Laado 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu claims her rights

Laado 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka asking Pandit ji where she shall sit. Pandit ji asks her to sit on left side of her husband. He asks them to do the rituals. Malhari asks Yuvraj to hold the kalash together. Yuvraj and Anushka hold the kalash. Yuvraj sits on Balwants chair. Malhari puts garland on his neck and does his tilak. Pandit ji says rajya abhishek ritual is done.

They come to the office. Dushyant gives keys to Yuvraj and says you will handle everything now. Yuvraj asks Rantej if you are happy. Rantej says Bapu have taken a right decision, I couldn’t handle business, you are educated among us. He says he has to see much more colors in the world and says he will go. He hugs him and looks angry.

Yuvraj asks peon not to remove Balwant Chaudhary’s name plate. He comes to the cabin and

sees Anushka sitting on his chair. He gets shocked and asks what you are doing here. Anu says I wanted to see what is in it which got you killed my Dadi, because of which Taya ji got impressed. Yuvraj asks her to leave the dead man. Yuvraj tells him about his monster brothers. Yuvraj asks what do you want? Anushka says she will be seen here daily and can handle both office and home. She breaks the chair handle and asks him not to think her weak. Veer pur ki mardani plays…..

Anu comes home and sees Meera standing and watering plants. She keeps hand on her shoulder. Meera asks her not to touch her. Anu sees injury on her face. Meera says my luck is bad. Anu closes the tap and asks do you deserve this life. She says Rantej’s doings will be tolerated. Meera asks what she is going to do. Anu says I don’t want to scare you and asks her to apply something on her face. Malhari sits on Balwant’s sofa and spits on Balwant’s pic, says she will throw his pic soon from haveli, and says your eyes is piercing me. She takes rod to break his pic and looks angrily. Rantej comes there and asks her to make her bahu understand and says I will kill her next. Malhari asks him to keep his anger under controlled. Rantej tells that he had to smile in office today. Malhari shows CCTV footage of the office in which Anushka and Yuvraj are fighting verbally. She says you don’t need to do anything to break his head.

Yuvraj comes home. Rajjo gives him house keys and asks him to give in responsible hands. Yuvraj gives keys to Malhari. Anu comes there and asks what is happening. Yuvraj asks her not to interfere. Anu says I am part of the house and asks for keys. Meera is shocked. Malhari gets angry, but calm down her anger and is about to give her keys. Yuvraj asks Anu to forget the keys. Anu says she is the wife of head of family and wants to help him. Yuvraj asks her to end her drama. Malhari says Anu is right and asks him to support her. She gives keys in Anu’s hand. Yuvraj asks what did you do? Malhari says she might forget to become your wife, while trying to become bahu. Yuvraj says she has to become my wife.

Meera asks Anushka why she took enmity with them. Anu tells her that she wants to change the men thinking in the house. Rantej and his brother kidnap a girl and bring her. Meera comes there and is shocked to see her Rantej and his brothers molesting a girl.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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