Laado 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rantej kidnaps a Girl with bad intention

Laado 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka promising Dadi that this is just the start and her first win. Yuvraj comes there and says she must be happy today. He says you have taken care of responsibility and says one ritual is pending, wedding night. He takes out his belt and is about to take off his shirt, when Anushka sits on sofa and asks him to dance also. Yuvraj calls her shameless and goes.

Meera and Champa serve wine to Rantej and his brothers. Rantej asks if they mixed wine in it and spits it. Ranvir says it is not wine’s mistake but of your mood. Rantej says Yuvraj and Anushka is ruling, Malhari says you are my tail. She says someone said about their Servant’s daughter who returned from city, and is educated. Ranvir says she is Trisha. Meera and Champa are shocked. Malhari asks Rantej to go and

enjoy with her and scolds Meera and Champa. Rantej says love you. Malhari says you shall stand on your feet. Meera says you? Malhari says my son got worried seeing your troubled faces. He will go and change his mood.

Trisha meets her friend and is going when Ranvir signs her hi sitting in car. Rantej says Amma found apsara for her sons. Trisha looks on. Anu comes to kitchen and asks Meera to tell if there is some work. Meera says you can just order me being owner. Anushka says you knowI I like you and Komal. Meera says why did you make enemies. Anushka says Janvi was gang raped and killed as the men here don’t respect woman and says she will start this change from this house. Meera says it is difficult to do. Anu says she will do it. Meera tells that she forgot garam masala and says she will get it from store room. She sees Champa on the way. Champa is tensed and asks Meera not to go. Meera goes there and sees Rantej and his brothers tying Trisha and misbehaving with her, while she pleads to leave her.

Tej says even Janvi said sorry sorry. Rantej tries to get closer to her, but Meera comes inside and shouts at him. Trisha asks Meera to help her and save her from these devils. Tej asks Trisha to say her please. Rantej asks Meera to make drink and pakodas for them. She says if Anushka comes to know this then. Rantej asks her to leave and pushes her out. Meera comes to kitchen and says she has to make drink and pakodas for Rantej and Ranvirr. Glass falls down from her hand. Meera panics. Anu asks what happened to you. Champa says she gets worried when she has to make something for Rantej. Meera is tensed. Anu asks Dhaniya to get garam masala from store room. Champa says she will bring. Meera stops Champa.

Yuvraj asks Dushyant to tell from where did they get the money? Dushyant says lets have food. Yuvraj checks tiffin and finds empty boxes. Anushka asks how was the food? Yuvraj asks if this is the food? Anushka says she will send more healthy food. Meera gets worried and goes to storeroom.

Trisha asks them to leave her. Tej says first I will rape her. Rantej says I am eldest so I will do it first. Trisha tries to open the door. Rantej says now we will show her real magic. Servant is going there. They take off their clothes. Servant opens the door. Trisha runs out fast. Anu collides with her and asks who is she? Champa says she is her friend. Rantej comes there and tells that Trisha will be his victim.

Anushka warns Rantej. Rantej tells that he had raped many girls and asks her to protect Ved’s daughter if she can.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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