KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 9


Sorry for the late update guys..was bit busy…I will try to make it up.So tell me do you like the ongoing tack or want me to move faster. Hope you are liking it.And yes don’t forget to comment.Here we go.

Recap: Sohaant and Aishmaan plan to make their respective friends…..friends.

Scene 1 : In the lawn
Sid: Soha, why did you had so much stuff in your room?? Why would yo do that??

Aryamann: What?? You too…

Sid: You too mean…(they move their heads towards the girls who were laughing their heart-out.Seeing them even they started laughing.)

Soha: Not only me and her,Mukti,Alya and Navya also does that except of our daredevil(oops…then bit her tongue realizing what she said.)

Aryamann(bewildered): Who’s daredevil??

Aisha: Nandini

Sid: Why she doesn’t have interest in your stupid idea??

Soha: Excuse me…..It’s Nandu’s idea only to protect ourselves…..and she doesn’t do all this because she is strong enough to protect herself..You know she is black belt karate and Marshal ads expert so you better watch it.

Sid and Aryamann: Impressive.

As they were talking they heard some noise which alerted them that somebody i should say some people had woke up because of their screams.So they silently move inside the house.Just then they saw Manik and Nandini coming from opposite directions towards each other.Then Aryamann says

Aryamann: Ohh…my gawd…we have to stop them..I don’t have any interest in solving another World War that too at this hour. Think something guys..

Soha: No stop..I think we should grab this golden opportunity to decreasw their fights and help them come closer.

Aisha: Soha,I know what’s cooking up their.Please stop.We will be dead if she comes to know about it.
Sid: Oh..hello….Ms.Intelligent we are not as smart as her.Please share the idea with us.

Soha: Nandini is scared of only one thing in this whole world. And that tiny thing is mouse.

Aryamann and Sid(drop their jaw down in shock + amazement): Don’t tell me that. She is such a brave girl and is scared of a tiny mouse.

Soha: Correction it’s not scared it’s super duper scared. Saying this she shares her plan and pushes Aisha to execute it.

Scene 2: Storeroom
Manik and Nandini both were going towards the direction from where the noise aroused but after failing in finding the reason they were about to go their allotted they heard some noise from storeroom.Both went their and started their search carefully as if investigating for a murder. Just then Nandini spot a mouse.She starts screaming and immediately run towards Manik and hugs him.While Manik was shocked as he was still not able to figure out what just happened.And then saw Nandini who was still clinged to him but still reciprocates. Just then Aishaant and Sohaant who were peeping through the side door were shocked to see what just happened.

Aryamann: I didn’t knew that my brave sis was so scared of a tiny mouse.

Sid(smiles devilishly): Bro,I have a plan. See,Manik is hates darkness and Nandini is frightened by mouse so if these 2 help each other in their vulnerable times then can come close. If Manik and Nandini become friends then they can easily convince others to become their friends as they have a huge influence on our bands.

Soha: Wow..!! Nice plan.What about if we do this thing with all of them.

Aisha: NO…Are you nuts??

Sid: Okk… let me ahead and put the plan in motion.

Saying this he goes and bolts the door and all of them begins to move. But they are unaware of they have woken up almost all of them.

Scene 3: Storeroom
Manik and Nandini were clinged to each other passionately and feeling the warmth of their embrace. Suddenly,both of them realize their position and broke their hug. Both were feeling awkward because of their deed. Just then Nandini,saw a mouse and immediately jumped on the stool nearby. Nandini was jumping like a little kid while manik was staring at her lovingly + amused so many feelings at a same time. Nandini’s screams brought them back to this world. Manik thinks of distracting her

Manik: Stop being childish. Is mouse a thing to get scared of??

Nandini:(Stops screaming and concentrates on fighting) I am not being scared..Who told you I am scared??

Manik: I can see that very well. What happened to that”Do not mess with me girl”. I knew that you were faking it. Be real just like me.I am real brave.

Nandini was about to answer and then realizes his plan and also notices him disturbed because of darkness.She also thoughts of the same plan as him- to distract him

Nandini: Yeah..Yeah..I can see that how brave you are. I was not faking it’s you. Someone just told me to be brave like him.But see he himself is scared of darkness.Coward.

Manik: How dare you call me a coward?

Nandini: I dared as I love to complete my dares.

Manik: Oh really…Then let’s see.

Just then he spots a window. And smiles devilishly.

Manik: Okk Then..(Pointing towards the window) Can you see that window?? We are locked here right(guys they have already checked it so..) Then get out of here by jumping through it.

Nandini: Okk..then I will complete this.Then even you have to do this to prove. Secondly, I will give you the dare after this and you have to complete it.

Manik: Done…..

Scene 4: Cavya
Both of them bumps into each other

Cabir: (His eyes were closed and was rubbing his forehead in pain) Idiot…..Can’t you see and walk.

Navya: (was having candle in his hands) Ohh..Mr. Right….Yo know I was having doubt that you are dumb..But today you proved it.Can’t you see Light are gone.At least I am carrying a candle unlike you. Who was walking like a zombie.

Cabir:(opened his eyes to argue but was dumbstruck seeing her face in the light of candles) You are looking beautiful.

Navya(unknowingly blushed but was equally shocked): Thank you….(suddenly realized what she was doing) What the hell…Shut up??

Cabir(regains his senses): You shut up..

Both started arguing and then moved towards the kitchen after hearing the noise from there.

Scene 5: In kitchen
Mukti and Alya were in the kitchen then they heard the noise coming from behind. Both of them immediately catches hold of a knife. Starts moving towards the noise. Then they saw 2 shadows in the moonlight approaching them. Both of them signals each other and attacks them thinking them to be a thiefs. They kick them on their butt making them fall.Just then the light comes and are shocked to see dhruv and Abhi. While Dhruv and Abhi get angry seeing them and both of them catches hold of their leg making them fall near them. Both couples are lost. Then Cavya comes to make them realize about their awkward position. Soon 4 are standing on their legs giving glares to each other.

Mukti: I don’t know why. Why I always get stuck with you both idiots.

Dhruv: Shut up. You should be saying sorry to us but instead you both are like..Just forget it.

Alya: Oh please…If we make you fall then you both did the same thing. So the score is settled now. And we did that because we that there is thief. Now if your faces are so much similar to thieves then it’s not my problem.

Listening to this Mukti,Alya and Caya starts laughing.They hear some noise popping up from hall.They move towards it. Noise was made by our Sohannt and Aishmaan they too started hiding hearing the footsteps. So with this 5 couple starts playing hide and seek.

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Credit to: Diya

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