KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 30


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Recap: Sparkling 6 and Fab 6 fight with Sam and gang.

Scene 1: Aryamann’s house.

All reached their house. Sparkling 6 were helping Fab 6. Nandu got out of the car and the first thing she did was to help Manik and same process was followed by others.

Nandini: Come on. Step out Manik but slowly ok.

Manik step out out but as it was paining a lot he immediately dragged nandu towards him and threw himself on her. Nandu was about to fall due to this sudden weight but somehow controlled herself. Sparkling 6 were really mad at Fab 6 as they got hurt.

Nandini: Manik, get grip of yourself.
Manik(making the most innocent face ever): I can’t. It hurts. It hurts badly and deeply.

Nandini: Idiot,stupid then who told you to jump in between.

Manik: That’s what a true friend,right??

Nandini was overwhelmed by his words which proved that her words affected him. But they were disturbed by other couples especially Mukbhi who were fighting with helping each other.

Abhi: Mukti…Mukti….aooww….aahhh… It’s paining. Slowly. Aahh

Mukti: It’s paining. It should. You deserve that.

Navya: Exactly. It serves you idiot exactly right.

Cabir: Our brave girls we apologize but please help us. I can’t bear it.

Abhi and Cabir step out of the car. But the moment they step out of the car they immediately took their legs back.

Abhi and Cabir: It hurts said both of them whining like a kid.

Mukti: Stop acting like a kid and come out.

Abhi: No..

Navya: Do you want me to scoop you up.

Cabir: Sure. I don’t mind. If you can.

Mukti: What do you mean by if you can?? Are you challenging us??

Abhi: You still have a doubt in that?? I mean you girls just can’t.

Abhi and Cabir laughed and give a hi-fi to each other. Mukti and Navya smirked seeing each other. The next moment the boys realized that they were in girls arms. Both let out a squeal while Manan, Dhrulya, Sohaant and Aishmaan enjoyed boys expressions.

Nandini: Abhi and Cabir I thought you were smart enough to understand atleast now that never underestimate us. And of course Most importantly Challenge us. We can do anything and can go to any damn extent to complete that. Just learn something from Manik.

Everybody shot a glare to Nandu while she bit her tongue realizing what she said. But our daredevil was not from the one who fumbles on her mistake. She immediately threw her head up confidently and said.

Nandini: What? Stop staring me like that. I am right. He has observed and understand us quite well. It’s only because of him you all are getting another chance, Understood??
Fab 5 salutes her with sudden force while Manik were smirked as he was sure what she was gonna say yet again proving him correct. Meanwhile, Sparkling 5 were shocked as Nandini for the first time took stand for somebody besides them. All were disturbed by boys as they let out a snort in pain due to their sudden movement.

Fab 5: aaahhhhhhh..

Dhruv: Please take me inside. I don’t want to die standing.

Aryamann: Exactly. Even I would prefer dying on my couch or my king size bed.

Sid: I don’t want an uncomfortable deathbed. I think i use the wrong term. It should be death ground.(peering the ground and then Sparklin 6’s stop-it look. )

Abhi: But i don’t mind dying in the arms of a beautiful girl.(winks)

Cabir: Even I don’t mind.

Mukti and Navya: Oh really….

Navya: Let me make you taste a glimpse of a painful death. What say, Mukti??

Mukti: Sure.

Both smirked while Cabir and Abhi gave completely perplexed look and let out a “huh.” Next moment Cabir and Abhi found themselves screaming with pain as they saw Mukti and Navya running as fast as they can with both of them lying in their arms. Mukti and Navya threw them on the couch leaving them screaming and shouting with pain. Soon they were followed by others. Fab 6 make themselves comfortable on the couch and now all were ready to start their daily dose,that is, off course,their stupid fights and arguments.

Abhi: Are you both out of your mind?

Cabir: Correction bro. These 6 ladies don’t carry brain only. They are crazy, mad, insane everything. Words are less, in fact, incapable to express their craziness.

Navya: First thing, we are not ladies but girls.

Aisha: Second thing, Happy realization.

Soha: You all realized it so soon that we are crazy.

Dhruv: Huh..Whatever.

Nandini: Above all this crap. We are everything but not at all stupid like you idiots.

Manik: Meaning.

