Laado 5th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj insults Anu and ruins her first rasoi

Laado 5th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malhari giving holiday to her servants and says you didn’t get leave since 17 years. Servant asks if they do any mistake. Malhari says Anu will do work all of your work and says today it is your first rasoi, asks her to make food. Anu says she will make. Amma ji wakes up and thinks she had a deep sleep. She recalls Saroja giving her Sattu. After drinking, she feels drowsy. Saroja asks her to rest. Amma ji feels sleepy. Fb ends. Amma ji gets angry.

Anu makes food in the kitchen. Her finger gets cut. She sucks her finger and feels pain, but continues to make food. She kneads the flour and makes rotis. Amma ji asks Saroja to open the door. Saroja asks her to promise that she will not go to haveli. Amma ji promises her. Saroja opens the door and apologizes to her. Jhunki comes

there and says someone came to meet you from haveli. Yuvraj checks the food and says you made food before 1 am. He says one thing is needed and asks her to make salad. Anu cuts the vegetable. He comes to her and holds her hand. He recalls his words. Anu recalls his love confession. He asks her to take food to hall. Anu goes out and sees Balwant and his family already having food. Yuvraj says I knew that you can’t make food and that’s why I ordered food from outside. He asks her to see the time, Anu recalls Yuvraj wasting her time by romancing with her. He says you got late. He throws the food made by her. They all laugh.

Rajjo tells Amma ji that she brought shagun and taunts her. She invites her for pagphera and asks her servants to keep the stuff. Amma ji asks her to take back the garbage. Rajjo says if we throw the garbage which came in our house then. She says you have to come and goes.

Anu cleans dal from the floor. Yuvraj have snacks. Malhari says we never saw you making salad. Yuvraj says my wife cut the salad with love. Malhari signs Komal to go to Anu. Anu says I hope you are getting happy by troubling me. Komal asks Anu not to throw the food and says Malhari says they will give it to Servants.

Saroja tells Amma ji that it is their trick to call her to haveli. Amma ji locks Saroja and says nobody can stop her from bringing Anu home. Anu applies ointment on her hand. Yuvraj comes, holds her hand and then presses on her injury, says this pain will go, but my 20 years old pain will not go. Amma ji comes there.

Amma ji asks Anu to come with her, but Anu ends her relation with Amma ji and says she is just Yuvraj’s wife and Balwant bahu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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