Laado 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Balwant declares Yuvraj as head of Veerpur, Rantej to kill him

Laado 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rantej telling Anushka that he has buried Amma ji alive, and says he will go and see his father who is alive, laughs. Anu is shocked. Yuvraj tells that Balwant is fine now. Malhari goes to him and curses Amma ji. Balwant is angry on Rantej. Rantej tells him that he has taken revenge from Amma ji and buried her alive. Rajjo and Malhari get happy. Rantej says your real son has taken revenge from that Amma ji. Malhari tells Balwant that Rantej has all qualities of being Chaudhary. Balwant asks where is Yuvraj. Malhari asks him to forgive Yuvraj for not being able to kill Amma ji. Yuvraj comes. Balwant asks him to come to him and feels bad. Yuvraj asks why did Amma ji tried to kill you. Balwant says it is karma. Yuvraj says I couldn’t reach on time. Balwant says you have done a big

favor on me and today I have understood that my life is short. He says I have decided who will handle my wealth and business. Rantej says I will handle being your son. Balwant asks will you handle like you handled me today and says only Yuvraj can handle Chaudhary empire. Yuvraj says but. Balwant says my decision is final and declares Yuvraj as Pradhan of Veerpur after his death. Rantej is angry.

Anu reminisces Dadi and asks her why did you cancel the tickets and says she has to attend important case. Dadi says how can you go without saying bye to me and gives her ticket to other flight. Anu thanks and hugs her. She says I won’t let you go like this and will not break your trust. He says I will search you wherever that devil had buried you. Malhari tells Rantej, what happened to Balwant to have given Yuvraj everything. Meera says Balwant have taken right decision and Yuvraj can handle business well. Rantej gets angry. Malhari scolds Meera. Rajjo tells Malhari that Balwant is out of danger now. Malhari cries and says it is tears of happiness. Rajjo asks her to meet Balwant.

Saroja stops Yuvraj. Yuvraj asks him to leave his way and says Balwant got consciousness now. Saroja says where is Anushka? Yuvraj says I can’t help you. Saroja says are you blind and tells that you have become murderer now. Yuvraj says do you want me to see Amma ji killing my chacha ji. Saroja says did you think why did this happen? She says Rantej is Janvi’s criminal, when they were escaped by law, that’s why Amma ji took this step. She tells her that Rantej has made Amma ji missing. Malhari asks Saroja to be quiet. Saroja says truth will not change and asks where is Anushka? Malhari says she might be eating dust and asks Yuvraj to come.

Saroja cries for Anushka. Anushka comes to jungle and sees the axe there. She digs the land. The owner of the land comes there and asks why you are digging the land. Anu says someone has buried my Dadi alive. They ask her to go and says you will not get your Dadi like this. Anu warns to bury them if they try to stop her. They all leave being scared. Malhari takes out her anger and throws the things. Rantej asks what happened to you and asks them to die, says he don’t want parents like them. Malhari says my blood is boiling and says what is happening in Balwant’s mind. Rantej says that old man will not agree. Malhari asks Rantej to kill Balwant. Rantej asks what you are saying, you are asking me to kill my father. Malhari says she was quiet because of her kids an
d tells that Balwant looked at other women although she was his wife. Rantej says he can’t do it. Malhari says she will help him murder Balwant.

Jaydev reminisces Amma ji seeing her bangles and recalls her words. Jhunki comes and says I know how you are feeling. Jaydev says whatever I am today is because of her. She had taught me that one shall have courage. He says I will repent all life for not going with her. Jhunki says she sensed the danger and that’s why stopped you from coming there. Malhari and Rantej come to Balwant. Malhari says nobody will doubt if Balwant dies. Rantej says ok and asks her to keep eye on door. Rantej takes out poison injection. Balwant is sleeping. Rantej is about to give injection in glucose drip. Malhari alerts him seeing nurse. Nurse comes, checks him and says I will call doctor. Malhari says ok. She asks Rantej to kill him in the night. Rantej says I can’t wait till evening. After they leave, Balwant opens his eyes and recalls Malhari’s words and is shocked.

Chakor sees some men talking Amma ji in the ambulance. She asks them to stop. They push her and she falls down, pretends to be unconscious. They tell that they will take Amma ji to hari pahadi jungle. Saroja, Jaydev and Jhunki come and see Anu digging the land. They stop her. Anu says let me search her. Jhunki says we shall check her somewhere. Anu says Dadi must be somewhere here. Saroja says she is dead now and cries. Anushka shouts Dadi and cries. Saroja says we didn’t know where they have buried her. Chakor comes there and tells Anushka that they shall go to hari pahadi, as goons took her there. Jaydev says I will also come. Anushka asks him to take Saroja and Jhunki home. Chakor says she will be with her. They go there and see Ghewar singh stopping them. Ghewer Singh says he will help them. Anu shouts at him and asks him to let her go there.

Anu and Chakor search for Amma ji. Anu sees Amma ji’s clothes and shouts calling Chakor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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