Laado 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka pacifies Kajal

Laado 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Anushka to let her see well. She says since you came back, I wish to throw this oxygen cylinder you are my oxygen. Anushka says nice idea. She removes the oxygen pipe and asks her to calm down. Dadi says amazing, I m able to take breath on my own. Anushka says I m sure you don’t need this. She hugs Dadi. Dadi asks what were you going to say, tell me. Anushka says nothing, you have a weak memory. Daali says I remember your entire childhood. Anushka jokes. They laugh. They hear someone crying and run to see. Anushka says Kajal bhabhi…. Kuldeep comes there. Kajal cries and says doll is drowning. Kuldeep tries to console Kajal. Anushka comes and says doll is not drowning, its having a bath. Anushka says I will get new clothes for the doll. Kuldeep takes the doll to dry.

Maa stops him and asks him to use the silk towel sent by Kajal’s mum. Kuldeep says this is just a doll. Maa says yes, but Kajal is your wife and you have to take care of her. He says I have to go office. Maa asks is it necessary. He goes.

Dharam is on the way. He reaches Veerpur and comes to Malhari’s haveli. Malhari welcomes him. He asks why is the villagers waiting for ration. They tell him how Malhari is punishing the villagers for their mistakes. He asks was the entire village hungry for complete week. Rantej asks him to make him the heir of the property. Dharam says move back, I m not from Veerpur to get scared, you won’t get anything if you stare, case is complicated, even then I will tell you, if Anushka’s body is not found, you have to wait for 7 years and then Yuvraaj’s entire property can be yours. Rantej says its my dad’s property, not of Yuvraaj. Malhari says calm down. Dharam says judge is going to change in some weeks, new judge is well known to him, I will try, maybe he transfers property before 7 years, but try is just a try, it will be better if you get Anushka’s body. He leaves. Rantej says where did Anushka’s body go. Anushka dresses the doll and makes Kajal happy.

Dadi asks pandit to come on time and read all mantras. Kuldeep’s mama Amrish comes and talks to Dadi. He says Kajal’s parents have sent these things for her, I like to help and got these here. Maa asks him to see puja’s final preparations. Dadi asks did you call Shaurya. He says no, I won’t call, you know I don’t like Shaurya, I don’t like him coming in this house. He goes. The guests come for the puja. Maa tells Anushka that pandit is calling her. Dadi asks Anushka to come for Mata blessing. Anushka thinks I m not your Juhi. Maa asks her to go ahead. Anushka does the aarti. She hears the taunts. Dadi thinks just Shaurya can shut their mouths. Maa stops Pandit ji.

Dadi asks Anushka to dance. Anushka dances with Kajal. Dadi says Shaurya will come, Laado will get happy seeing him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Cathy

    So clearly there is still a connection between Anushka and Veerpur, i was kinda hoping it would steer away for awhile from the old storyline…early days yet.

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