Laado 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Balwant eyes Anu with lust

Laado 9th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu thinking of her words and breaking relation with Amma ji. She cries. Saroja calls Jaydev and Jhunki and asks them to open the door. Jaydev opens the door and asks who has locked you. Jaydev says we need to find out where is Amma ji. They come out and sees Amma ji sitting out. Amma ji says she was doing pind daan of Anushka. Saroja asks what? Amma ji says she said that she is dead for me, I thought I will make myself understand, but couldn’t do it. She says I have brought her up with my hand. Saroja says yes. A fb is shown, Amma ji combs her hairs. Anu says you have done make over of my hairs. Fb ends. Amma ji tells Saroja who will tell her what is right and wrong and who will save her from inhuman people. Anu thinks to do penance by staying there. Saroja says then how we will meet. Amma ji says we don’t need to meet her.

In the night, Yuvraj takes the food out of fridge and eats it. Meera comes there and says I will make food for you. Yuvraj says its ok and says we can make Champa have food. Meera says Anu made this food. Yuvraj gets up hearing anu’s name. Rajjo praises Champa and tells Meera that her devrani is good. Malhari says she can dance too. She asks Servant to bring water and asks Meera to throw water. Anu is drying the clothes. Yuvraj comes there. Rajjo asks Meera to throw the water on Anushka. Meera throws the water on Anu’s head. Anu hugs Yuvraj and then looks at him. Teri Ore plays…..Yuvraj asks Meera why did she throw water. Malhari acts to scold her. Yuvraj says he will change.

Amma ji bribes a Servant and asks her to let someone else do the work. Servant agrees and leaves. Jhunki comes to haveli and says she is a replacement for Dhandiya. Malhari says Anu is here to work. Rajjo says she needs Servant. Yuvraj asks her to keep it. Jhunki calls amma ji and says she got job here. Amma ji asks her to keep her eyes open. Balwant looks at Anu with lust and drops file intentionally. He asks her to pick the file. Anu sits to pick it. Balwant eyes her badly and puts his foot on her dupatta making it fall. Anu covers herself. Malhari looks at him eyeing her.

Precap: Malhari says you would have told me that you likes Anu. Balwant says he will enjoy with Yuvraj’s wife. Yuvraj and Anu look at each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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