Laado 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu signs on the property papers

Laado 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaurya asking Anushka what she was thinking if he will not know. He says you said just 1 min, and took this much time. He asks her to come and says Dadi is calling you. Juhi sees Rantej coming out of room and locking it. She sees blood on his hand. Rantej wipes it with his clothes and walks out. Juhi hears woman crying. Rantej thinks he has forgotten his phone inside. Juhi is shocked and asks can you hear me, I want to help you and asks her to tell who is she and from where she came. Just then she hears Rantej coming and hides behind the cupboard. Rantej drops keys and picks it up. Juhi hides. Rantej goes inside. Juhi runs from there.
Dadi sees Shaurya and Anu’s pic and praises their Jodi.

Shaurya comes there and says her grand daughter got the handsome guy. Dadi says

you came late with flowers. Shaurya asks how do you know? Dadi says she saw Juhi keeping her vase empty. Shaurya asks if she is happy. Dadi says yes. Anu thinks my mission to search juhi begins and says I have to find out how many girls went missing from Chandigarh. She looks at her ring and thinks it is Juhi’s safe keeping with me. She gets restless seeing the ring. Shaurya comes there and gets happy, say my engagement ring is working. Anu asks when did you come? Shaurya says your nervousness is showing on your face. He gives flowers to her. Anu says it is beautiful. Shaurya says less than you.

Anu keeps flowers in vase. He asks when I will get my first hug after engagement. She asks him to give her time. Shaurya says I think you will tell this during wedding night. Anu asks if he thinks about it all the time. Shaurya says I didn’t mean that and says I have been waiting for you since 10 years and wants you to have same feelings for me. He says I respect you a lot and will not come closer to you till you wants. Amrish and Shagun hears them. Anu recalls Shagun telling that once Shaurya’s male ego is hurt, he will leave her. Shaurya is about to go, but Anu hugs him. She thinks I am doing this to show to Shagun and Mama. Shaurya gets happy and smiles. Rabba mere rabba plays…

Shaurya says I didn’t know you will answer to my question this way. Anu says you might be getting late for job and asks him to go. Shaurya says as you say and asks her not to miss him. Anu thinks this will not happen again and feel apologetic to Juhi.

Shaurya comes out and greets Shagun. He asks why she is stealing her sight from him. Shagun says it is your misunderstanding. Shaurya says I know you don’t like our togetherness and says I know one thing which even Juhi doesn’t know. Shagun asks what? Shaurya says you don’t want her happiness. He says I love more than anybody else in this world. He asks her to be happy in her happiness. Shagun is angry. Amrish asks if everything is fine. Shagun is upset.

Juhi thinks everything is coming true and thinks may be that girl who used to stay here was courageous. She says I have to free the girl who is kept captive in room, and asks for strength from Mata rani. Anu comes there. Amrish acts to trap Anu and says my work is pending, needs juhi’s signature. Shagun asks her to sit and sign. Anu sits to sign. She gets call. Amrish asks her to sign first. Anu says my friend is calling me, whom I was going to meet. Shagun asks her to talk. Komal tells Anu that the papers are ready and will reach there. Anu says papers are here and I am going to sign on it. Amrish asks her to hurry up. Anu tells Komal that she has read some law books and she came to know that Juhi’s property will be saved even if she signs. She signs on the papers. Amrish and Shagun get happy.

Shaurya and Anu meet with an accident. In the hospital, Doctor asks to get blood for Anu. Shaurya asks him to take his blood and says we have same blood group. Shaurya sees blood report and says she is not my Juhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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