Laado 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Amma ji kidnaps Komal

Laado 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu telling Yuvraj until the fire in him don’t end, she will not go anywhere. Meera hears her. Yuvraj goes out of room. Meera asks him why is he hurting Anushka. Yuvraj says I feel like they are together. Anu says if she is doing penance then. Servant comes and tells that Komal is missing. Rajjo cries and tells that Komal haven’t returned home. She asks Yuvraj to rescue him. Yuvraj says I will go by myself. The driver of the car comes there and says the kidnappers had beaten him so much and kidnapped her. Balwant says whoever have done this, will not be spared. Dushyant says that kidnapper will not be alive. Yuvraj says I will go and bring Komal back. Rajjo asks Balwant to do something. Balwant tells Dushyant that Jhakkad is in his control because of Komal and says nothing shall

happen to him. Yuvraj bandages driver’s head. Just then Servant brings an envelope. Yuvraj gets CD and plays it. Komal is tied on to the chair. Amma ji says what do they thought that she will be quiet after they separate Anu with her. Alarm rings. Amma ji says it is injection time to make her drowsy and says it can take her life also. Rajjo shouts. Amma ji asks them to return Anu and take Komal back. Yuvraj recalls Pari and her parents’ death and asks her to leave Pari. Malhari says CD ended.

Anu apologizes to them. Rajjo holds her hairs tightly. Meera and Malhari ask her to leave. Anu says I can make Dadi understand. Malhari accuses her. Dushyant says his men will go and bring Komal. Yuvraj says I will go alone and will bring her. He goes. Balwant tells Dushyant that if they also go then Jhakkad will get to know.

Amma ji asks Jaydev to open her mouth. Komal says you don’t know Yuvraj, if he comes to know you gave me drugs then he will not leave you. Yuvraj comes to Anu and asks her where is Komal? Anu says I really don’t know. Yuvraj says I am asking you for last time and tries to push her down from the balcony. Anu gets scared.

Amma ji asks Komal why she is trying to make her scared. Komal says your daughter will pay for your sins. Amma ji asks Jaydev to tie her mouth and gets injection ready. Anu says she really don’t know. Yuvraj asks who gave you this lep and asks where is the new Servant. Rajjo says what will happen with Jhakkad’s dream. New Servant comes. Yuvraj says she is Jhunki who stays in Amma ji’s house. The Servant lifts the veil and she is Dhanya. Dhanya apologizes. Anu says she will go and bring Komal back.

Anu goes to Amma ji’s house. Amma ji asks Anu to come back to her house. Anu refuses and asks her to let Komal go with her while taunting her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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