KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 22


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Recap: Mukbhi drama.

Scene 1: Entrance of the house.
Fab 6 were waiting for the Sparkling 6 impatiently as it was getting late and they were nowhere to be seen.

Cabir: Where the hell are they??

Sid: 10 more minutes and we will leave.

Manik: Ok…

Aryamann: Let me go and check upon them. They might be sleeping.

Aryamann goes and finds the sleeping beauties in room who had wide grin on their face. He goes and wakes them up but our Sparkling 6 do not like it when someone disturbs their beauty sleep. So, here is what Aryamann suffers.At Soha’s room

Aryamann(shaking): Hey Soha wake up.

Soha(irritated): Hey shoo…don’t disturb me.

Aryamann: Soha…..

Soha slightly opens her eyes just to visualize where the person is standing and just kicks him and says

Soha: never ever try to disturb my sleep.

Aryamann unable to tolerate it now pours a glass of water.

Soha: Why it’s wet in my bed?? Oh my gosh!! Did I piss on my bed. No….

and wakes up with a jerk and finds Aryamann there standing angrily.

Aryamann: We are getting late for college.

Soha: Ooops…I forgot sorry. And runs into the bathroom.

Scene 2: Mukti’s room
Aryamann(shaking): Hey Mukti wake up

Mukti: Don’t disturb me. I am warning you.

Aryamann: Mukti….

Mukti is short-tempered and we all know so she just punched him on his face. Aryamann screamed

Aryamann: Ahh….Muktiiii

Mukti woke up and found him holding his cheek.

Aryamann: We are getting late for college.

Mukti: Ooops…I forgot sorry. And runs into the bathroom.

Aryamann: Enough is enough with this girls and calls his friends to wake other girls. They too got kicked,slapped and punched. Too angry with this Fab 6 left leaving the address behind.

Scene 3: In the hall
After 20 minutes all came down gulp down their breakfast and ran towards their car and off to SPACE.

Soha: OMG…you know what I did?? I kicked Aryamann in sleep.

Mukti: What you too….I punched him.

Nandini: I slapped Cabir

Aisha: I kicked Dhruv

Alya: I punched Abhi

Navya: I threw the plastic things on Manik and Sid.

Soha: We should ask for apology.

Nandini: Yupp…we will when we will meet him. After all it was our fault.

Scene 4: S.P.A.C.E.
Fab 6 were really mad at the Sparkling 6.

Sid: How could they??

Manik: Enough is enough

Abhi: We should teach them a lesson

Cabir: But how??

Dhruv: I have a plan.

He whispers them in their ear and all smirks listening after that.

Aryamann: Let’s go guys.

Cabir: Yup..what a plan. With this we will take our revenge as well as follow our tradition of ragging the freshers so…

Fab 6 does a group hug and shouts: Sparkling 6 BEWARE.

Guys…I am really sorry for the short update. BUT YOU WILL GET THE 2-3 UPDATES TOMORROW I PROMISE. Do comment.

Credit to: Diya

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  1. Hey u really made me laugh sooooo much.thx for the lovely update

  2. superb diya……..waiting for next updates………whenever I read ur updates it will be superb fun……………I njoy like anything

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  6. These girls r too bad as they start every quarrel. But noo manan scene 🙁 .i m upset. Plz give special focus on manan only

  7. Cool u r very good, spl u make us laugh I like ur comics and u manage so many charai very well like equal importance to every one

  8. Cool u r very good, spl u make us laugh I like ur comics and u manage so many characters very well like equal importance to every one

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