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I apologised to sambhav on behalf of yuvraj.. He nodded and left saying he was fine..
I went downstairs to talk to yuvraj..
I turned him around and asked- what’s ur problem yuv? Why do u dislike sambhav so much?
He grabbed my arms, pressed me against the wall and said- not only ur sambhav, I’ve strong dislike for ur Rohan sir too..
I looked at him stunned..
He continued- u spent entire day with ur sir, had dinner with him, but did u even bother to ask me whether I even had my lunch? He gifted u a saree, and u accepted it with a smile.. Sambhav sent a bouquet for u.. What should I do??
I realised he hadn’t had anything after breakfast.. He was behaving like “my husband yuvraj” with whom I had spent the best moments of my life.. Did he want my attention?? But why?

I shot at him meeting his gaze and pushing him away- yuvraj birla.. We don’t have husband-wife relation now.. So why are u expecting things from me?
He moved two steps back.. There was absolute silence.. I realized a teardrop made its way from the corner of his eye, and mine too!!

He asked in a very low voice- then who am I to u now?
I replied- just a friend.. And also a guest who will be leaving soon..
He looked away and said- fine.. I’m saying as a friend.. Rohan and sambhav are not trustworthy.. They are liars..
I interrupted and asked- like papa and u??
He stared at me for two secs and then looked away..
I continued- u know what yuvraj.. Now I’m strong enough to tolerate any lies from anyone.. Coz when I got to know that both of u had made fun of my life, I never expected anything from anyone.. And remember one thing yuvraj..
I pointed my finger at him and said- Stay away from my personal matters.. U have no right to question my relation with sambhav and rohan sir..
Saying that, I went back to the flat..


For the first time, I had to think whether she still loved me or she was over with me.. She was right.. Her anger was also justified..
I stormed out of the apartment and just walked away.. Her anger broke me inside and outside.. Was it just her anger or she hated me for my rude behaviour?

The road was empty.. I continued to walk but stopped when I saw her standing at some distance and smiling.. I stared at her.. She opened her arms for me.. I smiled with teary eyes and ran towards her.. I hugged her as tight as I could, and closed my eyes.. I heard some noise.. I opened my eyes and she wasn’t there.. I realized I had lost her forever!!
I wiped my tears and looked to my left.. There was a wine shop..

I bought five bottles and went back home.. I rang the doorbell.. She opened it angrily and I stepped inside.. She didn’t say anything..
I said- I’m sorry.. I won’t interfere in ur personal matters now..
She too apologised to me and asked me to freshen up, the dinner was ready..
I asked her not to interfere in my personal matters and went straight to my room..


There was a packet in his hand.. I didn’t question him about it coz I knew he wouldn’t answer..
I could understand that he was hurt; but I could also feel something too strange about him.. I was unable to analyse what was that.. I thought to take his dinner to his room..

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    Hi Napsha j.. i like ur ffs.. this one is really nice… i check daily for this lagi tumse man ki lagan update..
    U r writing very good 🙂
    Try to update it daily…..

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    Kya baat hai….Amazing epi napsha di. Feeling great to be back with u all. Missed u a lot.

    1. NAPSHa J

      Welcome back.. 🙂

    2. NAPSHa J

      We missed u too dear..

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  14. Sach mein strange yuvi.yuvraj anjane ke alawa kabhi eine peeya nahi.

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