I was taking food for him when the doorbell rang.. I kept the plate on the table and opened the door.. It was gauri..
She just stepped inside and asked angrily- suhi di, wherez he?
I asked- who??
She said- that baby stealer..
Saying that, she started searching for him.. She entered his room and I went after her.. I was shocked to see the way he was drunk!!

I walked towards him but was taken aback when I saw water being splashed on him.. I turned to see.. It was gauri holding the jug.. Yuv’s hair, face and shirt got completely drenched.. Few drops fell on my nightie too..
I asked her- whatz this gauri?
Gauri- di.. U’r asking me?? Tell him to stay away from my bro if he dislikes him so much.. But he has no right to hurt him..
I tried to calm her down and said- ok I’ll talk to him, this won’t repeat.. For now, u plz leave as u’r too angry..
Gauri demanded yuv’s apology to Sam.. I told her that he would apologise next morning.. She wished me goodnight and left.. I closed the door..

I took a towel and went to his room.. He had already finished a bottle and was about to open another when I took it and kept it a lil away.. I knew the impact of drinking on him very well!!
He got up from the chair and said- give me my bottle..
I refused..
He walked two steps clumsily and was about to fall when I held him.. Our eyes met.. Tears were flowing down from his eyes.. I could see the same pain in his eyes too which were there in mine.. The way he was looking at me was carrying me away.. I made him sit on the bed.. I sat beside him and slowly moved my hand forward to wipe his tears.. But I stopped myself when I recalled him telling me not to interfere in his personal matters..
I wiped his hair and face with the towel.. He was busy staring at me.. I was feeling ackward.. I asked him to change his shirt else he would catch cold.. He looked at his shirt, started unbuttoning it and asked me how did it get wet..
I said to myself- oh God.. He doesn’t remember anything when hez drunk..
I walked towards his wardrobe to get another shirt for him.. I took out a shirt and my eyes fell on the sweater which I had gifted him.. I touched it and recalled the moment.. My eyes were filled with tears..

PRECAP: Drunk scene.. A surprise.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I hope u all enjoyed it..


  1. ci

    Great.some people are made for writing .U r one of them napsha.Not only this ff but must right novel.It will be funny.kya patha doosara chetan sir ya preethi. Mam jaise koi mil gaaye.

  2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    |Registered Member

    wow di….amazing….. pls give clue to surprise…. in ur previous ff also lik this one scene came na but in rain they drentch…… I hope u won’t cheat us…… I think “moh moh ke dhage ” s song of the next episode…… right..??

  3. NAPSHa J


    Thank u guys.. πŸ™‚ Let it be a surprise for now.. πŸ˜‰ All I can say is that the drunk scene will be followed by a twist.. Confession epi will be coming soon.. Till then, have patience and stay tuned.. πŸ™‚

  4. ci

    Napsha did u watch laagi thujse lagan serial?ff. Name similar to waiting for ur ff.plz update.

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