Laado 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Malhari succeeds to drift apart Yuvraj and Anu

Laado 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malhari coming to Rantej. She asks why the room is messed up. Rantej shouts at her. Malhari says I am your mum and scolds him. Rantej says I did a mistake. Malhari says I am worried Yuvraj and Anushka are coming closer. Rantej says it is a small thing. Dushyant asks Tej and Ranvir to come to outhouse and says Malhari planned surprise for him. Tej shouts and says I am not deaf.

Trisha tells Anu and their team that Rantej and his brothers are hiding their truth from each other. Anu says they have lost their manhood. Jhunki says we shall do something to let everyone know. Anu says we have to do something so that they tell their truth to villagers. She asks Trisha to go as there is a danger to her and her father’s lives. Trisha hugs her and leaves. Anushka says their mission

is to make every woman happy.

Malhari and Dushyant plan dancers performance in the outhouse. Rantej, Ranvir and Tej comes there. Malhari asks Dancers to dance. The dancers try to get closer to them. Dushyant says even we know to surprise them. They ignore the girls. Rantej pushes girl and breaks glass bottle angrily. He warns Malhari not to organize such vulgar performance again, and be in limitations being their mum. Malhari is shocked and says don’t know what happened to them. She blames Meera for the same. She says we have to separate Yuvraj and anushka first , I can’t wait for Rantej.
Anushka thinks about Yuvraj and smiles. Malhari comes and asks Anushka where is Meera? Anushka says she is resting and says she will clean Rantej’s room. Malhari thinks this is what I wanted.

Anushka gets a letter kept by Malhari in the name of Yuvraj for Rantej in which he has written that he married Anushka as per planned and soon they will be freed. She thinks Yuvraj knew everything, but then also protecting him. She thinks not to fall weak and not to get trap by Yuvraj. Rantej comes there and asks what is she doing there. Anu warns him and goes. Rantej thinks if he could then he would have burnt her alive in his room.

Rajjo selects a saree for Meera. Malhari asks if she is paying money for Meera’s clothes. She pays the money and says she brought money for her loving bahu. Anu comes to room and sees Yuvraj repairing fan in her room. She asks what is he doing? He tells that he is repairing her fan. He slips, but she don’t help him. Anushka says this is what you deserves. Yuvraj says I thought everything is fine between us. Anu says you might have thought to stay with me in this room and have cold air. Yuvraj says I thought to talk to you about Meera and Rantej. Anu says Meera is my friend and I know what to do. Yuvraj goes out angrily.

Anushka asks Malhari to get Rantej remarry. Meera cries hearing this. Malhari asks Rajjo to get girls undali for Rantej.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The Perversion of Malhari is so disturbing, watching the dancers rub up on her sons is nauseating, i hope she gets what’s coming to her soon.

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