Laado 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Balwant gives his property to Yuvraj, Rantej kills him

Laado 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rantej coming to Balwant’s ward and recalls his decision. Balwant wakes up and asks what you are doing here, calls him coward. He feels ashamed to have him as his son. He says I loved you so much and risked my life and you have left me, your father to die. Rantej says I have done whatever I have to and says what do you wants, shall I sacrifice my young life for your old life. Balwant is shocked and says you are not the tiger whom I have given birth to, you are worse than a dog. Rantej gets angry. Balwant says even dogs are honest and asks him to listen carefully, you will not get anything from my land and wealth and Yuvraj will get everything. He says you are just sand if you don’t have my name, and you can’t earn and have food at once. Rantej says I came thinking about that

and says you will not get place even in hell. He takes the pillow from under his head and suffocates him to death. Doctor comes there and shocked to see Rantej killing Balwant. Rantej asks him to write false report and gives farm house keys to him. Malhari cries and says why did you leave me Chaudhary ji. Yuvraj also cries and asks Doctor, how did this happen. Doctor makes an excuse and says sorry. Malhari hugs Rantej and pretends to cry. Dushyant asks Balwant to get up.

Anu is at Saroja’s house, recalls Amma ji and song is played. Jhunki cleans her hand with water. Saroja tells that Amma ji gave justice to Janvi and you have returned home. Anu goes to room. Saroja and others are shocked.

Lawyer comes to Balwant Chaudhary’s house while the family is pretending to mourn for his death. He says he came to do the formalities. Malhari says Rantej will do the formalities. Rantej asks where to sign. Lawyer says you are mistaken and tells that Balwant have named all his property on Yuvraj’s name. Rantej says these papers are of no use in my eyes and is about to tear the papers. Malhari acts and says I won’t let you insult my husband. Yuvraj says Tawu ji haven’t told me. Lawyer tells that he changed his “will” in the night itself and says he called me secretly. A fb is shown, Lawyer goes indisguise of a doctor at 12 am and says you would have called me later. Balwant looks at Rantej’s pic and tells that he has no time left, he don’t know he will be saved or not. He asks him to change the will. Rantej thinks he killed him at 12:30 am.. Malhari thinks he knew about our plan. Yuvraj is about to sign and then says he will do it later. Malhari says even I don’t want any problem to happen in his last puja.

Rajjo tells Komal that she is now tensed about their future. She asks her to make her terms good with Yuvraj. Komal says even now. Malhari removes her ornaments and wears white saree. Yuvraj tells him that he will stay there in Veerpur and will protect them. Malhari smiles and hugs him, acts to cry. She says your Tawu have taken right decision, Rantej is immature, you are matured guy and will handle us. Yuvraj says I need your blessings and support. He says everything will be of yours, and a paper can’t change anything. Malhari smirks. Saroja knocks on the door and asks Anu to come out.

Jhunki and Jaydev come to Saroja and inform her that Balwant died and named everything on Yuvraj’s name ignoring Rantej. Anu comes out hearing this. Everyone put flowers on Balwant. Komal says she is feeling relieved as Mama ji died. Meera asks what you are saying? Komal says did you forgot how he used to eye you badly. Rantej asks Pandit how many rituals are pending of this dead old man. Anushka comes there playing dhol. Malhari asks who is playing dhol at this time when my husband’s aarthi is leaving. Anu enters there playing dhol. Veerpur ki mardani plays…Yuvraj looks at her. Anushka recalls her marriage with Yuvraj and their tortures.

Anushka tells Yuvraj that she heard that he is the head of the crows etc. She says you have lost your uncle and I have lost my Dadi. She says she will make his life miserable. Yuvraj looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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