KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 4


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Recap: fireflies drama at New York and fab 6 to go to receive Sparkling 6

Scene 1: FAB 6

Cabir: You know Aryamann I was so excited to meet them because of your description that I literally google the ‘Sparkling 6’

All were shocked with this confession of cabir the only thing they could say was: What…Cabir are you ok??

Cabir: Come on guys.Don’t overreact. I know I did the stupid thing but you will be even more shocked when I will tell you what I found. Listen to me,(stressing)Carefully. They are the most famous band of their university.Total spoilt brats.Beautiful,Arrogant, adventorous, pranksters, drama queens but can go to any extent for each other.In short, they are just like us.

Manik: Hmm..Pretty interesting.Seems like we are getting some tough competitors.Aryamann what’s the name of your cousin??

Aryamann: Nandini I guess. But bro even I didn’t knew this much about them.Your sources are powerful.

Cabir: What?? and Aryamann,I don’t need your wise comments.

Abhi: What happened bro?? Anything serious.

Cabir: Bro, Nandini is the heart of Sparkling 6. She can even die for her friends.Their saviour.she is sweet but only for her Sparkling 6.For everyone else she is devil.

Sid,Dhruv,Abhi,Aryamann: Hmm

Abhi: Hey,Just tell me the name of the members of your ‘Sparkling 6’.

Cabir: They are not mine. And about names.Nandini as I mentioned earlier,cousin of our dear friend.Then comes Alya,Mukti,Navya,Soha and Aisha. And talking about Nandini I guess she is just perfect for our Manik.Her attitude is just perfect to handle him(winks).What say??

Saying this he looks at Manik with a wide grin on his face just to found that Manik giving him death glare.

Aryamann: Cabir,please stop your wild imagination.Nothing is gonna happen like that.Anyways let’s move. I have to go and pick her up.But as we and they are so many let me my send cars first.Saying this he takes his phone and orders the driver the same.

Abhi: Ok,Guys let’s make a move.

Scene 2: Mumbai Airport.

Nandini was already pissed because of the Fireflies drama and jet lag just added it to it.She was really annoyed and was in the mood of doing nothing.And as instructed drivers had already reached with the cars to receive them.

Nandini: Guys,I am leaving you just come with the drivers.I have the adress so I am just going to house.

Alya: Nandu,Are you out of your mind.You came here after 11 yrs.You don’t know the route.So just stop.

Nandini: Guys,stop acting mad.I have GPS system in my mobile. And you guys know how I resourceful I am.

Navya: But your cousin is gonna pick us up.What are we gonna do without you?? That’s awkward.

Nandini: Don’t be such a spoil sport.It’s not that awkward the way you guys are making.It’s not a big deal.We do not live in 1950 so we have to act and shy and all. In fact,may be you guys can find a better friend than me(winks).

Sparkling 5(together): (shouting and angry as hell)That’s impossible.Don’t even dare to say that again.

Scene 3: Fab 6 in car were almost there to receive their soul-mates.
Manik just then receives his mom(Nyonika’s)(she is just as she was in the show but sometimes soft-hearted) message which asked him to meet her as soon as possible because of emergency.

Manik: Guys,stop the car.Nyonika just messaged me that I have to meet her. Drop me here.You guys carry on.I have messaged the driver he will be here with my car.

Abhi: Are you sure??

Manik: Yeah guys….anyways my house isn’t so far from here so..the driver will be here in 10 min.

Scene 3: At the airport.

Fab 5 drop manik and make a move.They reach the Airport and saw 5 girls waiting fuming with anger as they were waiting for a long time.Fab 5 thought they must be the Sparkling 6.

Alya: Where the hell is this Aryamann?? It’s been like an hour now since we are waiting.

Navya: I know right.He is dead now.

Mukti: I am so pissed off.Guys,i can’t take it anymore.I am so done.I am going to eat something.Anyone wanna accompany me.

Alya: I am coming with you.

Aisha: I swear I am either gonna smack Aryamann’s face or piss him off just let him come in front of me.

Scene 4: Fab 5 in car

Cabr(pointing towards Sparkling 6): Seems like they are our destination.

Dhruv(giving a glare to Cabir): Seriously,DESTINATiON?? You could have said end of our search.But cabir you searched so much about him you didn’t find out how they look.

Cabir: Nope. I just why but I couldn’t. Anyways let’s go ahead.
Saying this all 5 head towards the girls.Seeing them heading towards them girls understand that they are one who is pickig them up but they don’t who’s Aryamann.Moreover,he is coming with his friends.So our Soha gives a brilliant piece of her mind.

Soha: Looks like one of them is Aryamann.(pointing towards all other boys)But who are all those idiots.May be they must be the servants for helping us.I hope he gives an appropriate reason for being late.

Surprisingly to which Navya and Aisha agrees as they were not at all dressed up like servants.
But before they could approach enough to see their face clear Navya runs towards the washroom like a wind so does Cabir but accidentally lands up in Ladies one.Thankfully there was only present there.

Scene 6: Outside the Airport(Boys have already approached them)
Soha: Who’s Aryamann??
Aryamann: (Coming forward): I am Aryamann.And they(pointing towards Fab 4) are my……was about to introduce but interrupted by our intelligent princess Soha.

Soha: servants,Right?? I know.That’s so kind of you to bring them.

Fab 5 were shocked hearing that and were looking each other’s face.They even check out themselves from top to bottom just to check do they really look like servants and make funny expressions and start scratching their hands.Aryamann burst out laughing seeing them while our
Aisha was staring and admiring Aryamann.Just then Aryamann too noticed her and both became busy staring each other and sending each other messages through eyes.But their eyelock’s life was not meant to live for long.All thanks to our Soha who brought them back to this world.

Soha: (asked confusingly)Did I say anything wrong??

Aryamann: (Instead of taking his friend’s’ side yelled )YES as he was not in his sense.And then said ‘Beautiful’

To which Dhruv,Sid,Abhi shockingly replied: ‘What??. Just to bring him to back to his sense.

The 3 got really angry at this and curtly replied,”Excuse me,Miss whatever.You are highly mistaken.We are not his servants but his best friends.Also known as FAB 6.And we are famous.Get that clear.We just came to receive you guys but seems like we did a big mistake.”

Navya burst out laughing listening to this and so do Aisha. Dhruv and Abhi got really angry at this as they didn’t even apologized for such an big sin and went towards restaurant just to divert their mind.While Sohaant and Aishmann got busy in their work of staring each other.

PRECAP: Manan,Mukbhi,Dhrulya and Cavya fighting.

Hope you guys liked my ep. As this is my first ff.

Credit to: Diya

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