Laado 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Janvi gets kidnapped by Rantej

Laado 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma ji worrying about Janvi and Anu. Saroja is worried and thinks if I tell her that they are in Haryana, then she will get more tensed. She says she will call them in the morning and scold them when they return after 2 days. Balwant’s wife tells Champa that Meera is a nice woman and wife of Rantej and you are his mistress. She asks her to take food for Meera. Champa nods her head. She takes food for Meera and asks her to eat it. Meera says even I was kidnapped and brought here, I have his name sindoor, but you didn’t have. She says you might not have eaten food since you came here. She says she is mad for Rantej and Rantej is mad for you, it is not your mistake. Balwant’s wife tells him that their son is ready to handle Veerpur. She asks him to handle Meera and keep her happy.

She asks him to get training from his father. Rantej says you are happy as you gave sons to my father, but Meera was pregnant with girl child thrice and they aborted her babies. She asks him to take her to Rohtak and gifts her something to keep her happy. Rantej says ok.

Anu and Janvi asks some older men about the way to Veer pur. Old man asks them to return back and says it is not safe for girls. Anu says we didn’t ask for your suggestion. Old man coughs. Janvi gives him water and asks where to get lassi. They tell the address. Rantej brings Meera to buy things for her. Meera says she needs him. He says he will kiss her. She gets shy and happy. Rantej says you are my wife and smiles.

Janvi and Anu are having lassi at lassi parlour. Anu goes to washroom. The men sitting there eyes Janvi. Rantej’s men come there and tells that he is coming with his wife and asks the lassi owner to make special lassi. They talk to each other about Anu and Janvi, but she don’t hear them. Rantej and Meera come there after shopping. Meera wears the bangles and says she wants matching earrings. Rantej says next time they will bring. Janvi sees them and thinks didi should have seen this and know that Haryana men respect women. Meera finds necklace in his pocket and says you got it for your mistress. She shouts asking him to reply. Rantej sees people looking at them. Meera says she don’t want anything in charity and throws the stuff. Rantej slaps her hard and holds her hairs. Janvi is shocked and recalls Anushka’s words. She gets up, runs towards them and slaps Rantej hard. Meera is shocked. Rantek is also shocked and angry.

Meera asks Janvi to go from there. Janvi asks her not to get scared and says you have legal rights. Meera folds her hands and asks her to leave. Janvi goes. Rantej looks angrily. Goons see her and tell Rantej that this is the same girl who has insulted them. Anushka comes there and asks her to have lassi. Janvi asks her to come from there. They come to the guest house. Rantej sees the guest house name and calls his men. Janvi says she didn’t bear injustice and replied to someone. Anushka is happy. She gets a call from manager asking for janvi’s signatures. Anushka asks her to go. Amma ji calls on mobile. Anu asks janvi to go and says she will talk to Dadi. Janvi says we shall tell her half truth. Anu says no. Janvi goes to reception and can’t see anyone. Anu attends Dadi’s call and says she will not leave Janu alone. Janvi thinks Manager is not here.

Rantej’s goons come there and say special guests have come. Amma ji insists to talk to Janvi. Anu says she is not in room and went down to talk to Manager. Amma ji says alone. Janvi tries to run and shouts Didi. Anu hears her voice, gets shocked and drops phone down. She runs downstairs. Amma ji calls Anu and asks her to speak. Goons kidnap Janvi and take her in car.. Anu comes out and sees goons taking Janvi in car. She tries to start her scooter, but sees the tyres taken out. She shouts Janvi’s name . Her friends come there and asks what happened? Anushka says Police. Amma ji calls again and gets tensed. Saroja says they must have went to have lunch. Amma ji says Anu never let talk incomplete and says something happened for sure. Saroja gives her their friend’s number. Anu and her friends come to Police station and try to file kidnapping case.

Inspector tries to ignore her. Anu tells him that her sister is kidnapped and taken away. Inspector says she is not kidnapped, she is not a child and must have went with that guys to enjoy. He asks her to go home and says girl will come by herself. Anu is shocked and tells that janvi is not like that. She asks him to help them. Rantej’s men take Janvi to some place and laughs. Janvi is shocked. Inspector says you are stupid and says there is a difference between lover and milkman. Anu’s friend asks him to file FIR. Anu folds her hand and says even you know that my sister is trapped by dangerous men and asks him to help her. Inspector asks constable to take out jeep. Amma ji calls again. Rantej comes infront of Janvi and laughs. She is scared and folds her hands infront of Rantej to save her respect.

Janvi escapes and is walking on road for her life. She falls down. Goons are following her. A man comes and makes her get up. She folds her hand and cries. Anushka is searching Janvi with Police. A boy who saw her tells Anushka.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This drama is very bad example. Girls will be tempted to do brave things & land in trouble. In a country where police is highly politicised such girls have no where to turn. Teach them to be wise and mind their own business without trying to change the world. No one can change other than God.

    1. Omg..
      R u kidding me…

    2. This is the type of mentality because of which the world can’t change. Because people like you always think that girls are weak and should sit at home and not open their mouth. This is ridiculous and totally absurd, if you don’t have the courage to do anything then just shut your mouth and sit behind curtains at home or even better go to veerpur and live their as your mentality very much matches with those people. Girls should always stand for their rights and protest against wrongdoings because god created the world but the power to change the world rests with us.

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