Laado 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Heart wrenching murder of Janvi makes Anu shocked

Laado 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Janvi asking the goons to let her go. The goons laugh. Rantej comes there. Janvi is scared. Rantej recalls Janvi slapping him. Janvi folds her hands and apologizes for slapping her. Rantej says why you are saying sorry and asks her not to be scared. Inspector tells Anu that Janvi will be found and asks her not to worry. The goons laughs. Janvi says please let her go. Rantej asks if she will slap him again. She says no. He holds her hairs and says he will show her real picture of fear. He asks her to shout for help. Janvi says no. They shout and make her scared. Anu asks the boy if he has seen Janvi and shows her pic. Boy signs her. Anu and Police go towards there. Rantej’s goons ask him to rape her. Janvi shouts Didi. Amma ji fills milk in the pot and says she will apologize

to God. Rantej comes home. Meera is shocked to know that he raped her. Rantej goons also rape her.

Janvi gains consciousness and hears goons planning to kill her. She gets up and runs from there, but something falls down and the goons get alerted and run after her. Anushka is searching for her. Amma ji is going to temple. Janvi recalls the trauma and falls down on the road as she collides with a stone. A man comes infront of her and helps her get up. She cries badly and pleads infront of him to leave her. She says she will never slap anyone. He asks her to relax and asks her to calm down. He says he is Yuvraj. She asks him to save her. He asks her to hold his hand and run with him. She holds his hand and runs. The goons follow her. Anu is in police jeep and searching her.

Amma ji comes to the temple. Yuvraj helps her and falls down. He shouts asking her to go. He throws his phone near her. She picks his phone and calls Anushka. She tells her that she was gang raped. Anu is shocked and asks her not to lose strength, we will go back to Dadi. Janvi tells that she saw Garibpur somewhere. Mobile battery gets low and switches off. She throws and runs it. Anu asks Inspector to take her to Garibpur. He says it is two hours away. Saroja informs Amma ji that the girls are in Haryana. Amma ji is shocked. The goons shot Janvi on her back. Janvi recalls her sister and dadi and dies. Ladoo song plays…Meera lights the diya on Janvi’s name and cries. Anu comes to Garibpur and enquires about Janvi. A woman spots Janvi in river and shouts. She informs Inspector. Anu runs near the river and see Janvi’s dead body. She shouts Janu. The women hold Anushka and say water is deep. Inspector asks Constables to take body out of water. Anu shouts Janu and cries. When her body is brought on the ground, Anu tries to wake her up and cries.

Amma ji is shocked to see Janvi’s dead body. She comes to Veerpur and gets the weapons which she had buried. She says she will protect girl child and will make the soil colored with blood again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Am gonna be depressed all weekend because of this show… T-T..

    Amma please get OUR revenge form those humans … Because only humans are that cruel as animal don’t even have reason …

  2. Nooooooo? pls jaanu don’t go???

  3. No..pls

    We want januuu back…. U can’t kill her in the first week itself…pls januu come back pls……..????

    1. oh no its beginning how can she just leave the episode what the story now she met this guy who helped her Janoo it’s sad

  4. no more Jaanu
    no more dadi Anu and Jaanu scenes
    iam so depressed such mein eisa people hothe hai kya jo aurath ki itna bhi rrepect nahi karthi………..
    I’m so dispinted

  5. no more Jaanu
    no more dadi Anu and Jaanu scenes
    iam so depressed such mein eisa people hothe hai kya jo aurath ki itna bhi rrepect nahi karthi………..
    I’m so dissapnted

  6. Varshini

    really a heart wrenching episode . and the bg of jug jug jiyo laado was just sooo wonderful that it made the scene more emotional . when jaanu was remembering her moments , i felt really emotional . this episode showed the negative black side of our society . will miss jaanu

  7. The Indian police department is pathetic. The real rapists should be made to bath in a bathtub filled with concentrated acid so that their slow death will send shivers down the spine of other potential rapists.

  8. I love this
    Serial yr ….really today I feel its my fav show comprision to other shows

  9. But last apisod is too emotional… Its made me cry

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