Laado 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu tries to show truth to Yuvraj

Laado 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rantej and his brothers come home. Anu says you are not a man, but a black spot on manhood. She asks why did they trouble Teni? Rantej says he has to do this to teach women that they are made to take care of men. He says you will soon learn our customs. Yuvraj comes. Rantej hugs him. Malhari comes and hugs them. She curses Anu. Balwant comes and hugs his sons. He then apologizes to them and says so much time is spent to take you out. Rantej says wait is good. Malhari asks Anu to welcome them. Rantej tells Anu that Meera is his dutiful wife and used to record the happenings at home and show me. Anu is shocked. Meera feels bad. Malhari asks them to come inside home and asks Yuvraj to ask her to come. Yuvraj tells Anu that his brothers were in lock up because of her and asks her to

come inside. He holds her hand and takes her inside. He tells her that everything was done by your Dadi. Anu asks him to stop it and says all the people in the house are liars. Everyone knew that these monsters are family members, but they didn’t tell me. Malhari says she will suffocate her.

Balwant says her mood is bad as she lost her first case. Everyone laughs. Anu tells Meera, you have betrayed me whom I trusted a lot. Rajjo asks Yuvraj to tell his wife not to ruin their happiness. Anu says this is the day of mourning and says they shall be hanged, but is freed so that they can do a crime again. Yuvraj asks her to stop it and says I was silent as Janvi’s criminals are still at large. Anu says may be you are supporting them intentionally or you don’t know what is happening around you. She says you are not what I thought. Rantej says we don’t know your sister and was sad when I saw her pic. Anu asks him not to take her name. Malhari gets angry. Balwant asks her to see the drama. Yuvraj signs Rantej to go and says you shall be thankful to my brothers that they are quiet even after hearing you. He says this is the good sanskar. Anu says they are laughing behind your back.

Yuvraj turns and sees them sitting with serious faces. Yuvraj turns and sees them laughing again. He asks her to come out of her Dadi’s trap. Anu says your brothers are rapist, murderer and cunning also. She says I have seen that video with my eyes, I have searched it, Amma ji haven’t made it. She says they had killed my sister. Yuvraj says I have also seen the video. He says you got the video as your Dadi wanted. He asks her to understand him and says this is done by your Dadi. He says she tried to trap my brothers. Anu says you have done conspiracy, and knew that my life’s one mission is to get the criminals punished. She says you tried to hurt Amma ji by doing this. Yuvraj asks her to go and cook food. Anu refuses to make food for rapists and murderers.

Komal says I will talk to her and asks Anu to come. Anu says I will not accept defeat and will get you all punished. Rantej says I didn’t know that new case will start now. Yuvraj asks him to clean his image and says Amma ji targeted you as your image is like that. Balwant says Yuvraj is right and asks Rantej to hugs him. Rantej hugs him and says now it will be fun.

Komal asks Anu not to do drama. Anu says it will start now and says I shall make food for my sister’s murderer and throws the things. Komal asks why you are becoming enemy of your own life knowing them. Anu asks did you know how are they? She says you might be knowing the truth. Komal says Rantej is a big monster. Anu asks why didn’t you support me and tell truth there. Komal says she don’t have the courage. Anu asks what is Yuvraj’s helplessness. Komal says he is blinded by Malhari and Balwant and he is good at heart. Anu decides to open his eyes.

Balwant, Rantej and others are seeing the actual CD of Janvi’s kidnapping, when Yuvraj comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Why does not yuvraj understandcthe truth.He is blindly believing his brothers who are no less than animals

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