KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 23


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Recap: Sparkling 6 beating Fab 6. Fab 6 determined to take revenge while our Sparkling 6 were thinking of apologizing.

Scene 1: At S.P.A.C.E.
Sparkling 6 enters the S.P.A.C.E. As soon as they enter their eyes were searching for Fab 6. But they found something else. Group of 4-5 boys and their leader was Samrat- Sam(a total spoilt brat ) Note: He has NO IMPORTANT ROLE for now not sure of future.
were harassing the newcomers. Our daredevil couldn’t see this, so she jumped in followed by Fab 6.

Nandini: Hey…How dare you?? Leave them. blo*dy cowards

Sam: What is your problem? You should be grateful that you are spared or else you must be crying somewhere in the corner.
Mukti: In your son of trash

Sam: Don’t even dare…

Navya: I will…What will you do??

Sam: Guys….free them. I got our next preys. We need to shut their mouth and bravery.

Poor boy holds the wrist of Aisha and drags her towards him. Nandini gave a I-will-give-kill-you glare to him which he failed to notice by him but Sparkling 5 noticed it and gave a devilish smirk.

Sam: I have never saw a girl so calm when one is going to rag you. In fact, you are smiling.

Aisha: You will get to know in few seconds.

Sam: Mea…(Oops interrupted)

Nandini: You….

Nandini hits him hard on his face. Sparkling 5 then started beating all the other members of the gang. All were shocked seeing this brave girls and it was crowded near them. News were spreading like a fragrance.

Scene 2: Fab 6 were wandering in the passage.

They were chilling and there the boy comes.

Boy: Guys..Did you hear?? There is a group of girls who are beating Sam and his gang in the grounds of college.

Aryamann: They can be only one group.

Sid: They are hear.

Fab 6(screams together): Sparkling 6.

They immediately run towards the ground and were shocked seeing the scenario. People were gathered and girls were beating the poor guys.

Dhruv: Guys, we need to help that boys or else they will beat them to death.

Ahhi: I won’t come. I love my life. I am a still a kid. I don’t wanna die so soon.

Cabir: What??

Abhi: Just look at their fierce punches and kicks bro. Do you think they will spare us if we jump in. I already had enough in the morning.

Dhruv: I agree with you(touching his bruise).

Manik was about to speak but was interrupted by Nandini’s shoutings and boys pleading.

Manik: Guys..they need us. I am going come along. NO more excuses.

All follow him unwillingly.

Nandini: You… touched my friend. You hold her by wrist you…

Fab 6 jumped in.

Manik: Nandini, leave him. He will die. (drags her out)

Nandini and all her friends was in no mood to listen so even Sid, Dhruv, Abhi and Manik got punched.

Nandini: Mr. Monkey you stay out of this.

Mukti: I am warning you.

Alya: Or else it won’t be good.

Abhi: See..I told you. Now enjoy with this mark on your face.

Manik: Shut up Abhi…

Sid: There is only one way to get them out..

Aryamann: What??

Sid: Lift them..

Abhi: Are you nuts??

Dhruv: Tell me you are kidding?? Please

Sid: No…

Manik: We don’t have any option. Move….

They just go and drags the girls out and lifts them and runs to the passage leaving all college shocked. Sparkling 6 were passing them Put-me-down-or-else-you-are-gone look and were shaking their legs vigorously in the meantime.

Soha: Are you nuts?? Put me down.

Mukti: You should not hop in between.
Alya(gritting her teeth): I would have…

Dhruv: Killed him. So to save them..

Nadini: DO you even know what he did?? He was ragging newcomers. Moreover, he hold Aisha’s wrist. Do you believe that?? How do you expect me to stay calm after that??

Abhi: Just hold the wrist right?? Nothing else.

Alya: So..Are you expecting to wait till do something big?? You are impossible..

Aryamann: So are you..

Nandini: Put me down or else I will punch you, slap you, beat you.

Manik: Haven’t you had enough??

Cabir: If you still haven’t realize let me tell you. You all are doing the same thing since morning.

Sparkling 6 bits their tongue and thinks to ask for apology but in different manner.

Aisha: Will you please leave me now?? We won’t run…I promise

Soha: We are now in the jam room anyways so put us down.

Sid: Hello…excuse me. This is not any ordinary place fab 6 owes it. No one is allowed in this except for us. You all are the first and last one to enter this. You are lucky.

Nandini(screaming in Manik’s ear): I said put me down..

Manik: Okk…and smirks seeing his friends….Guys leave them…

All: Okk..

And simply drops them.

Sparkling 6: Ahhh…ouchh..Idiots..dumbo….

Manik(making a innocent face): What happened??

Nandini(standing on her feet): I will tell you what happened…Wait Monster Manik….

She runs behind him and Fab 5 blocking her way and Sparkling 5 handling them. All had fun. At last,tired they sit and then hears the announcement of workshop. So all head towards the room. When they reached there, they saw there were only 6 seats and Sparkling 6 head towards it and sat. As soon as they sat, they fell down as the seat was broken. All started laughing including Fab 6 as it was very obvious that it was their plan.

Sparkling 6 give them shot glare but did not say anything as they were embarrassed in front of all.

Soha: Nandu, we won’t apologize to them now.

Mukti: Yeah…They are not worth it.

Nandini: Okk…but let’s go to cafeteria.

Manik who was hearing them calls someone and tells them that they are coming towards cafe be ready.

Scene 3: Cafeteria
Sparkling 6 went and sat down and ordered 6 vegetable sandwich. It came in no time and when they put it in their mouth they spit it. They opened it and found real sand.

Mukti: I won’t leave them now.

Alya: Yupp..Come on girls.

Sparkling 6 went and slipped on the door pane and hold a rope for a support but honey fell on them.

Soha: Ewww…what is this??

Alya: Honey??

Navya: No…..

Then they hear some noise of giggling and laughing and finds all others including Fab 6 laughing at them.

Aisha: Now this is the limit….

Nandini: No…stop let’s go home. I just want to get rid of this place as soon as possible.

Navya: But…

Alya and Mukti stops her sensing her anger. They just went from there silently without any reaction or expression.

Scene 4: Fab 6

Sid: Guys…they didn’t got angry??

Dhruv: No expression…No reaction..

Cabir: That’s weird.

Aryamann: I think it was too much against some kicks and punches.

Manik: Let’s see.

Fab 6 leaves for Aryamann’s house.


Credit to: Diya

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