KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 26


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT AND LOVE. So here we go…I know all of you are curious about it.

Recap: Fab 6 to tackle Sparkling 6 individually

Scene 1: Fab 6 in the room.

Manik: Is that okay?? Understood…..

Fab 5: Cool…!!!

Dhruv: Great plan..Manik

Manik: Proceed.

All moves out of the room.

Scene 2: In the dining hall.
Navya, Nandini, Alya and Mukti were in their room. Soha and Aisha were only present there with Fab 6.

Cabir: Guys, Don’t you think something or to be more precise someone is stinking??

ABhi: Yes..bro. Looks like an apiary is built nearby. Something like honey…fresh yummie honey.

Aisha(unable to tolerate more spoke and there was no one to control her): You idiot… cheapsters….Stinkards. You know very well right this was all of your fault.

As Aisha started scolding for the first time in a week Fab 6 has a wide grin on their face instead of a frown. They gave each other a triumphant devious smile.

Soha: then why are you acting?? Don’t try or rather I should say don’t act to be oversmart. When you are very well aware of it. First of all, we accept that…….(interrupted)

Navya, Nandini, Alya and Mukti came outside listening to the scoldings and screamings. They were very well aware who it must be as they know what Fab 6 is trying to do. And Aisha and Soha can’t control their emotions so.

Nandini: Soha and Aisha..upstairs now…

Soha: But….

Aisha: Nandu you don’t know..

Navya, Nandini, Alya and Mukti were almost screaming with anger on top of their voice

Navya : I said now….

Alya: No more arguments.

Mukti: Shut up and let your legs work.

Nandini: Take the stairs and come up. I want you both in my room in 5 seconds.

Soha and aisha did as they were told while Fab 6’s wide grin was thrown by a shocking and blank face.

Sid: What was that??

Aryamann: I have no idea.

Cabir: Manik…you were right.We need to find out the reason. I have never saw them so angry.

Manik: Guys…Did you observed one thing?? Soha and Aisha can be easily tackled by making them angry and blabbering something. Sid and Aryamann you have got the key to success. Go ahead and use that.

Dhruv: Yupp..I totally agree with you.

Cabir: But Navya, Nandini, Alya and Mukti are handle with care case.

Manik: I have a plan. Forget this group thing. It won’t work. As far as I know and I am experienced they will work better on challenges. Use it.

Fab 5: Hmm…

Cabir: Wait..What did you just said?? Experienced….How??when?? And most importantly with whom??

Manik(covering the topic): Areyy…..Haven’t you guys see?? Pranks and all. They are right. You all are big dumbos

Fab 5: Shut up.

Fab 6: Get ready Sparkling 6. Here we come.

Fab 6 started thinking after this and spent their entire evening after this but still nothing came in their mind. Finally, went to the the dining area to have their dinner.

Scene 3: In the dining hall

All were present. They were eating.

Dhruv: Ok..I am done. Guys…I have a dessert with me.

He goes and takes out a chocolate cake. Sparkling 6 eyes were sparkled seeing this. Their vision was stuck on the tempting and yummie chocolate cake. But Nandini glared at them and signs them to control. They decide to move as it will be hard to control. But were interrupted by some familiar voice. Fab 6 saw all these and were happy. They showed their thumbs up to Dhruv.

Cabir: The cake is so yummy. OMG…Any idiot will only leave this.

Manik: Then we are surrounded by 6 idiot and stupid girls. See they all are leaving.

Abhi: What are we supposed to do. Their bad luck.

Manik signs them to make some excuse and keep the cake in refrigerator without even eating a single piece. Remaining ones did as they were told with a heavy heart.

Sid: But bro..I am so full. I can’t eat.

Manik: Me too.

Cabir: Me three

Abhi: Four.

Dhruv: Ok then we will eat it (louder and was emphasizing ) Tomorrow. For now I will keep this in refrigerator.

Sparkling 6 smiled at this sentence.

