Laado 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu returns to Chaudhary’s house

Laado 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka picking red color powder/sindoor from the plate and reminds Malhari of her words that without husband, woman is like open locker who can be looted and throws sindoor on her saying nobody shall do that. Yuvraj shouts. Anu shouts at him and says she heard that he is the new head of Chaudhary clan. He says you lost your Tau ji and I lost my Dadi. She says you have freed me from penance burden, as all scores are settled. She asks him to get ready and says her life’s only motive is to make his life worst than hell. Everyone looks on shocked.

Veer pur ki mardani hai plays….Anu plays the drum and says I have bear enough, now it is your turn. Yuvraj holds her hand and says do whatever you want, but you can’t stay here. Anu asks him to leave her hand and says she needs

no permission from nobody. She says when I was here, I felt suffocated and hates you all. She says I can’t stay here even for a moment. Malhari stops her. Anu asks her to move from her way. Malhari acts emotional and says this way will take you far from us and says she has right on the house like others’ have. She will stay here. Yuvraj asks what are you saying? Rantej thinks it seems Maa has gone mad.

Malhari tells Yuvraj that we have done wrong with her, and you have killed her Dadi. She says even she is going through the same pain and says we shall forgive each other forgetting each other mistakes. Rantej is surprised seeing her changed avatar. Malhari says we shall stay together like a family. She folds her hand and asks Anu to forget everything, reminds that she is her bahu. She asks her to stay in the house.

Anu looks at her. Malhari holds her hand and asks her to tell her decision. Rantej says what she will say? My answer is no. She sent me to jail and she can’t stay here. Malhari slaps Rantej. Rantej is shocked. Malhari asks if this is the way to talk to Bhabhi. Rantej says I will not hear your nonsense and leave. Yuvraj asks Malhari what happened to her. Malhari says I haven’t learnt lesson till date which she taught me. Yuvraj asks what? Malhari says penance lesson, now it is our turn to do penance. She folds her hands. Anu recalls Malhari torturing her, says all games were enough, we shall forget everything and shall make a new start. Veerpur ki mardani hai…plays. Anu walks out of house. She stops, puts drum out and says I am ready. Malhari smiles. Meera and Komal are shocked.

Malhari gets happy. Anu says I will stay here, I forgot, but you have reminded me that this house is mine and you all are my family. Malhari hugs her. She says we can’t change the past, but now welcoming you happily. Anushka recalls her grah pravesh, Rantej, Balwant and Yuvraj torturing her. She thinks this is her real grah pravesh. Pandit ji asks them to do last rites of Balwant. Yuvraj asks Malhari why did she stop Anushka at home. Malhari asks him if he thought that Anu came here to do penance of her Dadi, and now her dadi is no more. She tells him that she wants him to stay with his wife happily. Yuvraj sits down holding her hand, says nobody can be positive in this condition. Malhari asks him to support her. Yuvraj recalls Anu’s threat.

Komal tells Anu that she shouldn’t have stayed there. Anu says what will happen with Meera, you or other women in Veerpur. She says she will make Veerpur as adarsh village and will wait till 13th day, then she will do what she has decided.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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