KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 29


Recap: Fab 6 to earn Sparkling 6’s trust.

Scene 1: In the classroom.
Sparkling 6 storms out of cafeteria after the challenge. They went to attend their classes of music theory followed by Fab 6. Manik wanted to sit with Nandini and he noticed one seat vacant beside her. He went about to sith there but but our extra-smart Nandu got his intentions. She was about to get up but Manik hold her hand and pulled her down.

Nandini(wiggling her hand in his extra-tight grip): What’s wrong with you Manik??

Manik: You know the very well.

Nandini: Oh really. Then let me tell you that you are not all impressing by your tactics. It’s so annoying.

Manik: You don’t have any other option. So better stay quiet and stay with me like a good girl. I know you are not at all that type but please at least try once.

Nandini: OMG..Manik you are so funny. Shut up you idiot. (still wiggling her hands.) You know what?? You are behaving like a psycho and obsessed stalker.

Manik: I will take that as a compliment sweetie. Finally, you realized that I am obsessed with you. Happy realization. As you know you only invited that. I am not at fault.

As Manik said the sentence ‘I am obsessed with you’. This words choked Nandini. And she went in deep thinking but came out after some time. All thanks to our hero who was watching all her tantrums with a smirk on his face. Soon, Nandini prepared for an attack and in another second she shoots.

Nandini: Don’t call me sweetie. I hate that kind of cheesy words. Moreover, You are the whole and sole reason for this whole mess. So better stay quiet. And one more thing I am warning last damn time leave my hand or else.

Manik: or else. You know what Nandu?? I was badly enjoying your or else.

Nandini: We will see that and I will make sure that you enjoy my or else ALWAYS.

She stamped on his foot resulting him to let out a loud squeal and let go of her hands. She got up from her place and sat beside Mukti just in front of Manik. Manik could see her back. Soon teacher came in and starts her boring her work making all the students feeling sleepy as usual. Nandini was yawning like anything but her yawning got disturbed as she felt something hitting on her shoulder and the rested on her desk. It was a crumpled paper.

Nandini opened it. It had letters which told “You are need to payback for that Ms. Angry”. SHe turned as she was very well aware who it must be. It was Manik who had anger written all over her place. Nandini smiled looking at his face. She surprisingly found it cute. Just then she banged by another paper which read “I will take my revenge very soon. A revenge full of fun and muaahh(kisses).” She was hell shocked by this. She turned only to find Manik passing her wicked smile. Suddenly she thought to something and smirked.

Nandu knew that he will threw another paper in just 5 seconds so she tore a paper and wrote something on it. She threw the paper on the professor simultaneous to Manik. And as Manik was sitting straight to professor he could easily figure out his moves. She took the paper, unfold it and started ranting on poor Manik.

Professor: What the hell is this Manik?? How could you write all this.

Manik was shocked at her gestures and ran over to professor and grabbed the paper and he was shocked as well. It said,” Ae Sunita(name of professor), kyu pakka rhi hai humko. Please spare us from your torture. EK kaam kare kahi bahar chalte hai sath sath. Ghoomenge naachenge, Khayenge, piyyenge, Aish karenge aur kya. Areyy Aey…Kya bolti tu??”

Manik: It’s not me.
Professor: I don’t know anything. I get out of my face,Right now.

Manik leaves giving death glare to Nandini. Nandini was giving him a boo….(thumb down and tongue out.) Manik mumbled “You need to payback for this for sure” while Nandu gave a I-don’t-care look to him.

Scene 2: At the isolated place.

Soon the college got over and Sparkling 6 were just avoiding their eye contact with Fab 6. They left in their car. Fab 6 who were just about to leave heard someone mumbling that Sam has gone behind Nandini and her gang to settle the score. They immediately threw themselves in the car seat and drove as fast as they can. On the other hand, while going Sparkling 6’s car was outrun by a another car at an isolated place. Just then they Sam coming out who was surrounded by his so called ‘followers.’ All were carrying baseball bats and hockey sticks. Sparkling 6 got out.

Nandini: Haven’t you had enough, Sam?? DO you want more??

Sam: Oh seriously. Don’t you think it’s time to settle the scores.

Mukti: Yeah.. right. We 6 girls beat you guys alone without any help. And you coward brought to your blo*dy pets. I didn’t knew you were so scared of us.

Girls laughed while Sam fumed. They were disturbed by a cool open jeep approaching them which had Fab 6 in them.

Sam: Woohh….Look the saviours or back up plan is here. Look fab 6 I don’t have any personal issues with you guys so please don’t interfere.

Manik: Well, when it comes to the matter of friends everything is related to us.

Saying this he punched Sam and soon all were engrossed in a fight while Sparkling 6 were just watching the chaos. Sam stealthily ran away and ambushed on Manik. Manik let out a big scream capturing everybody’s attention. Capturing this opportunity Sam and his goons started to overthrow the Fab 6. Sparkling 6 unable to tolerate hopped in. Nandini, Mukti and Navya were giving them uncountable punches and kicks. They too were getting little scratches but ignored it while Soha, Aisha and Alya found some big stones and started throwing on them. Soon all ran away. Sparkling 6 rushed towards the Fab 6. They make fab 6 comfortable in the car and drove towards their mansion.

Precap: Sparkling 6 and Fab 6 taking care of each other. Nandu’s interesting challenge. Love journey on it’s way.

Sorry for late update. But tell me one thing. ARE YOU ALL LOSING INTEREST. SHOULD I WRAP IT UP??…………..Hope you all like this ep and DO COMMENT AND LEAVE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENT BOX.

Credit to: Diya

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