KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 28


Scene 1: Hall of Aryamann’s house.
Fab 6 after Sparkling 6 left were silent. Nobody has recovered from the shock. Finally, Manik somehow found his voice and managed to speak. His voice made everybody relieved.

Manik: Guys, I never thought this could be the reason.

Cabir: They have a very strong reason.

Dhruv: We need to make them trust us

Sid: Again.

All stares at him like their eyeballs will pop out.

Sid: What?? I didn’t say anything wrong, Did I??

All unwillingly and bowing their head down: No..

Aryamann: Mission starts ok..

Abhi: Done. But guys we will tackle them individually as decided.

Fab 6: Alright. Cool then Proceed.

All moves and comes to the college.

Scene 2: Cafeteria in S.P.A.C.E.
Sparkling 6 were chilling in cafeteria actually trying to divert their mind. Aisha and Soha were signalling each other to speak something but one could clearly notice they were scared. Mukti saw them and decided to put an end to it.

Mukti: Soha and AIsha stop your act and speak frankly whatever you wanna say. Ok

Aisha(biting her lower lip and mumbling which clearly showed her fear): Actually me and Soha were thinking to give and another chance to Fab 6.

Alya,Nandini,Navya and Mukti glared at them while Soha and Aisha closed their eyes as they knew what was coming next.

Alya,Nandini,Navya and Mukti together: NO..never…

Nandini: Trust is like a thread once it’s broken we can never ever join them together but if we join them it can be never be the same.

Just then they heard a familiar masculine voice.

Voice: Exactly, so it’s better to cut the post thread there itself and start with a loom of thread.

His voice captured the attention of the entire cafeteria. All including Sparkling 6 turned to see source of the voice. To their shock and uninterest it was Manik followed by his friends.

Manik: Right, Nandu.

Nandini: What do you want Manik??

Manik: You..

Nandini(stands up in shock): What??

Manik: I mean I need to talk to you. Come with me.

Nandini: In your dreams.

Manik: I know there is no point in arguing with you because you won’t listen to me.

Nandini: You yourself proved that you are dumb. Aww….poor you. I pity you.

Manik: Don’t be.

Nandini: Huh….Ohhh

Before she could even think she was in the arms of Manik. All present in cafeteria were in shock with his move including Sparkling 6. He starts moving and even Nandini didn’t oppose as she knew he was as stubborn as her so she co-operated surprising Manik.

Manik: How you manage to surprise me??

Nandini: In the sense of

Manik: Of your different acts and behaviours. I am surprised that you didn’t oppose and just being in my arms like a cute, little innocent baby which is a complete irony on you.

Nandini: Why would I waste my energy when I know you are not gonna listen to me. I know you are as stubborn as me.

Manik: Impressive. I must say you have started to know me quite well.

Nandini: What do you think only you know me and my behaviour. Even I am observing you all. I know you were blabbering all that stupid women stuff just to instigate me so that I blurt out the reason behind our anger. Don’t think you succeeded Mr. Manik Malhotra. If I wanted to I could have controlled myself but I wanted you to know the reason that’s why I confessed.

Scene 3: Jam room
Manik was shocked by this confession of hers. He finally puts her down as they reached their destination.i.e, Fab 6 jam room.

Manik: So you would have guessed the reason behind my this move.

Nandini: Forget it. I am not gonna trust you all again. I only commit mistakes once in my life and I learn from them and don’t repeat them. So Bye Mr. Malhotra.

Saying this she began to leave but Manik holds her wrist and drags her towards him. He buries her into the wall and captures her putting his hands on either of her side.

Manik: Why?

Nandini(finally breaks down and lets her emotions flow): Because for the first time in my life I trusted someone else besides my gang. For the first time I can you believe this Me, Nandini Murthy decided to apologise. You won’t understand Manik it hurts. It hurts when you trust some stranger for the first time in your life and he breaks it.

Manik was dumbstruck by her trust was feeling guilty. Finally he hugs her to give her some relief. Finally when she calms down after whole 10 minutes of crying. Manik gives her some more relief by kissing on her forehead. Then she starts leaving but stops hearing Manik.

Manik: Just give us one chance. Please trust us. I promise you won’t regret.

Nandini(with a cute little smile): You need to earn it Manik.

Saying this Nandini leaves. Manik who was shocked by her answer couldn’t believe his ears. He just couldn’t believe that she agreed to give them another chance. He starts dancing and jumping madly.

Scene 4: Cafeteria
All were shocked and were staring each other till Manan disappeared.

Mukti: What the hell was that??

Dhruv: He just wanted to talk to her anyhow.

Navya: So he just picked her in front of whole cafe.

Abhi: Mukti just come with me, Navya with Cabir, Alya with Dhruv, AIsha with Aryamann and Soha with Sid. We all just want to talk to you.

Alya: In your dreams. Forget that.

Dhruv: Sure.

Navya: Then what will you do?? Pick us up like Manik….Uff

Cabir: No just wait and watch.

Saying this all bend down on their knees and took out the roses and bowed down and said

Fab 5: Sorry…Sorry. We are extremely sorry for pranks and most importantly breaking your trust. We just wanted to say that please trust us. Please give us another chance.

Sparkling 5 were shocked with their act they didn’t speak anything.

Cabir: Please say something.

The only thing girls managed to do was to do laugh leaving boys frowned. They stood up.

Navya: I mean are you sure you were apologizing.

Alya: Exactly. It looked like you were proposing us.

Mukti: You need to raise your standards.

Aryamann: That was mean.

Cabir: Who laughs when someone says sorry.

Soha: We..but Cabir the way of expressing does matter.

Dhruv: Okk..then let’s keep one thing. You will forgive us and give us another chance if Manik convinces Nandu for that.

Mukti: We agree but let me tell you one thing you are lowering the probability to zero by doing this.

Sid: No my dear Mukti. Get ready to give us another chance.

Dhruv: Exactly. Manik has gone. Manik..

Alya: But to convince Nandu- the Daredevil. Don’t forget.

Just then they saw Manan with a wide smile. Manik was in a very jovial mood. Fab 6 got to know what happened seeing his face.

Dhruv: See our Manik has convinced your Daredevil…(and pulls his tongue out).

Navya: Unbelieveable.

Dhruv: Just wait and watch.

Manan approaches them.

Dhruv: You convinced Nandu right??

Manik: Yeah..but

Cabir: See..what I told you??

Nandini: Please don’t get your hopes too high. I told that you have to earn our trust and friendship back.

Listening to this Sparkling 5 started laughing.

Abhi: What’s so funny??

Mukti: It’s not so to earn Sparkling 6’s especially Nandu. You need to do a lot of hard work and rub your nose. So get ready.

Sparkling 6 and Fab 6 were standing facing each other with full of attitude and confidence on their face.

Manik: We will see.

Nandini: Aha…

I know today’s episode was not upto mark. SORRY FOR THAT AND DO COMMENT.

Credit to: Diya

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