KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 5


Guys,it’s my holiday today and I don’t have any work to do and I am free so I might post another ep.If I any sudden plan didn’t pop up.Anyways,here is the next ep full of fighting.Here we go.Hoe you all like it.Please forgive me if i can’t.

Recap: Sohaant and Aishmann to fall in love at first sight. Pairs to seperate from each other moving towards each other.

Scene 1: Manan

Manik was waiting for his car.His car arrives in 10 mins,he took his seat and started his pleasant and smooth driving which unfortunately or fortunately was not going to last for long as someone bashed into his car.To his reflex actions he got angry as usual which is not a big deal but got out of his car and simply swear to make him/her regret whoever it is; he really doesn’t care and it doesn’t really matter though.On the other side our Nandini too was burning to her fullest enough to make kill someone with her looks and glares.She already was annoyed and this accident heightened it.It was perfect condition for her release it all once so she too got out of the car.So
both were angry and enough to gnaw each other completely.

Manik: (shouted on top his voice)Can’t you see?? Are you blind??

Nandini(with equal velocity as Manik may be more than that): Excuse me.Don’t even dare to allege me without even noticing that it was not at all my fault. It’s you who are to be blamed.It’s your carelessness.

Manik: DARE…Don’t even try to check what I can do?? If I did that trust me you are gonna regret it later.

Nandini: You know what.I don’t regret my doings. As I am sure enough that I am right always.Get that clear in your stupid and tiny head.I know it’s hard but still try.

Manik: Oh really.Look who’s talking.First go and see yourself in the mirror then come to me.You are the mot ugliest person I have ever seen.

Nandini: You don’t have any right to advice me.First look at you.You like an Monkey.A big,tall and idiotic Monkey.

Manik(lost his control after listening to that word): Oh yes,Now I get it.I know exactly what you want.You want money right.I know this type of cheap girls(saying this he openes his wallet,heads towards Nandu and throws money on her.Nandu was fuming with anger now.)

Nandini(a girl who can bear anything but something with her friends and her self-respect.being that kind of girl she couldn’t bear it anymore): Oh yes.But let me give you a return gift for your big favour on me.
Sees manik who is confused heads towards his car and breaks all the car mirrors and headlights and then goes close to Manik who was in utter shock.nandini closes her fist.collects all her strength and punches his hard on his face in front of the gathered crowd and it starts bleeding.

Nandini:(Gives more money to him) Now rush to doctor and get yourself examined.Don’t forget to get your car repaired.I hope this will teach you a lesson that Never ever mess with Nandini Murthy.

Sayin this she leaves with her car as her was bashed from front.

Scene 2: Restaurant

Alya and Mukti both were pissed off.So they rushed towards the counter ordered their food, picked it up when it was ready and wee about to leave when they bumped into Dhruv and Abhi who too were in a rush so they didn’t pay attention and ordered their food which made Mukti and Alya more angry.So heads towards them turns them and confronts them.

Alya: How mean and rude you both are??

Mukti: Exactly.Don’t you have manners to say sorry when you are at fault.

Dhruv: Ohh..We are extremely sorry.We didn’t even notice.

Abhi: Actually we are bit upset.We are sorry.

Mukti: Wow…!!! Didn’t even notice.How convenient.

Alya: We know you type of guys.Who just want to touch girls.blo*dy Cheap.

Dhruv(couldn’t able to take it): Shut up.We said sorry na.Who are you to allege us When you don’t even know us.

Abhi: Exactly.We are being nice to you and you are being rude to us.Even I can say that you both were trying to take advantage of us.

Just then waiter placed their order and asked them to take it. Alya(couldn’t see this) so she picked up the pastry and smeared Abhi’s face with it.Dhruv did the same with Alya.Soon 4 of them were full of the cake because of their cake fight.Also,they were growing at each other.

Scene 3: Washroom

Cabir felt weird seeing the washroom a it was most likely designed like a Ladies washroom but ignored it. Cavya came out of their respective room at the same time.Seeing each other both of them screamed.Both spoke together.

Cavya: What the hell are you doing here??

Cabir: Excuse Me.This is Boy washroom s of course I would be here.But I think you entered into the wrong one.(laughs).

Navya: Oh..hello..Mr.right.I am in the right one.You are in the wrong one.(irritated)

Cabir: Oh please..I am always right. Accept that you are wrong.

Navya: Stop praising yourself.Your idiotic face only tells that you are always wrong. Accept that you are wrong.

Cabir: Oh..really than your disgusting face tells me you are doing this intentionally as you are my fan and want to talk to me.That’s why you followed me and came here,Right?? Accept that you are wrong. Trust me I won’t bash you.In fact, I will click a selfie with you and will eve give you an autograph
Navya: Oh please.Just look at you.Who’s dying to take a picture with you.Taking selfie with you better I die.I am telling you accept that you are wrong.

Cabir: I am right.

Navya: I am right.

Cabir: I am right.

Both of them. were literally screaming at each other.Just then Navya says

Navya: OK.stop.let’s go to door and check.

Cabir: Ok……After you but Get ready because I am going to prove you wrong.

Naya: We will see.

Both head towards the door and see ’LADIES WASHROOM’ in bold letters. Navya grins triumphantly while Cabir drops his jaw.But still being stubborn doesn’t accepts his mistake.

Cabir: I know you have done this.For winning,you changed The name plates right.See,I caught you.i told you na i am always right.

Navya(shocked+annoyed): You are disgusting + unbelievable

Scene 4: Outside the Airport.
Sohaant and Aishmann were still staring each other.Then they got interrupted by murmuring and yelling of people who were approaching them.Of course,they were our couples-Cavya,Mukbhi,and Dhrulya.They were Growling and yelling at each other. Sohaant and Aishmann go distracted and came to their sense.

Aryamann: Guys,what happened??Why are you shouting at each other.Wait let me introduce you to each other.(pointing towards FAB 4) They are my friends and we are called fab 6 as a band.And tells everybody’s name.(pointing towards Sparkling 5) they are friends of my cousin Nandini.Yeah,that just reminded me where is she??

Navya: She left by driving the car by herself. She was tired.

Aryamann: Oh I see.But tell me why are you screaming at each other.

Couples share everything.After listening to them Sohaant and Aishmann burst out laughing.

Dhruv: How could we forget?? That these stupid girls must be of Sparkling 6.

Alya: What do you mean?? What did we do??

Abhi: Ask your great friends.

Soha and Aisha tell everything about their misunderstanding.After listening to them Alya and Mukti burst out laughing.Seeing them Dhruv,Abhi and Cabir got angry and all started fighting again.Sohaant and Aishmann handled them with great difficulty.They sat in car still fighting during whole journey.

Preacp: Sparkling 6 and FAB 6 face-off.All went to explore the city together.

Hope you all liked my update

Credit to: Diya

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