KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 3

Guys, I am really disappointed.Seems like you guys don’t like my ff.After seeing the very less comments I am very heart-broken.Guys,Just speak up if you want any improvisation or frankly tell me to end it. Trust me I won’t feel sad but less comments hurts a lot more than that.When one writes a ff he/she atleast expect comments nothing more than that.Anyways here is the next ep.

Recap: Introduction of Fab 6 and Sparkling 6 bonding.


Scene 1: New York
Sparking 6 were ready to board in the flight.Only security check was left. Nandu was carrying a jar of fireflies(she might be brave and strong for world but soft-hearted)
The officer didn’t allow her to take it so she started running just like ep 1.But our Sparkling 6 was also present so they started passing out the jars and started creating a mess in the entire airport. Security begin to chase them but finally girls went out of their way. They entered the flight and hide the jar in bag. Then Aish went and misguides them.
And they leave New York leaving a huge impact on them and creating a havoc.

Scene 2: Fab 6
They were sitting after partying hard.Aryamann was about to leave when he gets a message. He widens his eyes seeing his Dad’s message. After observing his expression Sid asks

Sid:Hey bro, what happened??

Aryamann: Nothing serious guys.Dad just messaged me that he is busy so I have to go and pick up the Sparkling 6.

Abhi: Are you serious?? Wow.!!Can we accompany you..??

Aryamann:If you guys want to

Fab 5: Of course bro.

Precap: Pairs encounter each other individually.

Let’s see what happens when they meet…

Again I a telling you all that please comment and tell me how can I improve.Hope you like this update.It’s a short one as I wasn’t feeling like writing anything because of disappointent.I know I am being emotional fool but I am a ver sensitive person,someone who gets hurt affected.So please Comment.

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  1. u are going fine…. kip it up.

  2. Omg.. That’s a really small update… I love ua ff.. Though I thought I would be a silent reader. . but I love this story plz continue.. People haven’t really read ua ff that’s y u get less comments… Plz do continue I love it

  3. Your concept is really too good…..
    Plz continue……
    Waiting for next part…..

  4. Plzzzz continue diya there are many silent reader s who are following your ff and please bigger updates are needed ???????

  5. Diya ur story is interesting. …..plse continue ur story

  6. Very short yaar but its nice

  7. please update another episode and longer one please

  8. Please continue… I love ua ff

  9. hey dnt feel like that
    we all r here to support u
    continue the story.people need time to interact.just wait nd watch yar .
    bt u try to update daily

  10. I like ur story yaar it was awesome story plzzzz dont stop this yaar

  11. i like ur story a lot ….plz update the next part soon,……n a quite longer 1 luv from bottom of my heart

  12. its nyc

  13. awesome story n keep continuing the ff n make it longer yrr n last i want to tell update one more today plzzzz…..

  14. awesome story n keep continuing the ff n make it longer yrr…….

  15. Sorry for not commenting but seriously u write so well so pls continue it. And yaa there r many silent readers like me who read ur ff but don’t comment so pls don’t feel bad about it.

  16. awesome story n keep continuing the ff …….

  17. Your ff is awesome plz continue

  18. Hey plz don’t stop it……ur ff is awesome….very interesting …..pls do a long update….update nxt part soon

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  20. Awesome episode but why so short….loved the airport havoc…keep it up. …eagerly waiting for pair encounter. …love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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