KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 27


Recap: Sparkling 6 caught red-handed by Fab 6.

Scene 1: Manik’s room.

Manik was thinking about Nandini. He was just thinking about the reason and then began to join the incidents chronologically i.e, their prank, girls got hurt and angry, their plan, Nandini, Alya, Mukti and Navya’s anger on Soha and Aisha, cake havoc. After all this he came to a conclusion.
He sent his conclusion to his friends in a form of a message which rock their world upside down. They were no longer satisfied thinking the girls were normal again. The message.


Meanwhile in Nandini’s room, Sparkling 6 was proving his theory true.

Scene 2: Nandini’s room.
Nandini was pacing in the room while others were tensed thinking about her reaction.

Nandini: How come we become so greedy?? How can we do such a stupid thing??

Navya: Nandu….calm down.

Soha: Yup..Chillax babes.

Nandini: Chillax. Are you guys serious?? How can you all be so normal??

Mukti: I know we ruined the plan.

Alya: I know we did a mistake by letting our emotions flow.But please calm down.

Aisha: Ok..We can’t change what happen, Right?? So what’s the use of crying over all this.

Nandini: Ok..Listen to me carefully. We will be more serious from now on. We have to keep our emotions in check. Is that clear??

All nodes.

Nandini: Now move and sleep.

Scene 3: Manik’s room.

Manik was sleeping peacefully on his bed. But it was no longer going to be peaceful as his friends were sneaking inside through the window. Cabir sneaked in first as his and Manik’s balcony were connected. Then he opened the doors and all came in. All were shocked seeing him sleeping peacefully.

Cabir: How can he sleep peacefully after snatching our sleep.

Abhi: That too with a satisfied smile.

Dhruv: You know I couldn’t sleep thinking about the true meaning of that stupid message.

Aryamann: I would have been much better if he didn’t send that stupid message.

Sid: I am jealous of him after seeing him sleeping like this.

Abhi: Nope…you are mistaken. He is not sleeping but snoring.

Then all thinks of something and gives a devious smile and says together.

Fab 5: Then what are we waiting for??

Cabir: Ok..then we all wake him up but in our own style but TOGETHER.

And then all happens at once. At the count of 3, Sid and Aryamann shouts in his ears from either of the sides. Abhi throws the bucket of water on him while Dhruv and Cabir beats him. Manik woke up within seconds. And off course, he have to after sudden and multiple attack on him.

Manik: What the hell…..Are you all out of your mind?? What on the earth made you do all this??

Abhi: Seriously, you are asking us.

Dhruv: Listen, don’t test my patience just shoot.

Manik: Shoot? But What??

Cabir(pointing towards his phone and showing his message ): The reason and meaning of your damn message.

Dhruv: You know we couldn’t even sleep whole night because of this.

Manik: Ohh..What I meant was that they will be harder to crack now.

Sid: Then what was that whole cake fiesco all about.

Manik: Oh..that it was for just proving that whether we are on right track or not. And result is we are. Congrats guys.

Cabir: Congrats, my foot. When you knew this will made them alert then why the did you do this.

Manik: Relax, Cabir. I knew but we are on right track. Just annoy them and made them confess the reason out of frustration. Okk,byee. See you all later.

Scene 4: In the dining hall

Fab 6 and Sparkling 6 were having the breakfast.

Cabir to Navya: chocolate Queen please salt to me.

Navya began to gave death glare to him and was about to speak but remembers Nandu’s warning and gets silent.

Dhruv: Manik, don’t you think these girls look much better when do not speak anything. I wish they can be like this forever. Especially for this like we can annoy them as much as we want and they won’t even oppose or revolt.

Sparkling 6 were somehow controlling themselves but still passing glares to him. Just then Manik add fuel to already burning fire.

Manik: No, bro. I know these type of girls(pointing out the Sparkling 6). Girls are like these only they can be revolt sometime. As they do all this stuff just get some attention from some famous and handsome hunks like us(winks).

Nandini was not able to tolerate it anymore so she and all of sparkling 6 decided to leave or else they will kill someone. In the meantime, fab 5 were in shock and passing
What-the-hell-are-you-saying look to Mnaik. But our Mnaik seems all chill and unaffected. Seeing them leaving Manik was giving a triumphant smirk as he knew his plan is working.

