga
(Aise na mujhe tum dekho
Seene se laga loonga
Tumko main chura loonga tumse
Dil mein chupa loonga) x2
Dil mein chhupa loonga
Dil mein chhupa loonga

I cupped his face and said- no.. I won’t leave u again.. I love u yuvraj.. I love u..
He held my hands and responded softly- I love u too!!

I couldn’t believe if I heard it right.. For the first time ever, he responded to my “I love u”..
He smiled slightly.. I too smiled.. I gently kissed his chest and hugged him tight..
He made me sit on the edge of the bed, and sat beside me.. He slowly moved my hair behind my ear.. I looked down as I felt shy.. He made me look into his eyes.. We had an eye-lock for a few secs.. Then he wrapped my back in his arms and kissed my neck.. I started to lose control over myself and wanted to let it happen.. I wanted him.. He was the need of the hour.. I ran my fingers on his bare back and arms.. I was drowning in him.. We slowly laid down.. He was on top of me.. He lowered my nightie from my left shoulder and kissed there too.. I extended my hand towards the lamp and turned it off!!

What will happen next? Will YuvAni unite? Or destiny has something else in store for them? Will yuv remember anything?
Stay tuned to know more..
Guys don’t forget to comment.. 🙂

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  1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    kya yeh yaar… y u stop… it’s really interesting……. yes absolutely it’s beyond words…..d way u described each nd every line…wow di ….marjaogi mein . pls pls unite them….!!! 🙂

  2. Wow its fabulous….u have nailed it??…plz make yuvraj remember the entire thing!!….waiting for their reunion with lots of twists…thanks for this lovely episode….loved d montage

  3. Avanikamdar

    Perfect !!!

  4. Superb!!!

  5. Sanaa.khan

    Amazing epi napsha di….the romance was at its peak. Wonderfully written and all the best for the following episodes

  6. Ssel se zyaada ab mujhe thumari story ka intezar hai.Aur meri dhadkan tez chalegi jab thumari ff. Padthi ho.what r u making us napsha.

  7. Do baar pada mein ff.

  8. u were just fabulous!! totally a romantic chap.. loved it

  9. Tum kya kar rehi ho.I know jo koi bhi ff padengi unki thadkan thez ho gayegi.Ab yehi hai meri update everyday.

  10. Woww.. Just loved it…
    Pls update daily… i love yuvAni soooo much…

  11. It is just beyond words.u said it will be surprise it is actually lovelyyyyyy surprise.i dont want any hurdles now.just unite them now yaar pls.yuvi shd remember the whole thing.i just cant tell u how much i liked the episode and i must say that ur dp was superb.pls update nx
    t update asap.i cant wait to see yuvani.

  12. Ruksy


  13. Aqsxxh

    Perfection di, Napsha!
    I am in love x

  14. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    di pls post today.

    I can’t wait…… I save this ff from starring nd read daily….. pls pls update today…..

  15. ui left no words to tell abt this epi .the way u described evry word nd line is amzing yaar.plz plz don’t make yuvraj forgot abt that night ,plz united them plz plz .

  16. A.Tejaswi

    Have no words.I was stuck by the beauty of the episode.This was really really good than the original episode.I was unable to resist myself from reading it again and again.You are the best diii!!!!!

  17. Wow Amazing Episode.. such a lovely surprise….I alwayz this type of scene in SSEL after 1st leap….But it happened in ur ff…..

  18. Wow Amazing episode….such a lovely surprise…..

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