Alya: That means who told you to hop in between. You got beaten without your fault. What if something would have happened to you??

Nandini: I mean you seriously thought that we won’t be able to handle that jerk. What if you all were seriously,badly and deeply hurt??. Who was answerable?? You know how would we able to live with that guilt.

Navya: And even if we weren’t able to that was none of your concern.

Fab 6 fumed listening to this.

Dhruv: Firstly, it was our concern. Of course it was. We had full right.

Soha: And why is that so??

Aryamann: Because you all are my cousin.

Sparkling 5 shot him a death glare.

Aryamann: I mean friends of my sweet little cousin. You all were our responsibility. We were ought to take care of your.

Dhruv: Secondly, you all only said that we need to earn trust.

Cabir: Thirdly, we are friends and as far as I remember someone told me that friends fight against all odds with their friends, protect them and take care of each other.

Abhi: And due to humanity, being boys we can’t stay quiet when we knew some jerks are misbehaving with girls.


Manik’s this gesture made all shocked but Nandini smirked and interrupting their thoughts and breaking their trance by saying

Nandini: and What was that Lo…

Manik(tensed, sweaty and fumbling): What..nothing. It’s just slipped out of my mouth.

A bubble of mirth emerged in Nandini seeing Manik’s poor condition. All were clueless and lost between their thoughts and ongoing war of words between Manan. They were about to rant the with their questions but our hero managed to divert their mind but for now.

Manik(screaming with pain indeed he was acting such a great influence of company you see): aah…aah…ooww…it’s paining.

All became tensed but this time Nandini indeed broke into a hearty laugh. After all she was daredevil, she used to deal with these type of dramatic acts everyday so she was easily able to figure out.

Aisha: OMG….I how can we be so irresponsible like them?? Call the doctor.

Mukti: Oh yes…We started fighting with them instead of calling doctor in spite of being aware of their situation.

Navya: Stop laughing like a sadist Nandu. They all are in pain and you are laughing like seriously.

Nandini: Don’t worry I already called him. We must be reaching here any moment.

Cabir: Thanks Nandu. And Aisha what do you mean by irresponsible like us??

Alya: We really need to explain that. I didn’t knew that you all were that stupid.

Navya: Yeah..I mean we knew that you all were stupid but we had no idea to this extent. We are disappointed, like really very disappointed.

Dhruv: Stop it ok. First look at you all.

And then everything started all over again. Manan were amused seeing everything back to normal but were also having oh-god-not-again look on their face. Just then an amazing idea popped up in Nandu’s mind and she gave her signature evil smirk.

Nandu: Stop it guys….But it seemed like nobody was interested so she screamed on top of her voice…I said Zip it. You all wanted to befriend us, right?? I have an idea. First of all I free you all from earning trust thing but I have a more interesting thing. We will give you 5 tasks to perform and if you all nailed it then it will be official and it will be never ever broken from our side. But the point to be noted is it could be any damn task and I really (kind of giving them a warning) mean it. So accepted??

Sparkling 5 were super happy with this amazing idea.

Manik: Okay accepted. But we have one condition. Even we will give you 5 tasks to perform. Is that okay?

Nandini: Excuse me. It’s you all who are to be forgiven not us.

Manik: Yeah. But you owe us something for this wonderful gift(pointing towards their bruises). Moreover, I heard someone saying that they aren’t afraid from challenges or dare.(he gave his widest smirk which no one thought could exist.)

Nandini(boiling inside): Accepted. But we will start after you all get repaired.

Cabir: Excuse me. We are not the scrap machines who needs to get repaired but a human being who gets healed. Understood.

Nandini: Yes boss.

Just then they doctor came and examined them they prescribed them some medicines and some ointment for scratches and light bruises. He strictly informed them complete bed rest for week or two.

After doctor went Sparkling 6 strictly informed them to go to their room. All warned them not to step out. After getting fresh and all dozes off just to get relax.

Precap: Sparkling and Fab 6 bearing each others childish tantrums and a week full of thrill and tasks.

SORRY FOR ONE WEEK DELAY. Guys, Just wait and have some patience. I will be back with a bang. The episodes will be full of cute moments, adventurous, thrill and romance. AND DO COMMENT…..MISS ME AND BYEE!!!!!!!

Credit to: Diya

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