KYY:The Modern love story full of Madness Ep 8


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Recap: Fab 6 and Sparkling 6 fighting.Sohaant and Aishmaan’s friendship.

Both the groups reached the house went in silently and straight away went to their rooms as they knew if they will start talking.Eventually,they are gonna end up in a big fight.Fab 6 and Sparkling 6 were gathered in one room discussing about each other.

Scene 1: Sparkling 6 in room

Nandini: I am so tired. I thought my 1 day in Mumbai will be very happening but this Fab 6 went up and ruined everything.

Alya: I completely agree with you Nandini. They are so rude and mean.

Navya: (teasingly)Your day just went as you thought happening just the difference is you had an amazing excitement fighting with Manik, Right??(winks)

Mukti: Let’s not spoil our mood by talking about that dumbos.But seriously Nandu if Arymann wasn’t your cousin then I would have killed him and his so called friends by now.

Listening about Arymann,Aisha immediately spoke up in his favour.

Aisha: What Mukti. Don’t say anything.Aryamann didn’t do anything.In fact,he was so sweet. Everything was done by his friends.What’s his name?? (thinking a bit) haa..Sid.

Listening about Sid,Soha immediately spoke up in his favour.

Soha: Don’t speak rubbish Aisha.Sid didn’t do anything. Everything was done by that Manik,Dhruv,Cabir and Abhi.

Listening to them Nandu,Alya,Mukti and Navya had suspicions in their mind. Soha and Aisha bit their tongue realizing what they just did. The can’t even lie as they were very good in catching lies especially Nandini,she was expert in it.

Mukti:(raising one eyebrow) Guys,What’s up??

Navya:(wrapping her arms around their necks): Guys,anything you both want to share with us??

Aisha: (stammering and cursing herself as it was first time she was lying to her friends)Nothing much guys. It’s just that he helped me.That’s when I realized that he is not that bad.

Soha: (fumbling)Yes,me too. In fact he was talking sweetly with me.That”s why….And it;s a fact right that they didn’t do anything but the remaining 4 did.

Navya: I agree on that.

Soha: So can we befriend them?? As in only both of them.

Mukti(thinking a bit): Hmm..I guess you are right..We can atleast talk a bit to them but i won’t talk to the remaining 4 as I hate them all.

Navya: That makes it too.

Nandini: I won’t talk to all except Aryamann.Soha and Aisha are you sure that’s it.

Aisha:(realizing that it would be hard to convince Nandu) Of course,Sissy.

Mukti,Alya and Navya were convinced but our Nandu because of her sharp eyes saw them tensed and still remained suspicious.

Meanwhile,Aryamann and Sid too were set on a mission to convince them for a friendship but failed miserably as all of them shouted a big NO. But all of them somewhere down the line realized that they were not that bad after listening to their words.But were ready to forgive the one they fought with.Finally,all went to sleep.

Scene 2: Soha and Aisha’s room

When Soha was abou tot sleep, she heard knock on her window.At first,she ignored but then she saw someone sneaking into her room. She instead of screaming like girls immediately hold the hockey stick and started beating the man with all her force and started cursing and scolding + shouting at him.

Soha: How dare you to sneak into my room?? Do you know who’s room is this?? This is Soha Khurana’s room.No one even dare to enter in Soha Khurana’s room eithout her permission.What did you think?? There is a girl you will scare her and she will get scared and you can steal..Then you are highly mistaken(still beating)

Man: (screaming with pain)sorry..sorry..please..Aaaahhh….From next time I will….aaaahhh…. come from door or….aahhhh….will call you in my room.

Soha: After this you will still dare to come to meet me??

Sid: Well……..oouch….aahhhh…I don’t leave my friends alone especially the new one.

Soha(perplexed by his answer stopped beating him): Friend??(realizing who the person is)
Sid….??? Idiot…dumbo…can’t you tell before…..see how much I beat you…….Stupid…

Soha started scolding him while Sid was happy seeing her concern.

Sid: Ok,now stop yelling at me and come with me. Let’s walk in the lawn.(without even waiting for her answer,he drags her out.)

Scene 3: Aisha’s room

Aryamann also sneak into her room through the window. And was about to go to her bed when he slips because of skateboard falls but on the bunch of noise-making soft toys.Aisha woke up
because of the noise while Aryaman was screaming in pain.

Aryamann: (whinned) aahhh….ouuchhh….. what the hell is this?

Just then the light turns on and he is shocked to see the scenario of room which has skateboards and soft toys all over.

Aryamann: Is this girl mentally unstable or what?? What is this??

Aisha(heard what Aryamann said): What did you just said??(furious)Do I look mentally unstable to you?? and tell me one thing why are you here?? What was the need to sneak in like the thief..You could have enter through door.Have you forget it’s your house only??(winks and laughs seeing Aryamann’s puppy face forgetting all her anger)

Aryamann: Then what should I tell you?? Intelligent…what’s all this??

Aisha: (said grinning) This for self that no one can sneak into my room and if someone does like you I can come to know that and can save myself.Tell me one thing what are you doing here??

Aryamann: OHH…I see….well,in that case nice arrangements..And i am here to take you to the lawn for a walk(drags her out).

Both were walking in lawn peacefully talking about random stuff,trying to know each other unaware that their noise had wake somebody up.While Aishmaan and Sohaant encounter each other while walking.

Aishmaan and Sohaant(together): What are you doing here??

Aisha: Don’t tell me what I am thinking is right,Soha.

Soha(understood what she meant): Aish,Stop ok…I know what are you upto. Stop your wild imagination.

Sid: Ohh…really….What about you guys??

Aryamann: Bro,chill out.It’s just that we are friends and tells them the whole story.

Sohaant(shocked): Same with us… let’s do one thing..let’s try solv their fights and turn it into friendship. What’s say??

3 of them: We are in.

Precap: Just wait and watch…more fun ahead…..

Credit to: Diya

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