Laado 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu determines to make Veerpur as Janvi and Amma ji thought

Laado 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saroja calling Anu and asks how is she? Anu says I am fine. Saroja says you and your dadi was unpredictable. Anu says I am not far from you. Saroja says that house is not house, but crematorium ground. She asks why did you return. Any says you will get all answers soon. Komal comes and says I am anxious to know the answers. Anu asks her to sleep. Komal says there is darkness for women in this house. She says I didn’t understand why did you return, you wouldn’t have return. She says Meera and I got happy when Balwant died and says you would have asked me what is the price of the freedom. Anu says I would have returned to Delhi, as she is a qualified lawyer and would have married someone. She tells that she returned for Meera, Veerpur women and her. She asks her to trust her and

says she is waiting for 13th day.

Yuvraj calls Servant. Anu comes there and asks why you are shouting. He asks what you are doing here. He opens his cupboard and finds her stuff. He asks where is my stuff. Anu takes him out of room and says this was your room, but now it is mine. She closes the door on his face. Malhari comes and asks what happened. Yuvraj says she has thrown him out. Malhari asks him to give her sometime and says guest room is ready for you. Yuvraj agrees. He knocks on the door and asks Anu to give his pillow. Anu gives his pillow and asks him never to cross the lakshman rekha and always knock on the door, basic manners. Malhari says she will be fine soon. Yuvraj tears the pillow and throws it on floor.

Rantej thinks about Malhari slapping him. Meera asks him to have food. Rantej is about to slap her. Malhari comes there and scolds Rantej for talking to his wife badly. Meera is surprised. Rantej asks are you got mad and asks her to go. Malhari turns to Meera and slaps her hard showing her true face. She apologizes to Rantej for slapping him. She sits and tells that you are scared that Yuvraj and Anu will unite and fight with us. She says they will fight if they are alive. Rantej asks what do you mean? Malhari says when Anu was playing dhol, her eyes was filled with hatred for Yuvraj. She says we have to find solution for Balwant’s will. Rantej says we shall kill Yuvraj. Malhari says Anu will kill Yuvraj and smiles. Rantej smiles. Malhari says you will become heir of Balwant Chaudhary. Rante j laughs and says I misunderstood you. Malhari asks him to control his wife and get ready for new character.

Anu brings tea for Yuvraj and asks him to tell how much sugar he will take. Yuvraj says I don’t take sugar. Anu adds sugar and gives tea to him. Yuvraj throws tea cup and asks her to stay away from him. Anu drinks tea and looks on. He comes to washroom and shouts as hot water fall on him. Anu says I switched on the geyser, forgot that you have bath with cold water. Days are seen passing by. She troubles him. Yuvraj gets irritated. She tells that she is going for her Dadi’s tervi. Yuvraj asks her to go for forever. Malhari asks her to go and says tomorrow is your tawu sasur barsi too. She asks Yuvraj to go to market and bring stuff for puja. Anu leaks the air from his bike. Yuvraj sees her doing it.

Anu attends Amma ji’s 13th day mourning meet while Yuvraj attends Balwant’s 13th day mourning meet. Anu thinks she will take revenge on them.

Anu tells that 13 days are completed. She stops them from having Prasad and says it is for Amma ji also. Rantej asks what nonsense.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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