Laado 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rantej and Malhari plan to distanced Anu and Yuvraj

Laado 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu coming to kitchen. Meera says we understand you have muh responsibilities. Komal asks if the day was busy. Anu says it was busy and good too. Komal asks him to take plain dal for Yuvraj. Anushka says he can have it today. Anushka hopes Yuvraj gets changed. Meera says if Rantej is exposed then Yuvraj can change. She takes food for Rantej. Rantej asks if she made it. Meera says she brought it first for him. Rantej puts his hand on hot dal and says you were telling that I shall be exposed before Yuvraj. Meera apologizes. Rantej asks her to bring hot dal again. Yuvraj have dal and thinks it was good. Komal comes and says Mami got unwell. Malhari acts to be unwell. Yuvraj asks her not to worry and says he will bring medicine for her. Once he goes, Malhari gets up and asks Rantej to

work on his plan. Komal is shocked.

Anushka hears Rantej’s goon beating the old man and threatening him with Yuvraj’s name. Anushka is shocked. Rantej says he got order from Yuvraj. Anu asks them to let him go. They beat old man mercilessly. Anu says she will go to Yuvraj. Rantej says Yuvraj is not here and says he asked me to beat him. He asks Old man to name his land on their name and says I heard you have a young daughter. Old Man gives his property to Rantej. Rantej pretends to call Yuvraj and says your work is done.

In the morning, Anushka comes to Yuvraj and asks him to come out. Yuvraj says Tai ji is unwell. Anu asks really and asks him to out. They have an eye lock. Yuvraj asks her to come. Anu brings him to locker room and asks him to give 1 lakh 56000. Yuvraj gives her money and says he thought she is changed. Anu says she got to know about his double standard last night. Yuvraj goes. Malhari and Rantej laugh on their plan. She asks him to go to temple and says Veerpur crown is yours.

A woman feeds food to her husband. He got chilli in it and gets angry, holds her hand to throw her out. Malhari and Rantej are there nearby in the temple. They hear man beating his wife and asking her to leave. Malhari and Rantej laugh, and says this is Veerpur’s reality which Anushka wants to change. Rantej and Malhari go there. Other villagers ask why he is beating her. Man says she added chilli in his food and wants to kill him and get rid of him. His wife apologizes to him while he humiliates her in public. Malhari asks what is happening? Man says she wants to kill me. Rantej says how dare you> Malhari scolds her. Jhunki and Trisha hear them. Malhari scolds the woman and says I am feeling ashamed to call you wife, and says you shall be punished so that nobody can think of doing this. Malhari says even I had husband and says I never opened my mouth infront of him and asks Rantej to say (she got her husband killed). Rantej says people gives your example. Rantej says they will make her eat chilli. Trisha thinks to call Anushka.

Precap: Anushka swears in the temple with other ladies to protect Veerpur women.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I like this story more and more, lets hope the women vigilante’s of Veerpur really do some good.

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