Laado 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Janvi’s dead body is cremated by Amma ji

Laado 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka trying to make Janvi gains consciousness and shouts realizing she is dead. Inspector asks Constable to inform control room. Anushka is in ambulance taking Janvi’s dead body and recalls Inspector saying Janvi was gang raped before her murder according to post mortem report and recalls Janvi telling about her gang rape. She recalls telling Janvi excitedly that she is going to Rohtak which is in Haryana, where there is Veerpur. She recalls asking her not to get scared, and then Janvi telling her that she didn’t bear injustice, her kidnapping etc. She cries and thinks your didi couldn’t protect you and apologizes to her dead body. Amma ji hears on TV about the rape and murder of an innocent girl. She closes the Tv and asks Saroja to call Taxi so that she can go to Haryana

and bring Janki and Anu back. She hears vehicle voice and sees Anu coming. Saroja switches on TV and is shocked to see Janki’s gang raped and murder.

Amma ji scolds Anu for going to Haryana and lying to her. She calls Janvi. Anu cries. Amma ji goes out calling her. Saroja tells Anu that she watched news on TV. Amma ji sees ward boys taking out Janvi’s body from the ambulance. She gets shocked and shattered to see Janvi’s face as the cloth is moved from her body. She falls down in shock. Saroja and Anu cries. Amma ji recalls her words. Anu recalls her words. Laado song plays….Amma ji doesn’t cry and sits in shock. Anu tells Amma ji that she has killed Janvi by taking her to Haryana. They bring her dead body to the crematorium ground. Amma ji recalls her words that her daughters shall not be punished for her crimes. She looks on as someone keeps wood on her. Pandit ji asks who will give agni. Amma ji says she will give fire to her and tells that Janvi is her ansh and she will give her farewell. She recalls killing many girls just when they were born. She takes round of the pyre and gives fire. Anu cries.

Rantej is playing drums. Minister Jhakkad comes and asks why did you kill that Delhi girl and says he don’t know what to answer to his superiors. Rantej’s mum thinks only Komal can handle him now. Jhakkad says I would have managed, but now. Komal comes. Jhakkad’s anger goes. He eyes Champa and says even she is good. Rantej signs her to go inside. She goes. Rantej asks him not to hold his collar again else he will throw the bed which he got made for Komal and him in the same river as that of the girl. Jhakkad says ok and asks Komal to serve him tea.

Anu comes to their room and sees Janvi’s pic. She imagines Janvi asking her to say how is the curtains. Anu tells her that the curtains are bright. Janvi says she will make the room colorful and bright as life is beautiful, and says you will get stylish clothes. A fb is shown. Anu tells her that curtains are very beautiful. Janvi says she was scared, Anu asks if you have changed my wardrobe. Janvi nods no. Anu runs behind Janvi. Fb ends.

Anu hugs Amma ji that when she was talking to her, she heard Janvi’s shout and ran towards her, but she saw goons taking her in car. She tells that she couldn’t save her as she was taken infront of her eyes. Amma ji thinks now she must go to Veer pur.

Amma ji digs the land and gets the weapons which she had buried long ago before leaving Veerpur. She gets the weapon and tells that she will end the evil and protect the girls. She will make Veer pur’s land red again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. It was so sad to see jhanvi like this.

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