Scene 4: Late in the night.
One girl came out of her room and went to towards the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and started eating the cake. She was our Nandini. I know all of you are surprised.

Nandini: Wow…my yummy chocolaty cake. I will eat you now,that too, alone. How can I keep you waiting for so long.

She cut the piece and started eating it. Just then another girl came in the kitchen saying…Yupp she was our Mukti

Mukti: Oh…My lovely cake. Here I come.(shocked by seeing Nandini there with chocolate cake smeared all on her face and making a boundary of her mouth) Nandini, What the hell are you doing here?? You were the only who told me to control right.

Nandini: Shut up. If you want to join and then do that or else go back and complete your sleep.

Mukti: Of course I will.

She too started eating. Both were engrossed completely. Just then they see 2 people coming. Both of them saw each other’s face in shock. They were Soha and Aisha.

Soha: Aishu…Are you sure?? If Nandini gets to know she will kill us.

Aisha: I am ready to die. But I won’t let my cake go waste. Now zip and come on.

Both of them came inside and were shocked to see Nandini and Mukti fully engrossed with and in cake.

Soha: Cheater…

Aisha: Traitors….

Mukti: Shut up.. Wanna eat then eat. Don’t waste time.

Four of them hop on the cake. They were busy eating till they heard the voice of two people bumping into each other. They knew who they must be so they started laughing. They were Navya and Alya.

Navya: What the hell. Who is this?? Son of dinosaur.

Alya: It’s not son it’s daughter.

Navya: Huh…Alya..what the hell are you doing here??

Alya: Same thing you are doing here.

Navya and Alya: Cake

Navya: Come fast now.
They enter the kitchen and were surprised to see the scenario just like others. Their 4 friend’s were covered with chocolate. And the cake was about to finish. Mukti was about to take one more piece but got interrupted.

Alya: Stop…right there.

Navya: Don’t even dare to touch it. The remaining part is mine. You have already completed most of it.

Alya hitted Navya on her head..

Navya: Ouchh..What??

Alya: Not mine ours.

Navya: Yeah…yeah…whatever

Nandini: No….you came late that’s not my problem.

Soha,Aisha,Mukti: Exactly.

Mukti: It was first come first serve.

Navya and Alya glanced at the cake and gave a devious smirk. All got their thoughts.

Navya: If we won’t be able to eat then.

Just then Nandini took the dish and started running.

Nandini: Don’t even think of it. I won’t let this cake get waste by smearing it on anyone’s face.

Sparkling 5 ran behind her. They catch her but Aisha got the cake and then they began to chase her. But soon everything came to a hault as they saw the lights of the hall coming into action. This made them froze as they knew somebody or I should say everybody has woke up. Soon they were surrounded by Fab 6.

Dhruv: My cake.

Cabir: What the hell is wrong with you?? Crazy girl…

Abhi: No bro…Chocolate girls (staring at their hands and mouth)

Nandini: What huh…you only told na the one who will leave this cake must be idiot. So we were just trying to prove that we are not idiots.

Manik: Really

Nandini(making a innocent face): Really
Navya: We were just preventing you from committing a mistake.

Cabir: how is that Ms. Chocolate girl

Navya: Cake must be tired na of waiting for you. So we just helped it. After all making a cake wait is considered as the most dangerous crime.

Abhi: Where?

Mukti: In the rulebook of Sparkling 6. Okaay…

Soha: I am feeling damn sleepy bye..see you in the morning…saying this she ran upstairs

Aisha: Wait too….she too joins her.

Navya, Nandini, Alya and Mukti: Me too….all joins them.

But Navya and Alya comes back and snatched the cake from Dhruv’s hand and ran away.

Dhruv: Manik…you were completely right.

Manik: I know.

Cabir: But how were you so sure that they will come back to eat the cake and signalled that too us.

Manik: They can be angry but they can’t remove their real nature. Keep that in mind. Ok byee then.

All waves off and went to their room. Fab 6 were thinking about Sparkling 6. Girls were tensed because of getting caught.

Hope you all like it.

Credit to: Diya

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