KYY:The Modern love story full of Madness Ep 7


Recap: Sparkling 6 and Fab 6’s wild fight.

Scene 1: Aryamann’s house
Fab 6 and Sparkling 6 came back after getting ready. Sohaant and Aishmann were admiring each other while remaining whinned seeing each other.Just then Navya being Sarcastic commented

Navya: Seems like some jokers have decorated themselves to impress someone.

Cabir(replied curtly): Whoever it may be But definitely it’s not you.Ms. Wrong or whatever it is.

Navya(boldly): It’s navya.Don’t even dare to call that me again.Mr.Know it all. and I don’t even care about your real name as ’Mr.Know it all” suits you perfectly.

Cabir: As if I do.You know what I don’t give a damn.

Aryamann: Guys,Calm down.Chillax.before we start our World War I guess we should move.(bit louder and stressing) Without any arguments.

All of them understood his warning and moved quietly.They got into the car and started moving. At first they went to Bandra Band Stand. Sparkling 6 were happy seeing such a pleasant weather especially Nandu as she was enjoying cold breeze.

Aisha(happily): Aryamann,the weather is awesome.Thank you so much.
Aryamann: My pleasure.

Soha: Guys,Let’s go for a walk.What say??

Abhi: Thank God.At least there is one reasonable person in this group who have mind and most importantly(loud and stressing) USES IT.

Mukti: Oh please. you know I have suggestion and I really think you guys should give it a thought .You guys should change your band name from FAB 6 to FOOL 6.

Listening to this Sparkling 6 burst out laughing while FAB 6 was fuming in anger.

Sid: And I personally think that you guys should have Stupid 6 as your band name instead of Sparkling 6.How’s that?? You liked your new name?? I am pretty sure it’s much better than your present one.

Listening this Sparkling 6 gives them a ’Whatever ’ look while it was FAB 6 times for laughing. Girls totally ignored his comment.But the fun begin when Soha started splashing water on others followed by all of Sparkling 6.FAB 6 were amused seeing them playing childishly and were staring at them.Just when Aisha came and started splashing water on Aryamann while he did the same with her. Slowly boys started splashing water on each other and started enjoying. When Mukti came and said

Mukti: what did you said we are Stupid 6 and started splashing water on boys followed by all of Sparkling 6.Then Cabir said

Cabir: Then what about you?? You called us Fool 6,Remember.having said that he too started splashing water on girls followed by all of FAB 6. Unknowingly they started having fun together and enjoyed each others company for the first time. While Aishmann and Sohaant were having a lovely conversation separately.

Aisha(excitingly): Thank you so much Aryamann. I really enjoyed a lot today.All because of you.

Aryamann: Oh come on,yaar. Don’t be so formal.After all you are friend of my cousin so that’s not a big deal.

Aisha: And I am extremely sorry for my friends behaviour.They might be rude to others but they all are very soft hearted. Actually we all are really protective about each other so we get offensive when someone abuses one of us.

Aryamann: You don’t need to be.Even my friends did the same thing so the score is equal now.And I can understand as my friends are just like yours.

Aisha: Hmm…….Quite interesting. So…

Aryamann: So…friends(extending his hand)

Aisha:(completing the handshake) Sure.But what about my friends as they don’t like you guys at all except Nandini as you are his cousin.

Aryamann: Hm..Let me think

Aisha: Idea…Let’s hide our friendship until I convince my friends to make friendship with you all.What say.Well,I know it will be my first secret which I will be hiding but it’s ok I will confess it to them later.

Aryamann: (After thinking a bit) Okk…I am in.

Same thing happens with Sohaant. After this they went towards a restaurant.

Aryamann; So guys.What you all wanna eat??

Manik: Italian…

Nandini: Chinese

Manik: I said Italain right.And that’s final.No more arguements.And for your kind information no one even dares to question my decision.

Nandini: Who are you to decide anything?? Moreover, Nandini Murthy do not come in the list of No one.She is special.

Manik: Special my foot.

Aryamann: Guys,Chill out.There is no point of fighting.We will go to a multi-cuisine restaurant.Is it okay and no please no more discussion over this.

They go inside the restaurant.Took their seats.both groups sat facing each other with their friends.
And started placing their menu. After ordering the menu the food came and just then girls went to the washroom. Seeing their food Abhi gets an evil idea and executes that.

Abhi: What did you said Fool 6. Now I will show you what this fool can do.

Saying this he empties both the bottles of salt and chilli powder in their food.This thing was noticed by all but Aryamann and Sid.Manik,Abhi,CAbr and Dhruv had a big grin on their face and were excited for watching their reactions.Just then the girls came and begin their food as soona sthey started it they spitted it out. And look towards boys with a annoyed face who were laughing like mad. They understood that it was their plan.they stamped their foot on them with their high heels as hard as possible making them yell loud enough to scare everyone present in the restaurant. Manik and Dhruv were about to drink juice and coffee spitted it out directly on face of Soha and Aisha which made them angry as hell.All started yelling at each other without even caring about the surroundings.

Soha: How dare you fool??

Mukti: You cheap..How dare you mess with our food??

Manik: How dare you stamp on our feet??

This time even Sohaant and Aishmann participated in the fight as all started badmouthing about each other and most importantly their pure FRIENDSHIP.Manager unable to tolerate it anymore threw them out of the restaurant.Aryamann was really angry at this so he started yelling at both the groups.

Aryamann: Aren’t you guys enough of your fighting?? am so done with this now.Because of only because of you all we are standing out of the restaurant starving with hunger.And don’t even try to blame each other or else I am gonna kill you all.

FAb 6 and Sparkling 6 led their head down as they were ashamed and were regretting their doings.Finally,Aryamann drove to roadside stalls and placing their order.Manan ran towards the panipuri stall and order it.

Manik: One mild.

Nandini: One spicy for me.

Stall man: Sorry,but we only have one plate available so one of leave or both of you share the same plate but with same flavour.

Manan(almost screamed): SHARE…..IMPOSSIBLE.

manik; I am not gonna share with you.

Nandini: Excuse me.Who’s dying to share with you.Instead of sharing with you better I sleep hungry.

Manik: Okk then byee.

Nandu was about to leave but then she heard his stomach growling as she was really hungry so then got ready to share.

Nandini: Okk…fine. I will share(Hearing this Manik smirked) But we will eat spicy.

Manik: No way..mild.Your spicy is enough to make your mild food spicy..No need to add in it by eating more spicy.

Nandini was about to reply but just then saw Aryamann who was giving them death glare for fighting even after restaurant incident and his scoldings.So then bot of them mutually compromised on moderate.

Hope you all like this.Don’t forget To COMMENT. Mumbai residents please forgive me for anything wrong as I do not belong from Mumbai.I belong from Vadodara,Gujarat so ……I just pen down the things I remember when I visited it but it’s been a while for that visit also….

Credit to: Diya

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