Laado 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rantej attempts to kill Anu

Laado 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraj asking Tej what is written in Ranvir’s letter. Yuvraj reads it in which he writes that he is leaving the house and don’t know if he will return or not. Yuvraj asks where is he and why did he go? Rantej says it was girl’s matter. Malhari cries and asks him to say truth, says her son be mad after a girl. Rantej says even I lost my brother and feeling much pain. Malhari doubts on Rantej. Yuvraj tries to pacify her.

Meera comes to Vishal’s house. Vishal gets shy and runs to wear his pant. She says she brought Gujiya for him. Vishal says I don’t like sweets. Meera gets upset and walks out. Vishal runs behind and asks her to give Gujiya. She refuses. While he is trying to get the plate, the plate falls in air and Gujiya falls in air. Vishal catches Gujiya in hand

and mouth, tastes it and says it is good. Meera laughs. Rantej gets big axe with the intention to kill Anushka. He tells Tej that Ranveer, their brother left from there because of Anu and Meera also left him, he will kill Anushka. He comes to Anu’s room with Tej. Malhari gets restless and wake up. She searches for Rantej and Tej. Rantej recalls becoming impotent, Anu calling them impotent and asking how he is feeling, Meera divorcing him etc. Anu wakes up and sees Rantej about to attack her, when Yuvraj comes and holds the axe.

Yuvraj asks how dare you to do this with my wife. Rantej asks him to leave him and says you didn’t know what she has done with us. Malhari and Rajjo comes there. Yuvraj asks him to say what Anu had done. Anu asks Yuvraj to calm down. Rantej says you haven’t left us alive. Malhari asks what she has done. Rantej says you have killed us when you made three of us impotent. He says you didn’t get happiness by doing this and trying to show sympathy. Malhari is shocked. Rantej says Ranvir left house in shock. Anu made their tamasha. Yuvraj asks Anu if he is saying right.

Anu says he is saying right for first time and says they were proud of their manhood, they have lost it now. Rantej says I will kill her. Yuvraj stops him and asks Anu what she has done in madness. Anu says she has done in full consciousness and tells that Rantej himself said that he will rape 1000’s girls. Yuvraj says my brothers are innocent and haven’t done anything with Janvi. Anu asks him to call Police. Rantej stops Yuvraj as everyone will know it. Yuvraj tells her that his brothers are innocent. Rantej tells Yuvraj that they can’t stay in same house as Anushka. Yuvraj holds her hand and takes her out of house. He says you are not my wife from today and I am not your husband, don’t come in my way, we will have just hatred relation.

Rantej gets Yuvraj arrested. Constable tells Yuvraj that Rantej had raped Janvi. Yuvraj questions Inspector and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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