Laado 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka and Yuvraj at loggerheads

Laado 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu attending Amma ji’s 13th day mourning meet, while Yuvraj and others attend Balwant’s 13th day mourning meet. Anu asks Sarla to agree to her and says I am breaking all relations with you all. She says she can’t risk their lives. Saroja asks what you are saying, after Janvi and Amma ji, I am close to you. Jaydev says we can’t be hurdle in her revenge. Anu asks them to understand and says they have already snatched her Dadi and Janki, now she will not let anything happen. Rajjo asks everyone to have Bhog. Anu comes there and serves Amma ji’s 13th day bhog in everyone’s plate. Yuvraj asks what is it? Rajjo asks him to eat and says we don’t want any kalesh in this house. Anu says this Prasad have Amma ji’s sankalp bhoj. Rantej refuses to eat it. Malhari asks him to

have Prasad and not to insult it. Anu asks Yuvraj if he is not yet happy after taking Amma ji’s life. Malhari asks him to have Prasad. They all eat it.

Malhari tells Meera to do something. Rajjo says I thought you will do something about Balwant’s will and says once Yuvraj sits then he will be heir of the chaudhary family. Malhari says Anu will be malkin and asks her to take care. Yuvraj comes to Anu’s room. Anu scolds him for coming without knocking on the door. Yuvraj says sorry. He asks her where is she going? Anu says she got ready for puja. Yuvraj says he don’t want her to come. Anu says she will not come even if he calls her. Yuvraj asks for his dhoti. Anu brings torn pieces and says she cleaned the room with it. Yuvraj gets angry and puts water on the floor asking her to clean it too. Anu cleans the floor with his dhoti.

Yuvraj comes to Meera and asks her to inform everyone that he will sit wearing jeans. Meera says it is not needed as she has clothes for him, and says she will tie turban. Once he changes his clothes, she ties turban on his head. Yuvraj tells Meera that Anu has cut his dhoti into pieces. Meera says she is your wife,. Malhari comes and says Meera said right. Yuvraj says she is not my wife, but trouble. Malhari says husband and wife shall sit together for Puja and tells that she will fold her hands and call her. Yuvraj says I will go. He goes to Anushka and says I need to talk to you. Anu asks him to go out, knock on the door, take her permission and enter room. Yuvraj says he will not do this.

Malhari calls them. Yuvraj goes out, and do as she said. Anu asks him to come. He asks her to come to Pooja. Anu says you said that you will not ask me to come. She asks him to tell that his wife don’t respect him and says if he tells her nicely then she will come. Yuvraj is upset. He comes out. Pandit ji asks where is your wife. Yuvraj says she will not come. Malhari asks where is Anu? Yuvraj says if you want Anu to come, then you have to cancel this puja. Rajjo asks what you are saying and says Bhabhi have worked really hard. Yuvraj asks Pandit ji to do some short cut and says he don’t need any grah lakshmi’s permission. Pandit ji says grah lakshmi didn’t forget the rituals. They see Anu coming.

Anu asks Malhari to give her keys. Yuvraj is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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