KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 6


Recap: Dhrulya,Manan,Cavya and Mukbhi cat fight while Sohaant and Aishmaan love at first sight.

Scene 1:Nandini reaches Aryamann’s house totally frustrated.

Nandini: I swear I will not spare him if he comes infront of me again.It’s better I never ever see him again.

While murmuring this she entered the house.Goes to freshen up.When she comes back she shocked to see Manik. Again.She didn’t even thought for a second before confronting him.

Nandini: What the hell??Are you stalking me??Like seriously just because of that small accident you followed me to my house.How dare you??

Manik was not at all in his senses seeing Nandu in simple attire wet hair while she was confronting him.He didn’t’ even listen anything.So our thought of a brilliant plan to bring him back to this world.

Nandini: Okk..So you don’t wanna say anything,Right?? Then bear this.She takes the glass of water and throws it in Manik.
Manik thankfully now regains His consciousness.

Manik: What the hell you think of yourself.Don’t give yourself so much of importance.Why you keep guessing wrong all the time.Seems like your habit.But tell me what are you doing here?? Aryamann didn’t tell me that he is heiring a new maid.

Nandini:Listen Mr.Money Shut up Okk..Get. A hold on yukiee tongue.

Manik: Why only you have the right to blabber stupid things,Miss uglie Duglie??

Nandini: I said stop it or else………(thinking) you are gonna get drenched again…

Manik: You know what I can help you with your wish.

Picks up the jar of water and pours it on Nandini making her full wet.Nandini not able to take this anymore picked up the khan ode and started running behind him and Manik started throwing pillows on her which she was cutting very easily and the cotton was spilling out of it and getting scattered all over the hall.Nandini then decided to throw her trump card.Nandini hide behind a wall and when Manik comes extends her legs making him fall over his butt.

Nandini: See I told you know never ever mess with me.

Before she could complete her sentence Manik takes her hand and pulls her down making her fall over him.Manik was lost in her eyes while Nandini was facing hard time in getting up.Finally,she succeeded and started beating Manik.Manik too get up and started beating her.Both were holding each other’s neck almost ready to snap it and choke each other. But were disturbed by their friends who just entered and were shocked seeing the scenario- wet floor,cotton spilled all over.Most shockingly their friends who were ready to kill each other.

Aryamann: Seems like we disturbed you both in completing your World War 3.Sorry,i mind the disturbance you can carry on.

Alya:Nandu but what happened??Why are you both like this??

Manan tell them everything.Sparkling 5 and FAB 6 too share their incidents.All were shocked listening to it.Aryamann then Introduced Fab 6 and Sparkling 6 to each other.

Dhruv: How could we forget?? This world girl of course should belong to Sparkling 6 just like her friends.

Mukti: Oh hello cartoon..mind your tongue.

Abhi: Shut up b*t*h.

Navya:How dare you?? First teach your friend to read then come to us.Mr Right..

Cabir: Shut up,Miss Wrong

Nandini highly annoyed got a bucket full of water and poured it on Fab 6.Manik did the same.Mukti started beating them with cushions,vases and whatever that came to her hand followed by all.Soon their fight turned into a Wild fight.Aryamann brought them in control.Everybody went their room freshen up.

Aryamann lived alone that’s why Fab 6 used to hang out and party at his place.That’s why they had a extra pair available.Everybody came in the hall and make faces seeing each other.

Aryamann: Guys,If you are not tired then let’s explore Mumbai.After all it’s been 11 yrs.

Fab 6: Ok, cool.

Aryanna to his friends: Come with me guys.I will be pissed off alone.

Manik: With them.A big NO

Aryamann: Please and makes cute expressions.Seeing hit everybody melted and finally gives in.

Precap: Fab 6 and Sparkling 6 making tourist spots war stadium

Credit to: Diya

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