Laado 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu to rescue Trisha from Rantej

Laado 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Champa telling that the girl is her friend. Anu says I don’t agree. Rantej comes there and says Trisha is my victim and says such perfect figure is not seen now a days and says he can spend months with her. Anu says house responsibility is in her hand and says these things will not be tolerated here. Rantej says I am not bounded by any doors and asks if she forgot about Janvi. He says he gets the girl whom he likes and says he will get 1000’s girls like Janvi and says he did forget the number of girls who were victimized by him. Anu says you can’t do anything anymore. Rantej challenges her to save Ved’s daughter and asks him not to involve Yuvraj. Anu says she don’t want his advice.

Malhari is drinking tea. Rantej comes and asks her to handle Anu. He says I will

not changed. Malhari says bus no. 9999 and asks him to go and enjoy, says she made all the arrangements. Rantej laughs and says everyone shall get mother like you.

Yuvraj comes to his room. Anu gives him pillow. Yuvraj asks what is the matter? Anu tries to speak to him about Rantej, but Yuvraj don’t listen to her. She asks why Champa is staying here. Yuvraj says she is Servant here. Anu tells that Rantej asks Meera to add ghee in Champa’s food. Yuvraj asks her not to drag his family and says they respect everyone. Anu says I can catch the lie. Yuvraj asks why didn’t you catch my lie before. Anu says that time I was blinded by your love, but now it is opened. She asks how was the day? Yuvraj says good. Anu says it is a lie. She comes to Champa and gives her ointment. Champa says she will take it from Ved ji’s house.

Anu comes to Ved ji’s house and knocks on the door. Trisha opens the door and asks her to go, says you are one among them. Anu manages to come inside, and finds Trisha eloped. Trisha waits for bus to return to Delhi and thinks she will not come back again here. She boards bus to go to Delhi, after covering some distance, conductor asks passengers to get down and says bus will not go further. Before Trisha could get down, door is locked, Rantej laughs. Trisha is shocked to see Rantej, Ranvir and Tej.

Rantej tries to get closer to her. Trisha pushes him and shouts for help. Rantej and Tej try to force them on Trisha. Ranvir stops the car and says Anushka is standing on the road. They see Anu standing. Anu wears black shawl. Veer pur ki mardani plays…Rantej asks Ranvir to drive the bus and ram on her. He says we will end her game now itself.

Anushka manages to stop the bus and asks them to free Trisha. Trisha shouts for help. Rantej opens the door and laughs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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