Laado 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka on a mission to save Veerpur girls

Laado 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rantej asking Ranvir to ram bus on Anushka. Ranvir driver bus. Anushka throws nails rod infront of bus and punctures the tyre. Bus stops. Veerpur ki mardani plays..Anu asks Rantej to leave her. Rantej opens the bus door and says he will not leave his victim. Anu asks him to leave her else..Rantej asks what you will do? Anu says Balwant is not alive to rescue you and the head of the village is my husband Yuvraj, who will not tolerate this. Rantej says who will tell him. He says Trisha is not like komal and will agree after sometime. Anushka takes fire extinguisher from bus and sprays on their eyes. Rantej and his brother get down from the bus. They think what she sprayed on our eyes. Anu sits on driver seat and drives punctured bus surprisingly. She takes Trisha to her home. Trisha

thanks her for saving her and asks how can you live with your dadi and sister’s murderer. Anushka tells that she will change Veerpur and talks about her revenge. She asks Trisha to come and says your bus might come. Trisha says she will not go anywhere and will help her. She realizes her inner strength. Anushka thanks her and covers her with black shawl. She says she will make Veerpur woman realize their strength. Veerpur ki mardani plays…

Anu returns home. Malhari looks on evilly and recalls Rantej and others coming home and complaining about Anushka. Anu says I don’t need to tell you, as you must be knowing everything. Malhari asks her to drink water and drops glass before Anu could hold it. She says sometimes I can’t control my hands, it is good you are saved. Anu says nothing has happened and asks her to drink cold water to control herself.

An Old man comes to haveli and requests to meet Yuvraj. Guard asks him to leave. Anu thinks who is he? Meera cleans Rantej’s eyes. Malhari comes there. Rantej says I couldn’t see properly and says he got saved, else Anushka would rammed bus on me. Malhari says you are not a child, I served Trisha infront of you, but you came crying running to me. Rantej says who knows that Anu can drive bus also. Malhari asks Meera to change water. Meera goes. Rantej says Yuvraj and Anu got everything. Malhari says she will make them fight and kill each other.

Anu comes to office. Yuvraj asks why did you come. Anu says she can come anywhere. Yuvraj asks her not to cross his cabin. Anu says I came for an old man who wants to talk to you. Yuvraj says he don’t have time now. Anushka brings old man inside his cabin. Old man touches Yuvraj’s feet. Yuvraj stops him. Old man says he had taken loan from balwant chaudhary and have paid the loan amount, but since 5 years, he is waiting to get his land. Yuvraj checks the papers and calls Dushyant. Dushyant asks who are you? Yuvraj asks him what he is doing in office and asks him to return old man’s land soon. Dushyant goes angrily. Yuvraj gives him cheque and says I came to know this because of you. Old Man thanks Anushka for bringing him to meet him and says I will always be thankful to you both. He goes. Anu looks at Yuvraj.

Malhari and Rantej see on CCTV and says if they unite then it will become dream to get everything from them. Rantej promises to ruin them.

Anushka gathers women and takes oath with them to protect women of Veerpur.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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