KYY:The Modern love story full of Madness (Intro)

Guys..!! this is just a intro..if u all want i would love to continue

Nandini,Aliya Mukti,Navya,Soha,Aisha: Popularly known as Sparkling 5
…………..A famous gang in New York now moving to India. BFF’s of each other from childhood itself.All of them are modern,Beautiful a cheerful spirit,bubbly,Flirt but sometimes,innocent but prankster,Carries a ‘do not mess with us’ attitude,full drama queen or nautanki i say but knows where to act mature and where not. Loves music. Can go to any extent for each other.
……One more thing guys..Aisha is nandu’s younger cousin sister..but just 3 months younger

Manik,Dhruv,Abhimanyu,Cabir,Aryamann,Siddharth: Popularly known as FAB 5
…….Handsome,prankster,Flirt,full of nautanki(as same as girls) the studies in the best college of India-S.P.A.C.E….The Heartthrob of the college.Loves music.
……Sid is manik’s another character their friend from childhood..

And most important thing is Nandu is Aryamann’s cousin

In my story boys are and girls both are pranksters…none of them knows to back off..don’t underestimate them.
And off course the pairs are known to everyone.
Our favorite manik and nandini(Manan)
Dhruv and Alya(Dhrulya)
Mukti and Abhimanyu(Mukbhi)
Cabir and Navya(Cavya)
Aisha and Sid (Aishaant )

So tell me how’s it??…please send me your feedback…

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  1. interesting story keep it up

  2. actually i am a big fan of kyy.almost iam reading all the article regrading kyy.ur story line was good.continue the story.upload the next update.

  3. Awesome intro……
    Plz continue……

  4. It’s really good

  5. nice yyar….

  6. Carry on interesting

  7. Yippeee another kyy nice

  8. Don’t u think its fab 6 and sparkling six becoz u mentioned 6 names so I was a bit confused ? in that and what about aryaman and soha they make a pair r not??? Becoz u didn’t mention. It….so pls clear out the doubt and secondly intro was a bit confusing but interesting too i will read it further and then will tell u if its good or not becoz what matters most is the story……?

  9. Just waiting for ur story to begin .its is awesome

  10. Its good pls continue, but they r 6 in each then y r u introducing as 5

  11. sry……….guyss for the confusion…it’s FAB 6 and Sparkling 6 ….and I haven’t pair them up coz I don’t lyk soha …and ryamann as a pair so soha is with rey of D3 and arymann is with kriya of D3… u guyz wnt an another brief intro…?????

  12. Awesome. …

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