Laado 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu hurts Amma ji verbally and takes Komal home

Laado 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu telling Yuvraj that she has to go and bring Komal back. Malhari asks him not to come in her talks. Anu says I am here with my wish and says she will not go even if he kicks her. She says believe me I will bring her back. Rajjo says komal have done bad with you. Anu says Komal loves Yuvraj and says she is like Janvi to me. Yuvraj asks her to go and says if she gets even a scratch then you know what I can do, you will not wait even for a second after getting her. Malhari says you are doing mistake. Balwant says he trusts on his intelligence. Anu goes out. Malhari thinks she shall see what happens. Jhunki comes back to Amma ji’s home and says it is not house, but hell for Anu. Amma ji says she will not leave this girl until Anushka returns to her. Anu comes to Garibpur and knocks

on Amma ji’s house. Amma ji asks Jaydev to open the door and says she won’t let Balwant’s men come inside the house. She leaves the gun seeing Anu. Laado song plays. Amma ji hugs her. Jhunki smiles. Anu stands unaffected.

Amma ji asks her about the wound and says she will make lep. Anu asks where is Komal? Amma ji says I will send her home and asks her to sit. Anu brushes off her hand. Amma ji asks her to go to Delhi. Anu shouts asking where is Komal? Amma ji says I will send her home and asks her to trust her. Anu says these words don’t suit you and says I have come here to take Komal whom you have kidnapped. She says she will take Komal and they will go to their house. Amma ji says I will do whatever you do, but don’t go back to that house. Anu asks her to let her take komal and asks her not to ask her to return. She calls her Amma ji and asks if she accepts her condition. Amma ji looks on.

Rajjo and Malhari think both Komal and Anu are gone now. Balwant comes there and asks where is Yuvraj? Malhari says he is in room. Balwant says Jhakkad is coming here to meet Komal. Malhari says if Yuvraj gets to know about the alliance, then he will get angry and breaks the alliance. He gets a call and tells Jhakkad that Dushyant is standing infront of house. Anu asks Amma ji to stop it and asks her not to increase her problems. She asks what did you get by torturing her. Amma ji asks Jaydev to call her. Jhunki asks her to drink water. Anu asks Amma ji why did you send Jhunki there and says do you know what would have happened to her. Amma ji says I was not left with any option and have to send her. Anu says what I would have hope from you. Dushyant welcomes jhakkad. Komal comes out. Anu asks her to drink water and asks if she is fine. Komal says I know you both are together. Amma ji says you don’t know her values. Anu blames Amma ji for giving her drugs. Komal says it was not drugs. Jaydev says they gave her glucose.

Anu tells Komal that she didn’t know what Amma ji have done with you. Saroja says your dadi is changed now. Anu says such people don’t change and does acting. Saroja asks her to have laddo. Komal nods. Anu and Komal sit and have food. Komal says she can’t have it anymore. Amma ji asks her to eat and says they welcome the girls in the house. Anu says the girls who got saved from her. She says even you are lucky to be saved from her, else would have been killed like Pari. Amma ji asks her to taunt if she likes. Anu says you values the rituals very much. She takes the rice grains in her hand and throws over her head. She says my bidaai is done now. She says she has limitations being Chaudhary family bahu and asks her to let her go from there and calls her Amma ji. Anu and Komal walks out of house.

Komal lies to her family that they behaved badly with her and kept her unconscious. Anu is shocked with her lie. Yuvraj says he will not leave Amma ji.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dad knows the murderer of January are free Ballantine choudharis house?if so why she didn’t tell to anu?

  2. It is dadi and janhavi

  3. Anu is much immatured girl.her role really irks audience alot. A woman vil get maturity minimum after marriage but this annu is really waste character of this series. Typical physco women……

  4. Alister La Frenais

    Anushka, is an ungrateful and spoilt brat. Firstly, she has forgotten about getting justice for her murdered sister, instead of trying to fight Yuvraj’s battles. How can she trust this man when he deliberately set about trapping her and then allowing her to be subjected to torture and abuse. Her Grand Mother is doing everything humanely possible to protect her, yet she is being a complete prat.

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