Laado 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka fulfills her revenge

Laado 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka sitting near the fire. Vishal begins operating on Rantej and gives him injection. He then operates on him and looks on. Trisha asks Anu to take rest. Anu says she felt peace after many days. Ladies come and says it is done. Anushka says we don’t have much time, they take Rantej out and make him sit in car. Anu explains villager lady how to drive car and asks her to take Rantej from there. Jhunki says just 2 mins left to strike 11 pm. Anushka says they have less time. Tej comes there and thinks where did she call me, to an isolated place. He sprays perfume. He comes inside and sees temple, Trisha comes, holds his hand and asks him to come. After the operation, Anushka asks other villager lady to dash the car with a tree wearing seat belt. Lady says ok. Anushka says Ranvir

is left now. Ranvir comes there. Same thing happens with him. Anushka asks Jhunki to take him. Surprisingly s he teaches driving to all villager ladies, good. Anushka tells the ladies that they have to go from different ways. She cries remembering Janvi and her death. Janvi’s soul comes to her and says you have done it.

She says you got justice for me. Anushka says it is not her way and says she failed to get justice in court. Janvi says whatever you did is for justice. Anu says you are talking like Dadi. Janvi says you understands her. Anushka says today she is missing her a lot. Janvi says today I got mukti and asks her to let her go. Anu says don’t tell this. Janvi says I want to stay in your heart as a good memory and smile on your face and asks her to fight for many girls like her. Laado song plays…Anushka hugs Janvi’s soul and asks her to stay for sometime. Janvi says I have to go and asks her to take care of herself and everyone. Anu says good bye and sees her going. Rantej wakes up and smiles remembering Trisha. He is shocked to see himself in garbage and thinks may be I fell down due to drunk. He gets up and stops a car going, says he is dangerous man of Veerpur. Tej also gets up from the garbage and thinks he is so much drunk that his head is paining. Ranvir knocks on someone’s house and asks the man to give him clothes, says he can’t go home in this condition. Man keeps hand on his nose as he is stinking.

Malhari scolds Dushyant and asks him to handle Yuvraj. Dushyant says I will take care and tells that he is worried about Rantej, Ranvir and Tej. Malhari says they must be enjoying with some girl and laughs. Rantej comes home. Dushyant asks where is Ranvir and Tej. Rantej says I don’t know. Malhari says his walking style is different today. Dushyant agrees with him. Anu smiles. Rantej goes to washroom. Tej is still in isolated place and tries to relieve himself. Ranvir wears man’s clothes and thinks wine shall be drunk in limits. Anu says now game will start and starts the countdown. Rantej, Ranvir and Tej realizes their impotency. They shout aloud in different places. Meera hears Rantej’s voice. Malhari says it is Rantej’s voice. Dushyant says may be he banged his head on wall being drunk.

Meera knocks on the door and asks Rantej if he is fine. Rantej asks her to go. Meera says I will not go until you tell me. Rantej opens the door and says I am alive, asks her to go. He locks the door and takes out his anger. Ranvir cries holding head. Tej recalls misbehaving with girls. Rantej recalls raping Janvi and laughing on Anushka. Anushka thanks Vishal and says gives him gift. Vishal says I have done whatever you asked me to do and says whenever you need me, I will be with you. Anu thanks him and says these three operations have a major change in Veerpur and now they can’t rape any girl or can’t think of it. She says we have broken their ego by making them impotent, and says very soon they will make Veerpur, a crime free village. She recalls Janvi’s words and says it is a start to get justice for Janvi and says we will get justice for every girl. Laado plays…

Anushka asks Malhari to tie bells on Ranvir and Tej’s neck. Rantej comes outside Trisha’s house and asks Trisha to come out, and shoots in air.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. That was excellent!! What a touching scene between Anu and her sisters spirit…i hope they got Trisha out of town or at least protected in some way, those boys will be hunting her down.

  2. Santana Russo

    Phenomenal just fantastic. What an amazing thing the doc did. Unforgettable. ???????????????????????????????????????? too aweson and funny. ???????????????????????????????? now lets pray 4 peace 4 the poor ladies of Veerapur.✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌. Lovely episode???????????????????????????

  3. Very good episode. I cried during Anu and Jahnvis scene…it was so sad and touching. I hope from here onwards, Anu is able to get justice and teach everyone a lesson.

    One thing I didn’t understand is if Anu ever found her grandmas body? They never showed it. The last scene we saw was when Chakor from Udaan saw Rantej men taking Ammajis is body. They said they were going to drop it in the forest and then Anu found her dupatta. Why was it done that way, not clear.

    1. I think Ammaji is still alive.

  4. Amma.ji to marchuki hain yubraj ne chhura maara tha unkko

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