Laado 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu decides to fight Janvi’s case

Laado 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malhari telling Anu that she came to know about her sister’s case and asks her to do the house work first and then she will think if she shall let her go or not. Servant says she will water the plants and asks her to do other work. Balwant eyes the servant a with lust as she water the plants. He comes to her and puts water on her using pipe. Servant cries. Anu sees Balwant misbehaving with the Servant and recalls his misbehavior with her. She sees red chilli on terrace and goes to get it. She throws red chillies on him. Balwant shouts and says someone broke my eyes. Malhari comes there and asks Servant to bring ice. Anu says it fell by mistake. Malhari goes to get something. Anu says today your eyes are burning and threatens to burn him alive if he sees any girl with wrong side.

Anu puts water on him and asks him not to think her words as just a threat. Rantej gets shaving done in jail and says everyone eyes will be on him. Ranveer and tej laughs. Rantej says Yuvraj will bring Anu there and asks Ranvir to get trap more girls.

Balwant tells Yuvraj that today Rantej will be freed and Amma ji will fail in her attempt to ruin his family. Anu comes there and knocks on the door. Balwant complains to Yuvraj about her. Yuvraj asks her to greet him. Anu says we have met in the morning. Balwant tells him that she is bitter and tells that she threw red chilli powder on him and asks him to think about Rantej’s freedom. Yuvraj asks why did you pour chilli on Tau ji.

Anu asks if there is any function in the house and asks if there is any work. Malhari says no and says if you don’t do anything then it is ok. They leave for court. Malhari says once Rantej comes then he will. Amma ji, Saroja and Jaydev comes to the court. Anu comes there with Yuvraj. Amma ji says my blessings is with you, I want you to win this case. Anu says I came here for justice and asks how you will know what is justice. She says Yuvraj trusts her even if they have no relation and says she don’t have that thing with her. She calls Yuvraj. Yuvraj goes.

The Inspector informs that Lawyer haven’t come and says inspector Ghewar singh is on leave. She says Rantej’s family have done this. Inspector asks if he shall take another hearing date. Anu says she can’t wait for justice. Judge comes there. Yuvraj asks her to hurry up.

Rantej comes there with his brothers. Anu recalls Janvi’s words that they have touched her and made her dirty. She recalls Rantej’s words that they will be free on first hearing. Judge asks where is prosecutor. Anu says Prosecutor couldn’t come for some reasons and says she will fight her own case. Judge permits her.. Amma ji, Saroja and Jaydev comes inside court. Yuvraj says we can get some other lawyer. Anu says I am a qualified lawyer and nobody can know the case better than me. Judge asks Inspector to give all case related things to Anushka and gives her 30 mins time so that she can prepare for the case. Yuvraj thinks today it will be proved that my brothers are innocent. Anu thinks to make them jailed.

Anu shows the CD in which the goons kidnap Janvi, but the goons face are changed. Anu says this is not the right CD. Teni calls Anu and says she has the CD which her prosecutor gave. Anu is hopeful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    One has to laugh at the outlandish script writing. Did any other viewer of Laado, ever watch the serial called Thapki. Well in one of the episodes Thapki miraculously happened to have a law degree and then wearing full legal garments offered to defend her husband Bihaan. Now back to Laado, Anushka has claimed to be a qualified lawyer, which raises the question” What branch of law was she was supposed to be studying in Delhi”. Now for a side splitter, the Judge allows a 30 minute recess to allow her to prepare herself, guess what she returns fully dressed in a black suit and shoes to match. Now where did she find these garments, because we all know that she left her Grand mother’s abode with no luggage. Hence my question is this; is there many shops in a small village in India that would have such garments? I know that the serial is a work of fiction, but for goodness sake at least make it believable. Some cordial advice to the show producers and script writers, stop treating the viewing public as morons.

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