Hi everyone.. This is NAPSHa and I’m back with my new ff ‘LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN’.. This will be a short ff, probably with less than 20 epis and then I’ll continue with ‘Socha na tha’..


Yuv bursts out- yes.. Neither I loved u nor I wanted to marry u..
Suhani looks at him with shocking expressions and leaves his arms..
Yuv realizes what he just said..
All are shocked except the evils.. Pankaj fears how will his daughter live with this truth..

Su turns back and starts to walk slowly.. The evils smirk..
Yuv- suhani…..
Su stops..
Dadi fears yuv will stop her now.. So she interrupts- ladki.. Hear the complete truth..
She tells about Pankaj..

Su feels her world shattered.. The two heroes of her life betrayed
her.. She looks at Pankaj.. He looks sideways as he can’t face her..

Su walks four steps and faints.. Yuv rushes and tries to wake her up by sprinkling few drops of water on her eyes, but she doesn’t respond.. Yuv lifts her in his arms and takes her to the car.. Prat worries if shez thinking right..


Its dadi’s birthday party going on.. The guests begin to arrive..
Dadi hugs her best friend rajeshwari.. She wishes dadi.. She thanks her..
R- so wherez ur favourite grandson?
D- he is out of town for business purpose..
Prat looks on..
After sometime, prat asks dadi- y did u lie about yuv?
Dadi- so what should have I done?
Prat- tell her the truth if u think u were never wrong..
She leaves..
Dadi fumes..

The scene shifts to birla office where yuv is busy with his work.. An employee comes to his cabin and asks for leave for the next day..
Yuv bursts on him and fires him..
Emp- fine sir.. I will find another job but I don’t wana lose my wife..
Yuv looks on and asks the matter..
Emp says that he loved a girl but he got married to her best friend
and now that girl is blackmailing him.. So he wants to tell everything to his wife himself coz now he loves only her and doesn’t wana lose her..

Yuv recalls his days and apologizes to him.. He grants him leave and wishes the best for him.. Emp leaves..

Yuv (in mind)- u’r very lucky Rahul.. U realized what u should do before time.. All the best buddy..


New year party night…
Yuv looks for su and finds her talking to a guy.. She looks very happy.. He goes to her.. She introduces yuv and Ankit to each other.. Yuv takes her to a corner and tells her that she should concentrate more on her hubby..
Su- oh.. Something is burning..
Yuv looks away and says- nothing like that.. I don’t trust him..
Just then Ankit comes and tells- yuv, can I have some private talk with my friend?
YuvAni look at each other and yuv leaves from there angrily..

After sometime, yuv’s phone rings and he goes to the garden to talk.. There he finds Ankit proposing su saying- I love u from the bottom of my heart.. Will u marry me?
Yuv shouts- ankitttt…. how dare u eye my wife?
Su and ankit look at yuv.. Yuv starts beating ankit brutally.. Su tries to stop him.. But he doesn’t..
Sharad and anuj come there and ask him to listen to su once..
Su- u calm down yuv.. Ankit loves soumya and he was just doing a rehearsal for proposal..
Yuv- oh.. So Mr. Ankit.. On the entire earth, u found my wife for rehearsal??
Sharad smiles hearing this..

Yuv holds su’s hand and goes inside..
Su- yuvra…..
Yuv interrupts- suhani.. Enough is enough.. Now I don’t wana see that guy around u.. Did u get me?
Su looks into his eyes..
Yuv- what?
Su- I didn’t know u love me to the heights..
Yuv looks at her and then says looking away- its just that….
Su interrupts- now don’t make excuses..
Saying this, she messes his hair..
Yuv frowns and she laughs.. He pulls her closer.. She stops laughing and looks down as she feels nervous..
Yuv- what happened? I thought u would laugh louder..
Su- yuv.. Somebody will come..
Yuv- u didn’t think about it when Ankit was rehearsing..

Su- hez just my friend..
He pulls her more closer and asks- and who am I to u?
Su- u mean the world to me..
Yuv gets emotional and asks hugging her- suhani, if u ever get to know that I’ve hidden something from u….
Su interrupts- I’ll wait for u to share it with me..
Yuv- will u leave me if its something that hurts u?
Su- I’ll never leave u..
They break the hug and have an eyelock..

****FB ends****

He smiles and a teardrop makes its way from the corner of his right eye!!

Guys shall I continue? Or it was boring? Do leave ur feedback..

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  1. Avanikamdar

    Its amazing … Plz continue

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks dear.. 🙂

  2. Really nice. Please continue

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks dear.. I will continue..

  3. Its nice but from where is the story starting??????

    1. NAPSHa J

      Dadi’s bday party.. When dadi tells the truth to suhani and she asks yuv whether its true and he bursts out.. For written updates, read epi between 15th and 18th march 2015..

  4. its is amzing epi.i’m very happy that u r back with very lovely ,interesting story lines .plz continue and update nxt epi soon.

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank u soooo much sri.. I will try to update asap.. 🙂

  5. A.Tejaswi

    Mind blowing.Loved the episode sooo.. much.

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks a lot tejas.. 🙂

  6. awesome ya pl continue and to tell u truth i was waiting for ur ff

    1. NAPSHa J

      So sweet of u.. Thanks dear.. 🙂

  7. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    welcome back napsha di… I really miss ur ff…pls continue… it’s really interesting nd I can’t forget today epi n my dream also….ur ff will come…

    1. NAPSHa J

      A big wala thank u sis.. 🙂

  8. Wow napsha u took a very very long time.finally ur back.i am very much excited abt ur ff.story was very is not at all boring.pls continue and post daily.all d very best.

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks a lot radha dear.. My exams are not over yet.. Two papers are left.. Last one is on 29th..;(

  9. Aqsxxh

    The queen is back!
    Darling, di! I missed to heights!
    It was an amazing episode- I am soo happy you are back, when I saw your name; I knew it was going to be good!
    Thank you
    Di you are amazing x
    Please do carry on

    1. NAPSHa J

      Awww…. So sweet of u darling.. Thanks a lot sissy.. :*


    Welcome back di! I hope your exams have been going well so far! As soon as i saw your name i knew this would be amazing, and i was right. This was such a mind blowing episode, the ff itselr has started off with such a bang. That fb… wow… each word was filled with Suhani’s love and devotedness and Yuvraj’s love and protectiveness. And that little hug and conversation at the end, you pprtrayed the scene perfectly. I am so excited you are back di, and all your episodes to come xx

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks a lot Shreya.. 🙂

  11. SoRry for late comment.but u rock today.plz continue for me as am a biggest fan of u.

    1. NAPSHa J

      Awww.. Thank u sooooo much dear.. By the way, what’s ur good name?

  12. Uniqueangel

    It’s is not good ??? it is outstanding ??????????

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank u angel.. 🙂

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