Manik(pointing the moving girls): See when their deeds get caught. I am telling you Dhruv they are such a cheapos and hungry for power and fame. Moreover, they are dumb and cowards.

Nandini stops listening to it and Manik’s smirk grew wider as he knew he has hit the bull’s eye while Fab5 and Sparkling 5 gave a you-are-dead look to him. Nandini moves towards Manik fuming and held him by his collar and brings him closer.

Nandini: What do you think yourselves?? You can badmouth about us, b*t*h about us and we won’t even react. Don’t try to instigate me or else it won’t be good. This my first and last warning to you. Remember that.

Nandini leaves him and was about to go when Manik instigates her.

Manik: And on top of that they just know how to give warnings but they don’t have enough guts to do anything just like our dear Sparkling 6 especially our dearest Nandini.

As soon as he completed the word Nandini Sparkling 5 were frowning and fuming and were moving towards fab 6. Before Manik would even spare any second to think about her reaction, he receives a strong blow on his face. Yes, it was our nandini who gave a punch. Fab 6 was shocked excluding Manik. For the first time he was happy for getting punched that too by Nandini, nonetheless. He knew something like this was waiting for him. Sparkling 5 stand beside Nandu while the same was repeated by fab 5. And their usual fight was repeated. Fab 5 very well knew that Manik was wrong but also knew that everything was his plan so they supported him.

Mukti: Cabir, please control your friend or else i will pull his tongue.

Dhruv: What wrong did he say??

Alya: Oh really…Before raising your fingers towards others you should scrutinize your side first and then speak.

Cabir: Can you please elucidate.

Navya: Fine, I will be glad to take that honor. First of all, you yourself are idiot,dumb, racist, blo*dy male chauvinist, you posses such an oxford and cheap thinking and you are pointing us out.

Abhi: Enough.

Nandini: Why does it hurt? It should. You deserve that.

Sid: Shut up or else ..

Aisha: Or else….

Soha: Wait we will show you or else.

Saying this Sparkling 6 punched in stomach, stamped on their foot and pushed them making them tumble resulting fab 6 in their great fall. Fab 6 didn’t even get time to think before this great attack were screaming with pain.

Nandini (to Manik): Don’t even dare to mess with us again. Get this thing clear in your tiny head.

Then Nandini who was on top of her anger + verge of crying began to scold and scream to herself and her friends revealing the cause of their anger.

Nandini: Why am I even abusing them when I myself committed a big mistake. The biggest of our lives of trusting you all and began to consider you all as my friends. And we idiotic Sparkling on the other hand were feeling sorry and were thinking to apologise you all for our behaviour in the morning. Meanwhile these boys were making a great plan and were succeeded in making us embarrassed in front of the whole college. Thank god, we were saved in the nick of time.

Fab 6 got up in shock as they were surprised by this confession of Nandini. They never thought this will be the reason behind their anger. They were hurt that too badly. The worst thing was they were the reason.

Manik (standing on his foot now with fab 6): Nandini we are friends. I know we played a lot of pranks on each other and it was official and accepted by all. It was by mutual understanding which is possessed by friends….

Nandini: Oh really Mr. Manik Malhotra. I don’t think so we are. Do you even know what a friend does?? What are their responsibilities?? No you guys clearly don’t. A friend is the one who makes your life worth living. One whom you can trust blindly, who loves you, who cares for you like your parents, who protects you, who always advises you the right thing, who accepts you with all your flaws, one who helps in every situation, one who know you better than you yourself do, the one never leaves your hand no matter what the situation is, one who fights for you against all odds and world, one who never laughs on you seeing you in trouble but laughs with you, one who never lets you get embarrass in front of anybody, one who understands your emotions, one who never hurts your feelings, one who even can die for you. Friends are not only to chill out or hang out. They are like or are family or sometimes more than. So Mr. Malhotra do you think you did that?? NO….A bid NO…you guys didn’t even fulfill one single thing and says we are friends. (turning towards Sparkling 5) Let’s go (emphasizing and screaming) FRIENDS.

Nandini drags Sparkling 6 out of the house and goes to the college while our fab 6 were getting an eyeful of floor in shame and guilt listening to Nandini.


Credit to: Diya

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